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Dec 19 2020 11

All Things TechIE was born after ISE2017 when the two Irish A.V Gurus decided to place Ireland on the map with regards to Audio Visual technology. Sure there are other AV and technology podcasts but nothing from Ireland. So we decided to put a microphone in front of us and have some fun!

All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 30
Jul 09 2020 69 mins  
We have made it to Episode 30 of the All Things TechIE podcast! Thank you so much for all your support to our show. We couldn't do it without our fans from around the world. If this is your first time visiting our podcast. Please subscribe to us by clicking the subscribe button. If you are viewing our podcast on YouTube please click the bell button which will send you notifications of all our shows. Share this podcast with your friends! Episode 30 is a sequel to our COVID-19 response podcast which was Episode 21. In Episode 21 we never believed that we would be still discussing COVID-19 and working remotely some 4 months later! Justin Dawson is joined by: Graham Kirkpatrick - NEC (UK) Michell Loret - Mostly AV Podcast CoHost (USA) Adam Harvey - Uni of Herts (UK) Joe Way - Uni of Southern California (USA) Llanor Alleyne - AVNation.TV (USA) We discuss: COVID-19, US, UK and Irish Governments responses to unlocking states and countries Returning to the workplace - or is it? Virtual Conferences, what the panel has thought of InfoComm 2020 as a virtual conference Will we see ISE 2021 happen, if so, will we attend? Opening of Creches, Schools and Universities Will we holiday at home or abroad What does the future hold for the workplace, AV and COVID-19 To get in contact with the show: Subscribe on your favorite podcast channel Email: [email protected] Web: www.AllThingsTech.IE

The All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 21
Mar 14 2020 110 mins  
Episode 21 of the All Things TechIE podcast. A completely unscripted show where we are joined by guests who are AV and Technology professionals from across the world, both public and private sector to discuss how easy, or difficult it is to work from home. Not forgetting the technologists and AV pro's who are working behind the scenes to make sure that Higher Ed and private sector companies run flawlessly during the Covid19 pandemic. Justin Dawson is joined by: Graham Kirkpatrick - NEC (UK) Michell Loret - Mostly AV Podcast CoHost (USA) Chris Neto - Starin Marketing (USA) Noel Kennedy - Involve (UK) Mike Slammer - Discovery Channel (USA) Adam Harvey - Uni of Herts (UK) Joe Way - Uni of Southern California (USA) We asked - Who should provide the technology to work from home? Should employees be using their own equipment? Whats the best Virtual Meeting software to us? Whats the recommended hardware? How should you set up your home office to work remotely? The pressures of children at home while you work We learn how Joe Way has been testing work remotely and Online Learning at the Uni of Herts where they had 18,000 live Zoom calls operating simultaneously. But this is dwarfed by Mike Slammer and his stats for the Discovery channel! The UK is putting plans in place and Adam Harvey speaks about what Higher Ed is doing in the UK and the Uni of Herts. How will Covid19 affect AV shows such as InfoComm 2020? Do employers both private and public sector trust employees to work from home correctly? Chris Neto gives his views. We discussed what Covid19 would have been like 10 years ago without the technology the world has now. Of course we welcome comments and feedback on the show. We covered several angles and will probably do another similar show as the Covid19 pandemic continues to grow and disrupt working conditions globally. To get in contact with the show: Subscribe on your favorite podcast channel Email: [email protected] Web: www.AllThingsTech.IE

All Things TechIE podcast Episode 11
May 01 2019 29 mins  
MoMo - it's a Japanese sculpture it isn't real! After being destroyed by the Japanese Artist, MoMo received worldwide attention. The original sculpture, called Mother Bird, shows a human-style head with long dark hair spread sparsely over the creature's forehead, enormous round eyes, an over sized mouth and a flattened nose. The naked creature has the feet of a bird and not much of a torso. It was built in 2016 and displayed at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. The Momo challenge was an online game, shared on messaging services like WhatsApp, that tried to convince young children to commit violence or even suicide. It made headlines for allegedly causing the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. While it has been refuted by various police agencies worldwide due to lack of evidence, the hysteria surrounding the Momo challenge grew, sparking other iterations of the challenge. With the viral news controversary MoMo caused, just how bad is it for children to be connected to the online world via games consoles, smartphones, tablets, mobile phones and PC? Or even a more worrying question do parents know what they're children are doing online, what games they are playing even on their games console who they are communicating with? Justin Dawson interviewed Cliona Curley from Cybersafe Ireland and asked how to protect minors from abuse online. ----more---- Show Notes and Useful Links ----more---- YouTube says there's 'no evidence' of videos promoting Momo Challenge 80% of 8 to 10-year-olds own a device capable of accessing the internet, and 40% are talking to strangers online NSPCC (UK) stats "Online Abuse facts and statistics" Cybersafe Ireland Parental Controls to help you control your child's activity online Please note that we will be creating several instructional videos explaining parental controls for tablets, PC and smart phones which will be available here shortly. Contact Justin on Twitter Contact Simon on Twitter Use #AllThingsTechIE as our twitter hashtag Visit us on

All Things TechIE podcast Episode 10
May 01 2019 27 mins  
We've reached double digits. Welcome to Episode 10 of the All Things TechIE podcast In this episode, Justin & Simon attend the 146 AES International Convention in the CCD Dublin. Dublin was the 2019 destination for Europe’s preeminent professional audio education and networking event. If your interests include Studio Recording, Live Sound, Networked Audio, Broadcast & Streaming, Music Production, Post Production, Game Audio, Spatial Sound, Audio for AR/VR/XR and Product Development, AES Dublin was the place to be! The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Founded in the United States in 1948, the AES has grown to become an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research. The Audio Engineering Society’s 146th International Pro Audio Convention in Dublin, Ireland drew to a close on March 23, wrapping up four days of audio science and education that drew attendees from 47 countries to Europe’s premier annual professional audio event. “It was a pleasure to bring the AES convention to Dublin for the very first time,” commented Convention Co-Chair and Dublin resident Enda Bates, “and an excellent way to kick off the formation of the new AES Ireland regional section in style. It was also great to see a more diverse range of presenters and topics, something which was specifically highlighted by many attendees as a welcome development.” The Convention content was packed with options, notes Co-Chair Ben Kok, with 200 individual Workshops, Tutorials, Paper and Poster presentations and Special Events held in parallel across the four days of AES Dublin in seven auditoriums in the Dublin Convention Centre. Hosting top minds in audio from around the world, this year’s convention featured the AES Heyser Memorial lecture “Learning to Listen” by industry innovator and digital reverb pioneer David Griesinger and the keynote address – arranged by AES Dublin’s third co-chair, Mariana Lopez – “Inclusive Sonic Interactions” presented by Aalborg University Copenhagen Professor Stefania Serafin. “For topics like cathedral acoustics and spatial electroacoustic music and education, there was a link between the technical program, off-site and special events,” Kok elaborates, “Overall, immersive/3D sound and spatial audio had a strong presence at the convention, covering both sonic capture as well as reproduction through loudspeakers or headphones.” Playing a key role in the Convention’s immersive content, Co-Chair Lopez was actively involved in the program including having the “true honor” of chairing the panel “The Present and Future of Audio for Film and Television,” which brought together industry notables Howard Bargroff, Anna Bertmark, Emma Butt and Fiona Cruickshank. The immersive audio emphasis was continued into AES Dublin’s innovative hands-on sessions, part of the Convention’s dedicated student programing including the bustling Education and Career fair and the student recording and design competitions. Student attendance was typically strong for AES Dublin, a harbinger of future Society leadership as evidenced by former Student Members who attended AES Dublin as professional Members and participated in paper presentations and workshops, along with AES Dublin planning. The theme of diversity and inclusion was brought to the forefront of the Convention with Co-Chair Lopez’s AES Dublin Opening Ceremonies challenge for support and participation of the Society’s initiatives, and in the AES Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s Town Hall dialog, which she moderated. Questions about how the Society moves forward towards equality, noted Lopez, “are ultimately about who we are, and who we hope to be.” As AES Dublin concluded, the site selection of Vienna, Austria, was announced for AES Europe in 2020 (May 25 – 28). Next on the AES Convention calendar is the upcoming AES New York International Pro Audio Convention (October 16 – 19, 2019)

Episode 4 - August & September 2018
Sep 26 2018 45 mins  
Lets blame the heat wave summer for missing our monthly August episode! In this months episode of All Things TechIE, Simon couldn't make it into studio due to the fact he is so busy with installations. The latest news: Samsung releases the Galaxy S9 Meanwhile Apple goes big with the iPhone X series. Phones are getting bigger and bigger. Do you actually want them this big or would you rather buy a tablet? Or better still, would you buy one of these devices for your young son or daughter for Christmas? We've moved from our regular production of All Things TechIE to an episode we believe may become a small series on the topic of how some global AV professionals got involved in the world of Audio Visual. The idea of this topic originated during the summer when Simon and I were discussing the Leaving Certificate Irish state examinations and both of us came to a conclusion that neither of us dreamt that we were going to end up in the world of Audio Visual. So is it easy to enter the world of Audio Visual? Do many AV Professionals plan that this is the career they wanted to take as a young 17 or 18 year old who has just finished their state examinations? Is there enough courses to assist with young people wanting to pursue audio visual as a career? This programme has received a massive response which has resulted in a small series on "How I got involved in AV" which will be part of our monthly podcast. Our thanks to: Christa Bender Joe Way James Scutt Jonathan Owen for contributing to this months episode. Please dont forget to subscribe to our programme and give us your feedback!

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