The Casual Criminalist

Jan 14 2021 37 mins 641

True crime, casually done. New episodes once per week, every week.

4.9 • 11 Ratings

JB Jan 16 2021
Simon and Danny are an absolute tag team of dry wit of the most British variety. Many hearty chuckles were had, and that's saying something when the topic is something as gruesome as murder.

invader_kendall Jan 13 2021
Simon is nuts. Good nuts. Proof any of us knobs can make good. Go on, son!

noize Jan 13 2021
Give me some fucking merch you prick. Thanks 👍

Nipsicle Jan 13 2021
Simon's name backwards is NoMis, much like most of his work. No missing on this podcast

MerlinRafiki Jan 13 2021
Okay Simon, Okay. Here is your Review you absolute Legend! Now, gib Merch! And I don't think you could contact me through this. Does not matter. Only the Blaze matters.

davecc Jan 13 2021
Simon is officially a bad friend. Friends help you move. Good friends help you move a body, Simon.

nXXt Dec 29 2020
The Casual Criminalist is a new true crime podcast from Simon Whistler, known from many YouTube channels such as Today I Found Out, Biographics, and Geographics. Stylistically, this podcast is closer to his channel Business Blaze, which is to say that it feels more off-the-cuff, with anecdotes thrown in. Because of this, it feels more like a talk with a knowledgeable friend, rather than a heavily produced podcast. If this appeals to you as it does to me, I can highly recommend giving a listen.

Nizar Dec 28 2020
Very enjoyable! Big fan 🤙

IntrepidFraidyCa Dec 26 2020
Another entertaining, informative and binge worthy way to get your Simon Whistler fix. This podcast is filled with weird and sometimes awful human behavior. Some are close to an hour long while the short episodes are about fifteen minutes. Both versions never disappoint!

terabitman Dec 22 2020
It's amazing how even in a sub 15 minute podcast Simon manages to waffle on for half of it. But, it's still enjoyable! I played the nun episode for my wife and we both had a good chuckle at it.

The Cormorant Dec 22 2020
Wonderful! Love it! Best! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥