A More Civilized Age: A Clone Wars Podcast

Jan 13 2021 129 mins 1.1k

Join Rob Zacny, Natalie Watson, Ali Acampora, and Austin Walker as they dive headfirst into the final days of the Galactic Republic, debate which Jedi is messiest, and dig into the themes and politics of The Clone Wars. Cover Art by @XeeceeVEVO on Twitter.

5 • 17 Ratings

xerk Jan 14 2021

thephildozer88 Jan 12 2021
"they have jizz they have these laws"

pnutbutta4me Jan 11 2021
This is a hilarious take with fan boys and not so fan girls on the very odd star wars prequels.

AlexLemoine Jan 08 2021
The greatest podcast ever made imho. The hosts all bounce off each other so well. Love y'all

salubriousbrew Jan 07 2021
This is EXACTLY the energy I need for 2021

Daniel Kirk Jan 06 2021
Finally! Someone who gets what bugs me about Star Wars! The prequels were badly done, but they also raised a lot of questions about what happened in the original movies. The guys give cogent analysis on both large and small scales. Obviously, they've done their homework-they know the franchise inside and out, and have sent a lot of time thinking about it. But the girls have some great insight. Please let them talk more.

Zeouter Jan 04 2021
They know how dumb those Jedi & movies are.

Jang de Blannen Jan 02 2021
Excellent unfiltered long time discussion.

LastGoliath Jan 01 2021
Just an absolute treasure of a cast. Incredible people, incredible discussion.

Mike Dec 31 2020
Five star runtime five star podcast

JeffGrubb Dec 30 2020
The right people to talk about Star Wars.

MachoManHarryPot Dec 30 2020
Good insights in star wars. If anything the runtime could be longer.

Dexcellence Dec 24 2020
Good and Fun conversation about the Star Wars Prequels and Clone Wars

memefan Dec 24 2020
This is a great podcast discussing Star Wars from wildly different perspectives to examine just what the heck is happening

Josh Dec 24 2020
Excellent critics from a wide array of star wars experiences approaching star wars on their own terms. 5 star podcast 5 star run time.

Rohay Dec 23 2020
A Christmas gift a surprise to be sure

Octo Institute Dec 23 2020
Star Wars is a thoroughly explored property, but this cadre still finds new and interesting things to delve into about the beloved (and sometimes conflicted) franchise.