Sofia with an F

Oct 22 2020 31 mins 205

Sofia Franklyn returns with a brand new podcast.

4.8 • 5 Ratings

Scott Oct 18 2020
The daddy is back. I'll go with the funny one every time. Now that she has ditched Barstool and she who will go nameless I guess that makes her the smart one too.

woods Oct 16 2020
Sofia is killing it... missed this ... why be [email protected] [email protected] when you can be a little F'er

jordankyleFJ Oct 15 2020
Showing my support. Go Sofia!

Hiebs Oct 14 2020
Glad to hear her back behind the mic, hoping to have her keep it up. Despite her falling out with former co-host of Call Her Daddy, this podcaster had some of the funniest stories. So far only 2 episodes in, she addressed the falling out (be sure to educated yourself to both sides before forming an opinion) and has claimed to move on and not dwell on it. I am looking forward to more of her "I AM UNWELL" personality.

krista_oh Oct 09 2020
Sofia is hilarious