The Besties

Feb 12 2021 56 mins 3.4k

It's Game of the Year meets King of the Hill as four of Earth's best friends – Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick – rank and review their favorite video games. Because shouldn't the world's best friends pick the world's best games?

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Zounds Feb 18 2021
Started listening now jt's not a Spotify exclusive and it is a really good listen. Really laidback fun.

j0b91 Feb 16 2021

xlambein Feb 16 2021
Just a chill podcast where best friends discuss their favourite games. It's funny, low-key and very enjoyable. I've discovered several great games while listening to it. Highly recommend!

theULTIMATEgamer Feb 12 2021
Some funny boys talking about GAMES what else could you want?

fletcherville Feb 12 2021
A very very good videogame podcast! Feels super inclusive and open to filthy casuals like myself, while also discussing more difficult/hardcore games in a way that makes them actually sound appealing. A great way to hear about neat games that may have slipped under your radar. Russ is a precious baby, and must be protected at all costs.

Christian Killgo Feb 10 2021
Been listening to this pod since the beginning, through all it's various iterations. The only thing that has stayed the same is the outro of "shouldn't the world's best friends pick the world's best games?". That really summarizes the show pretty well. So many game critics take themselves very seriously, and it's refreshing to get a show about analyzing video games that has such a self-aware and joyful attitude. Really love these boys, and you will too.

dpsulliv1 Feb 09 2021
I thought this podcast had ended, I'm so happy it's "back." Excited to dive back into the world of video games, and have it feel like I have 4 new best friends. I'd love a segment revisiting some older games the gang still plays, or "on sale" games that are worth a shot if you've never played. Video game podcasts are often hard to get through this is great.

HenryF Feb 09 2021
The best video game (book club) podcast around

RoboJeebus Feb 08 2021
The Besties is not a video game podcast, is it the place I go to for the hot take on the newest release? Nope, is it filled with intelligent conversation about games as an art form? not even close, is it the warmest hug you can find for your ears? Absolutely. The besties doesn't concern itself with being anything other than an oasis, you can hear friendship oozing from every minute and you can be part of it, just download it and subscribe, you won't regret it or your money back RIP NY Giraffe

kenlaan Feb 06 2021
Very good video game bookclub

poohgwai Feb 05 2021
Recently found this show and have now marathoned through it all! I had fallen away from gaming, largely due to the culture, but this show has made me fall back in love with an old hobby. I really appreciate the vulnerability and honesty they show - Justin's hated of scary games (me too!), admitting to using God mode on Hades, and honest dialogue about overly violent games. Really appreciate this show and I hope it doesn't disappear again!

Puma_Man Feb 05 2021
I've been listening to The Besties for a couple of years now, and no matter what platform, they find themselves on, I will follow them fellas! Funny, well researched (in their own way...) and does a great job occasionally covering topics and games that would totally fly right by me had they not brought them up! Join The video game club...or book club for video games...or whatever...

bjorktribe Feb 04 2021
A funny way to learn about great (or not) games. The world needs more podcasts that aren't self-serious!

Nathan Feb 03 2021
This show is well researched and very funny and entertaining. One of my favorite gaming shows I've listened to.

Climbo Feb 02 2021
Great listening. Funny hosts and good game recommendedations

gingersnap Feb 01 2021
This podcast has introduced me to so many video games I now love and encouraged me to try games I might not have played. The show has such positive and relaxed vibes, it's also really funny and I always look forward to new episodes.

robin Feb 01 2021
If you want good varied reviews of video games and if you wanna be up to date but not bored to death then listen to this show!

putnam Jan 31 2021
Singlehandedly got me back into video games. They're always making me laugh and I love hearing how passionate they are when they find a good game. I hope everyone on earth starts listening

poopeep Jan 31 2021
The besties have unrivaled chemistry and such a fresh and joyful look on gaming. Highly recommended to give it a spin!

zeed Jan 30 2021
Super fun, it makes me look forward to Friday's each week!

mailtruck Jan 29 2021

AlexLemoine Jan 27 2021
Would love to hear an episode on Pac Man

aNamedUSPerson Jan 25 2021
4 video games journalists and industry experts, who are also friends and radio personalities break down what's the good word in video games. If you have a passing interest in what the good games are, what developments are happening on consoles you don't own, or just want to hear good goofs about good games, I can't recommend this podcast enough. It is light-hearted, well-made, and easy to listen to.

Slickificational Jan 24 2021
The Besties is probably my all-time favorite podcast. It introduced me to several of my favorite games, and it's consistently a delight to listen to. The hosts are funny, engaging, and relatable (knowing that a game induced motion sickness for one of the hosts, for example, is incredibly helpful). There are some bizarre in-jokes, but they're a lot of fun (excepting the racist ghost of Milton Bradley, which was an unfortunate bit circa 2014).

Trague Jan 23 2021
These boys crack me up. You can tell that they're all informed about the gaming industry, as well as passionate gamers. Add some goofs and you get a podcast I look forward to it every time!

daeadcruncher Jan 22 2021
Amazing podcast! So happy it's no longer exclusive to Spotify.

bribbs Jan 22 2021
Just a cozy and fun podcast, it always goes to the front of my playlist. Russ is a good boy.

JeremyL Jan 22 2021
Glad these boys have been released from Spotify's clutches so I can listen on the apps I actually use. Great videogames podcast that is informative and also very funny!

j29 Jan 22 2021
The best video game podcast out there, hands down. The hosts are all well respected, highly successful game journalists who are also hilarious and offer some great insights into games I may have never played otherwise. Do yourself a favor and subscribe now!

Omnijack Jan 21 2021
Great podcast. Four goofs talkin' 'bout games. You know the genre. They generally have pretty good taste so they occasionally recommend some good stuff to play.

Andrew "That One Jan 21 2021
The Besties is great!

Chorizo Jan 18 2021
The Besties is a fun and entertaining way to keep up with the games industry. Always a joy to listen to.

NightmareBC Jan 11 2021
Thus is the best video game podcast. All four hosts are funny and joyful and where most video game podcasts make me feel bad, Besties always leaves me happy. Whether they're being positive about good games or dunking on bad ones, it's pure good vibes.

jli Jan 08 2021
The best gaming podcast out there

Shongo Jan 06 2021
Incredible show with four silly guys who are so funny I occasionally forget they're all in the figurative game journalism hall of fame. The best gaming podcast ever released

Doogie Howser MD Jan 05 2021
My fav video game podcast. Have been listening to some of them since the joystiq podcast days

SLAPAPOW Jan 03 2021
The best gaming podcast out there!

wilbus Dec 28 2020
One of the best video game podcasts around- funny and informative, not too long, not too short, and they get some really great games that don't always get the mainstream coverage that deserve it. Great show.

lamiddleton Dec 24 2020
This is my favorite video game podcast. I hope it continues!

Quetzle Dec 23 2020
One of my favorite videogame podcasts. Great discussion and genuine people. Really happy I can now listen on something other than Spotify, though I will download it wherever if that means it keeps going.

Jeowulf Dec 22 2020
One of my fave video game Podcasts! I hope you guys can figure out how to keep it going - in the meantime, glad I don't have to use Spotify's app anymore to listen!

awwwnawww Dec 22 2020
This is the best video game podcast I have ever listened to! Great for hearing about new and interesting games, but also very fun and welcoming.

GravitySucks Dec 22 2020
Finally! I can delete the Spotify app and The Besties can come live with the rest of it's podcast brothers and sisters. If you like the McElroy family of shows, this podcast is a no brainier. It's a bunch of friends talking about video games and trying to make eachother laugh.. if that doesn't sound appealing I don't know what to tell you.

BDazzle77 Dec 21 2020
This is genuinely one of my favorite video game podcasts. I don't have to line up with every opinion to really appreciate their insights and commentary. They are also just nice to listen to, with a lot less stress than I feel is weirdly contained in other video game oriented shows.

EnemyofthePod Dec 20 2020
Glad this podcast is now available on different platforms. A loss of Spotify but a win for the rest of us. Great show.

Kezsorg Dec 19 2020
A great in depth look at a video game each week. The chemistry between the hosts is a delight and I love their goofs.

AndrewC Dec 19 2020
Amazing! Love it

h-shenanigans Dec 19 2020
I love listening to the Besties, it feels like I'm listening to my own friends talk about video games....just better!

TheCaptainMeow Dec 19 2020
I look forward to listening to these guys every wee. Funny and informative!

juturno Dec 18 2020
Best video game podcast hands down. An immediate listen for me every week

BotsArePeopleToo Dec 18 2020
I have picked up so many games just from the reviews on this podcast. Entertaining AND informative. Truly a delight to listen to. Highly recommended.

FeatheryFiend Dec 18 2020
A highlight of every Thursday lately. I can't get enough of these four funny folks talking about Videogames while also adding thoughtful critique. They got great chemistry together and consistently get a laugh out of me.

rshelton23 Dec 18 2020
Super awesome podcast! One of the best gaming podcasts to me because there is a good mix of differing opinions!

vrich Dec 18 2020
Love this game podcast! Four different perspectives on games, discussion, and a lot of undiscovered games introduced for me to discover. Check this out for real.

kyle1rvin Dec 18 2020
This podcast brings me so much joy. If you are looking for some of the most thoughtful insights on modern games mixed with some great laughs you have found it. I look forward to this show every week and it's a great start to every Friday!