The City in the City in the City

Oct 26 2020 10 mins 409

Two women, each marked by loss and linked together by a strange twist of fate, journey to an ancient city—a storied city without borders—in search of answers and escape. But what they discover there will change their lives in ways neither of them could expect. Two actors (Eboni Booth and Mary Cavett) play more than thirty characters on this wild ride through a city of doubles, monastic cheese, octogenarian vocalists, dizzying bureaucracy, ancient graves, and lives more expansive and singular and wondrous than found even in myths and legends.

5 • 8 Ratings

SinfulSquash70 Oct 21 2020

zmillbrand Oct 15 2020
Good podcast Matty Caps!

postcoitalsandwi Oct 14 2020
I am loving that the listener gets to experience both of these women's inner dialogues. Despite being different people their insecurities, fears, and loss bear striking resemblance to each other and that is what I hope is true on a much larger scale. Amazing job, Matthew Capodicasa, you made me feel less alone in the world. Thanks and never stop doing what you love. Also, GCP Nation! Ya'll make my day every time.

Cam Aedalus Oct 14 2020
Oddly compelling. A very interesting story narrated well and with excellent music interwoven throughout. Very mysterious.

Jennwith2enns Oct 07 2020
Very intrigued by where the story is going. The actors are incredible.

smurph24 Oct 07 2020
The podcast is a story about two women alone in their lives but together, it tells their stories in tandem narration which is incredibly interesting and different. Matthew Capodicasa is a brilliant playwright and this is a brilliant story

Tbag Oct 06 2020

J4k0b42 Oct 06 2020
Interesting narration style, I'm curious where this is going.