Nov 13 2020 14 mins 814

Daily Wire Co-CEO and god-king Jeremy Boreing brings you his latest rants on big government, big tech, Hollywood hypocrisy, and well, anything else that comes to mind - when it comes to mind.

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Permafrost Nov 20 2020

TurdNoodle Nov 16 2020
"AHHHHHH! LIBERALS! EWW! ICK, ICK! RUN AWAY!!!" 😅 If you're searching for affirmation to your feelings, this podcast is for you. Don't be like those losers who fact-check things and use their critical thinking, just subscribe to this podcast and make yourself feel better. Go ahead, step inside the bubble. DO IT! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! 😁

Podigal Son Nov 13 2020
It really is whiny trash full of misinformation. Facebook is absolutely a big reason for the influx of misinformed people in this country. A journalist has an editor and will make retractions when necessary. With Facebook's independent journalists, there is no need to vet info, no need to retract lies, no reputation to uphold. This podcast is another example of misinformed Americans misinforming Americans. When did conservatives become such snowflakes?

Cyberphoenix Nov 13 2020
This site really points out the bias against conservatives in the mainstream media. It's outrageous how conservatives pointing out something that's true are called whiners.

ribz Nov 03 2020
Dont listen to the loser who said it was whiny trash. Jeremy the godking, smite him now!

ctr1881 Oct 22 2020
Whiny trash