Quiet Connections

Jan 19 2021 43 mins 1

Do you feel anxious in social situations? Think you're not good enough? Join us on a journey from anxiety to confidence, collecting puzzle pieces to help you feel more calm & courageous so you can speak up, join in & feel like you belong. If you’re struggling with everyday tasks that other people seem to find easy; or avoiding social situations for fear of rejection and criticism, this is the podcast for you. Whether you experience panic attacks, social anxiety, or simply a feeling that you’re “too quiet” and “not good enough”, you’ll be gaining insights from those who have been where you are right now to help you move beyond fear and anxiety, reframe quiet and grow your confidence so you can live your life the way you want to. Join Hayley & Stacie to explore the journey from socially anxious to quietly confident; collecting tools and techniques to help you to manage those anxious feelings and move towards self-acceptance and practicing self-compassion, to understanding how your thoughts are not reality, and why how you are isn’t who you are. You’ll pick up a variety of tips along the way, so that you, too, can feel calmer, more confident and experience more joy doing the things you really want to. The Quiet Connections podcast is brought to you from QuietConnections.co.uk.

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