I'm Not A Monster - from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS

Feb 12 2021 29 mins 3.3k

How did an American family end up in the heart of the ISIS caliphate? Over four years, journalist Josh Baker unravels a dangerous story where nothing is as it seems.

4.6 • 11 Ratings

Androoney Feb 26 2021
I just binged this whole podcast in 2 days. Excellent unbiased journalism, well paced storytelling. Well done all round. I will be recommending this widely.

AjRN Feb 12 2021
Exceptional investigative journalism

Fearg Feb 16 2021

Ben Jay Feb 16 2021
Couldn't stop listening

Aron93 Feb 16 2021
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. Absolutely recommend.

Primoz Feb 13 2021
Dramatic, captivated, 'multidimensional'. True investigative journalism.

churlishfellow Feb 09 2021
Listening to EVERY episode in a row at work ... gripping.

Random Pod Guy Dec 17 2020

MG Dec 17 2020
Interesting investigation about terrorism.

ac Jan 11 2021
Well done and riveting

Q-Brick Dec 15 2020
thrilling podcast so far. Reminds me alot of caliphate from the New York Times.