The One-Eyed Man

Nov 20 2020 39 mins 3

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king Season 1 Season 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Season 3 Season 4 - Leadership in Sport - coming soon It's a messy, complicated world out there. We need better solutions to the problems around us, and better leaders to them. No one person has it all figured out, but in a quest to discover a more impactful brand of leadership, I'm having conversations with people who have at least some part of it figured out, and specifically in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, impact and technology.

#012 Changing society's rule book for a better life for all — Prof Vasti Roodt
Apr 20 2020 62 mins  
Prof Vasti Roodt — Univ Stellenbosch | Dept of Philosophy If you could press pause on society, how would you redesign it? In this episode I speak to Professor Vasti Roodt about a theory of justice (fairness) that might be the key to building a better world for everyone, regardless of their social standing or resources. Vasti is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Stellenbosch, and the Head of the Unit for Social and Political Ethics in the Centre for Applied Ethics. She holds an MA and DPhil (Philosophy) from USB. Her research focuses on moral and political philosophy. In November last year I had the opportunity to attend a leadership retreat on the beautiful Boschendal wine estate hosted by Vasti and her colleagues. The retreat was aimed at introducing the fundamental tenets of the philosophical endeavour to business executives who wanted to take a more conscious, considered look at value creation in today's complex world. She presented a model for justice based on John Rawls' A Theory of Justice (1971) which I found deeply intriguing and challenging. It wasn't my first introduction to Rawls' work, but one of the more accessible explorations of his fascinating thought experiment and proposal for a more fair society. I really enjoyed the retreat and have stayed in touch with the faculty since. Key quote: "What could ever be the justification for suggesting that one person deserves to be more free than another?" -- Prof Vasti Roodt

#010 Into the unknown — Andrew Blades
Apr 13 2020 47 mins  
Andrew Blades — EPA Victoria | Manager, Risk and Compliance A deep dive into complexity with a leading 'uncertainty navigator' Can you tell from the title of this episode that I've been watching a LOT of Frozen 2 while on lock down? In this episode I talk to Andrew Blades, an uncertainty navigator and polymath, about how to lead in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. Andrew is based out of Melbourne, Australia, and serves as the risk and and compliance manager in the state of Victoria's EPA (Environment Protection Authority). He started his professional career in the intelligence section of the Australian Air Force, focusing on planning the Force's response to ""low probability, high impact"" events, lectured in university, spent time in the private sector, and today holds four Master's degrees together with a range of certifications that match his substantial experience. Andrew has a truly remarkable intellect and his views on the current global COVID-19 crisis (both from a health and economic perspective) were insightful and helpful, particularly from a leadership perspective. Key quote: 'This (pandemic) is a systemic risk to all humans, and we're not used to thinking in terms of systemic risk - we're used to thinking in a much smaller level of risk ... I think there's a possibility ... that what we start to see out of this is people start think in a much broader (way)' -- Andrew Blades

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