The Joe Rogan Experience

Nov 27 2020 141 mins 1.8M

Conduit to the Gaian Mind

3.8 • 163 Ratings

clinician Jan 02 2021
America's favorite moron basic bitch.

Phil verhey Oct 29 2020
Total junk, garbage

Dr. Ron Oct 28 2020
Rogan jumps the shark and loses all credibility.

Rye Nov 02 2020
Actively promotes pseudoscience and seemingly has no problem giving a platform to terrible people and views in the name of profit.

Zedd Sep 07 2020
Promotes people from local terrorist groups positively. Like the Proud Boys, the National Alliance...

Darkstormyrain Sep 17 2020
Is this one big ad? I just downloaded my first episode to check it out and turned it off after listening to 8 minutes of advertising. Is this evea podcast?

Saul Dec 04 2020
This podcast is like a bridge to finding your own opinion on certain matters and to be inspired to find the facts for yourself. And you might have a laugh to because Joe Rogan is a stand up comidian. Going to miss listening to him on this app tho.

growlface13 Nov 01 2020
What a delightful show!

twister Aug 08 2020

RyeSeronie Aug 13 2020
Feels like listening to the stoner freshman down the hall... Boring

Torbillion Aug 26 2020
Joe Rogan went from a centrist question asker to an uninformed opinion giver. He has lost his ability to rationalize facts.

rvsuper8 Aug 26 2020
With every other word being "like" I could not listen to it.

Joweeda81 Aug 28 2020
Joe is no longer is an idiot with good questions, and is now just an idiot. I can't get through even an hour of any podcast without him spouting about something scientific he read, but totally didn't understand and preaches like he knows better.

scmodstyle Sep 23 2020
Ugh so overrated

Quinoabrah Oct 02 2020
Joe Rogan is a complete turd, but sometimes has decent guests.

Djdogmanfish Oct 05 2020
No idea why people like this guy so much. He's overly obnoxious and acts like he's the authority for everything. One interviewer presented numerous sources to prove his point, and Joe Rogan just kept making metaphors that had nothing to do with the debate at hand, or just outright blew off the questions.

Caleb Oct 19 2020
Used to be good.

ryansax2 Oct 30 2020
Best podcast ever!

qwerty Oct 30 2020
Kanye is hard to listen to, never actually answers a question

ALBYC1NU1 Oct 29 2020
Well done. Dont let the mob tell you who can't and cannot be on.

Cropatria Oct 28 2020
Alex Jones is a.. crazy hero

twomastur Oct 27 2020
Joe rogan can be annoying but cant deny he does great shows with great guests

offred Jul 28 2020
This guy's so misogynistic. Enables sexual harassment. If you don't hear it, either you're not listening or you're as bad as he is.

leafsdolphins Oct 25 2020
Amazing interviewer

Zhero?- Sport,Li Oct 21 2020
Amazing podcast,Thank you Joe 🎧

Nithish153 Oct 15 2020
Was hoping to hear Joe discuss his addiction, rehabilitation, near-death experience, his childhood and aspects related to his upbringing. But nevertheless, always nice to hear RDJ

Br4dz4r Sep 09 2020
Joe was the catalyst that got me to open up the range of person I could be, he made me laugh and made me learn, he put me on to so many other good podcasts, encouraged me to become more fit and be a more well rounded person. You can tell hes there to be there and get the most out of his guests. Hes not looking at the clock and wondering when hes at an hour so he can run another few ads, hes there to extract as much as he can get out of his guest.

Bie Oct 15 2020

Acal Oct 11 2020
Still one of the top podcast for a reason

Victor Melendez Oct 08 2020
Good podcast interesting Guest but I learned a lot from tuning in

Mr. Bragadoccio Oct 07 2020
Mostly annoying sometimes great.

Jammin Oct 06 2020
Love Joe! Keep em coming!

spamkiller12 Oct 03 2020
Joe rogan's awesome and his guests are always interesting

ftapon Sep 26 2020
Joe is a great interviewer

Nerminator Sep 22 2020

tigawana May 22 2020
The stupid 'take care of your immunity' bullshit is getting more obnoxious, shut the fuck up and drink your kambucha nobody wants to hear more of your snake oil pitches

JHayden01 May 20 2020
There was a real glimpse into how full of shit Rogan is on the Patton Oswalt podcast yesterday. Joe was bitching about materialism and how normal people in the U.S. are so materialistic and how disgusting it is to him. Dude, you have millions of dollars worth of cars, just shut the fuck up. Nonsense like that really makes me lose almost all respect for him immediately.

Marc Frederick May 27 2020
Fuck Spotify!!!

#FREEKYLE Sep 18 2020
JRE has the absolute best interviews of all time!

Koljonen Sep 15 2020
Good audio, but huge difference in volym now vs old.

ThatSandwichGuy Sep 14 2020
Longest one yet.

sentient_stardus Sep 11 2020
Two of my favourite personalities together.

[email protected] Sep 09 2020
Great Guest

Mark Sep 05 2020
Still great / long form conversation!

Operator_Gator Sep 03 2020
Best podcast ever. Hands down. No competition or comparison.

JGarnett.AU Sep 02 2020
Absolutely great. So informative and interesting that I don't notice time passing. Always top quality.

Johnny BeeGood Aug 28 2020
Bonnes infos sur certains aspects de notre cerveau avec la décontraction de Joe Rogan 😉.

zuxxx Aug 23 2020

tearlach99 Aug 16 2020
Paul Stamets' knowledge of fungi is impressive. Joe not so much.

Jose1014 Aug 15 2020

KILLBERT Aug 14 2020
Love it

Stefan Buremo Aug 13 2020
Yet another show that actually focused on a subject that is a hot topic. Why does it take a guy like Joe to date to discuss things like this!? Factual and open discussions. Without any political views! Love the show.

malfenn Aug 12 2020
Good podcast, very entertaining. Some poor guests with clear biases, misinformation and minimal pushback. Really need to follow up on the information disseminated on the podcast for the full picture. Great fun and useful for new ideas and different viewpoints.

Rick.H Aug 10 2020
Bloody brilliant!!

leaky_calabash Aug 10 2020
Love Joe

Nissim Cohen Aug 05 2020
Very good

betamax Aug 02 2020
This was one of the most interesting and deep episodes I've ever listened to.

Boring episode

lwood the great Aug 01 2020
He is number 1 for a reason. Hilarious yet inciteful!

reviewymcreviewf Jul 30 2020
A stunning display of meathead myopia

conrat Jul 27 2020
Rogan isn't afraid to have sensible discussions with others he may or may not agree with. In our echo chamber society, this is very welcome.

dudapop Jul 27 2020
I'm guessing Oliver has something to hide in regards to Epstein

M_white Jul 26 2020
So much good shit.

mailman Jul 25 2020
This episode is a ten

Agent xXx Jul 24 2020

bma449 Jul 22 2020
Great interview, didn't know Oliver Stone had such impressive historical knowledge. I wish they had talked about Wall Street.

curt922 Jul 22 2020
Not much of a fan of Joe but he gets great guests.

BringerOfRain May 09 2020
Powerful Elon!

Canada Mikey Jul 22 2020
Joe at his worst... Talking over his guest, unwillingness to listen and lack of ability to see the real big picture. He's a California bleeding heart lefty dressed up as a meathead. 3 out of 5 episodes fit this description.

PeanutAgronomist Jul 20 2020
The first podcast I ever listened to years ago. This is still my favorite podcast.

firetrole Jul 20 2020
Thumbs down

Insolent_Village Jul 20 2020
I love so much that throughout, but specially later in the podcast, Bob is so willing to riff dirty. He really hasn't lost his touch as a comedian with age. He's quick and funny as ever. He had me laughing pretty hard.

spoam Jul 18 2020
Love Rogan. Maybe skip Schiff the ideolog next time around.

ew2westy Jul 16 2020
Great topic, but it was "Schiff Show" listening to Peter talk over Joe. Please don't ever do a Skype interview again!

BigE73 Jul 13 2020

Barley1 Jul 12 2020
Joe is so dull sometimes. We already agree what happened was bad.

Alumx Jul 11 2020
hit or miss, some episodes are great, some aren't. I recommend digging through the Internet and listen to best episodes first

futuregramma Jul 11 2020
Mind-numbing and unfunny. That this (time consuming) content has such a following depresses me. This congnitive sugar craving and consumption is a symptom of America's intellectual pre-diabetes. There are more satisfying ways to spend your precious attention.

DERohne Jul 10 2020
Very informative...

kirk.oldfield Jul 10 2020
Joe is very entertaining, but he unfortunately spreads a lot of misinformation. His best shows are ones when he interviews true experts in their field.

Torterolli Jul 06 2020
The Best ever!

Tony P. Jul 02 2020

joefile Jul 01 2020
Great interview

Mercie P. Chesll Jun 29 2020
Man, he's wilding rn. This is a lot of bad episodes in a row

unsaneusername Jun 26 2020
Fuck Joe rogan

thedoc684 Jun 25 2020
Wow, id hate to live in the USA with these people... the gun, firearm episode made me sick... Europe? No guns.....

eyeambde Jun 23 2020

Chev-Cellios Jun 23 2020
That's a lie, 100 percent that's a lie, 100 percent that's a lie... That was hard to listen to. It's hard to listen to Bert berate his guests sometimes.. But it's an okay podcast

1q3er5 Jun 22 2020
some decent guests

The Dude Jun 17 2020
I love Joe and the podcast is amazing but I'll be the only three star reviewer now notice it's all 1 or 5 it's polarising because it's great

cguella Jun 21 2020
I used to like Joe Rogan. But controversy about his attitude towards women and him proposing to undo years of M.A.D.D. work targeting vehicular DUI and deaths simply based on his emotions towards a single case has me dumbfounded. Maybe smoking too much?

Ioooowwwwaaaa Jun 18 2020
Great Listen

Patuleia Jun 14 2020
Be Happy at Spotify

Sanka9 Jun 17 2020

EThompson03 Jun 15 2020
Best podcast around. Large span of guests that are in different fields. No editing, just long conversations without interruptions.

Luke Jun 10 2020
Andrew great as usual!

Big Dog LV Jun 09 2020
Excellent Henry Cejudo interview

redminx Jun 07 2020
Great conversation with two restaurateurs in a time of great uncertainty, the love they have for food and community was uplifting.

se77en Jun 06 2020
Amazing interview and insight in life politics and tech

SneakeyWeasel17 Jun 06 2020

madbliss78 Jun 05 2020
Smart, eclectic, thoughtful, funny, and contemporary. If one episode isn't quite for you, wait 2 days and try again.

barbarainc Jun 02 2020
Love how this guy Joel Salqtin schools Joe on immunity since he claims to be a big immunity builder. There are still big pieces of the puzzle Joe is missing. Please invite Dr. Sherri Tennoenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphreys, Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr Judy Mikovitz, Del Bigtree or Robert Kennedy Jr. on to the show. They are a wealth of knowledge. Be more than one sided JOE! You got this 💜❤️☘️🙌

tommy May 31 2020
If the guest is not assertive, Joe takes over and rambles endlessly it seems. Joe is still very susceptible to conspiracies and has a tough time filtering out garbage. I do not listen to the fighter and comedian shows, only the shows that have a science, social or political context.

justinjk007 May 29 2020
One hit wonders. Lot of content is made but only few episodes have quality.

LittleGee May 27 2020
Extremely inspirational!

ABrain003 May 27 2020
Kevin's a real dude. Great listen

AntiLockBrakes May 27 2020
Not every episode is great, but there are so many and come out so frequently, there is always a great conversation to learn from and hear some cool people have a chill time talking out their points and just being themselves. Kevin Hart, for example, is really inspiring and a great guy to listen to on here.

bryantdaniel74 May 26 2020
Love it!

steveb14048 May 26 2020
Always the best

Robby pops May 25 2020
Kevin the beast Hart

stevenlss1 May 24 2020
A lesser Rogan interview. This guy brings opinions but not much else and nothing all that interesting.

Fred May 20 2020
Balls to the wall

Blackbear May 20 2020
Eddy ruined this

jawieling May 20 2020

Barrio Lemieux May 19 2020
His podcast was better 3 yrs ago. He's lost his edge.

Black Label Girl May 18 2020
Always great!

JJ May 17 2020
This one has a real socialist rant to it not really that interesting anybody that is interested in losing their personal freedoms there's many arguments in this podcast about that. Love the podcast in general but this is craziness

RogieRog May 16 2020
The best

Revolvah Ocelot May 16 2020
Great episode. Learn about a brutal martial art and the culture.

JDAX311 May 13 2020
Joe and Tony shoot the shit. And as usual, it's great

doodpe May 12 2020

vincent May 12 2020
My God my respect for The Wire just reached a new level. Joe was seriously missing out.

Splatt2000 May 11 2020

OnurSenturk May 10 2020
Nothing useful, just talking about how this guy wrote the book.. boring

aaron.c.lentz May 08 2020
Once again another great show. These two bridge the gap on many levels. Fantastic.

Danny May 08 2020
Joe Rogan is the new Oprah

Lassaron May 09 2020
Love it!

rrt May 09 2020
High school talk passing as deep thinking....shameful ...joe is subservient and embarassing....Elon needs government money ....sad

Tony Montana May 08 2020
Elon Musk!!!

darv May 08 2020
Great podcast....

supercharger619 May 07 2020
Not as memorable as the first interview but I still find myself rearranging my day to squeeze the video interview in, good stuff

Frank May 07 2020
Best podcast ever

Ms. Brown May 07 2020
Great show.

tommyboy May 07 2020
Magnet???? You must be attracted to him.

ekichty May 07 2020
Great Show! Paul Staments is just great. Glad we have people like him in this world. The way Joe is just Curious and Casual with his guest, makes it a great conversation between 2 people and whatever direction it goes. Thanks

Nesa May 07 2020
Best podcast.

BaldyLocks May 06 2020
Tom talked too much abut Tom

Lonesome God Out May 06 2020
Arguably the best podcast out there. He has guests from all walks of life and they are almost always interesting

Tripper_203 May 04 2020
Love the JRE!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Cristian May 02 2020
One of the greatest guests.

tikend May 02 2020
Joe is great, some guests are not, but you can always skip those episodes. I like no advertisement during the podcast.

knives85 May 02 2020

mosesjay Apr 27 2020
Life changing!

gintarasj Apr 04 2020

idoshamir Apr 04 2020
Rogan is surprisingly smart

joeblackavalon Apr 24 2020

crasheralex Apr 16 2020
Best interview podcast. Just skip the guests you're not interested in.

dogend Apr 22 2020
Pretty good ay

mags70N Apr 17 2020

redfearnb Apr 17 2020

Aki Apr 12 2020
Get stanhope on and do some shrooms

Alejandro Costas Apr 15 2020
Best interview format podcast there is.

Lubo Apr 15 2020
The one and only JRE

Dookiebear oOOo Apr 14 2020

Setchmo Apr 14 2020

jeetgram Apr 13 2020

Tury07 Apr 13 2020
Varied guests from all walks of life. A mix of current, historical, and fantastic topics covered; and a host that attempts to navigate it all while keeping his content interesting and engaging.

macgoldfan Apr 13 2020
Not all his topics will interest you but the ones that do are great.

boolas Apr 13 2020
By far the best podcast available

Sean Downey Apr 12 2020
Love Joe. Started with the clips on YouTube, but converted to the full pod. Not all guest's views I agree with, but Joe does great to keep me interested in hearing different views.

LrnactMpct Apr 12 2020
Joe is the best interviewer there is

DocRuthless Apr 10 2020
Excellent Podcast with a wide variety of topics and opinions. Tremendously likeable host as well. ;)

danielsun Apr 05 2020
Obnoxious, immature, and narcissistic; little wonder he's voting for Trump.