Frazley Report

Aug 29 2020 3 mins 16

A short news report by The Awesome Gnome to deliver Your World of Warcraft News!

Storming the Airwaves
Jul 23 2019 6 mins  
On the most recent broadcast of The Frazley Report: Area 52 Viral Marketing Gone Awry; Terran Battlecruiser Replicas; Hotfixed Slugs and Badges; Race For World First Updates; Frank Pearce retiring AND MORE! Thank you to Thom of Three Extra Lives for voicing Brann Bronzebeard. Visit the website at or email us at [email protected] Frazley Report is part of Dragon Powered Studio.Support Frazley ReportLinks:Blast Off with This STARCRAFT Terran Battlecruiser Model - Nerdist — Blast Off with This STARCRAFT Terran Battlecruiser ModelPatch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 19th - MMO-Champion — Missions that reward Timewarped Badges now reward 50 Timewarped Badges (was 15).Patch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 17th - MMO-Champion — Added more dead bots for players to find during “Chopped Bots”.Patch 8.2 Hotfixes: July 18th - News - Icy Veins Forums — Some snails and slugs in the Coral Forest have managed to wriggle out from underneath the tree they were stuck under.Where Is My Bee Mount? - News - Icy Veins ForumsEternal Palace Race Day 6: Method Catches Up, Azshara on 52%, Za'qul Comps - News - Icy Veins ForumsWoW Mythic Progress :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft RankingsWoW Classic Global Stress Test Postponed - Wowhead NewsThe New Role Queue Matchmaking System - Now on PTR - News - Icy Veins ForumsNew Hero Announced: Sigma - News - Icy Veins ForumsBlizzard Co-founder Frank Pearce Retires After 28 Years - News - Icy Veins ForumsAuction House Dance Party - July 22nd - Wowhead News

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