Undressing Bridgerton

Jan 15 2021 49 mins 161

Actors Felicia Day and Tom Lenk discuss the Regency-era romance TV show "Bridgerton" on Netflix. Each episode they will critique and gab about the fashions, the swoon...did I mention the fashions? Probably R rated so no babies.

5 • 2 Ratings

JustJasJas Jan 17 2021
Love this! My Buffy pair talking about my new favourite show xx

Jemmyd Jan 10 2021
Loving this so far! Chemistry between Felicia and Tom is great, they're hilarious! Interesting observations and questions about the accuracy of the history/fashion that may be delved into further in future episodes but for now, just listen for the comedy factor of these 2 having a chat! 😁 Look forward to more eps now I've binged the whole series!