Gaining Ground: The New Georgia

Jan 12 2021 43 mins 621

The future of democracy as we know it hinges on the outcome of two Senate races in a state that shocked the nation by turning blue for the first time in nearly three decades. Georgia is the center of the political universe after organizers from John Lewis to Stacey Abrams spent years battling some of the country’s most brutal voter suppression with a young, diverse coalition that’s finally ready to take power. Visit the frontlines of the most pivotal Senate contest of our time as two of Atlanta’s own - journalists Rembert Browne and Jewel Wicker detail what made this historic moment possible and talk to the key organizers, strategists, and voters who are hoping to see years of hard work change the South forever. “Gaining Ground: The New Georgia” is a co-production of Tenderfoot TV and Crooked Media.

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AnnG Jan 03 2021
If you really want to understand people who will lie, cheat, and steal for power, which leads us to today's politics, read the "Naked Communist" by Skousen.

OCDsurvivalist Dec 28 2020
Another excellent documentary type of Podcast from Crooked, this is well produced and give you a good background on recent Georgia politics from a progressive focus.

JHayden01 Dec 22 2020
Disgusting stupidity.