Find the Path Presents

Jan 08 2021 84 mins 82

The city of Kintargo has long been a shelter for artists, free-thinkers, and those marginalized by the oppressive Chelaxian government ― but now the city has been placed under martial law by inquisitor Barzilali Thrune. When a protest turns into a riot, a new group of heroes comes together to form an organized resistance to the devil-binding government and the Church of Asmodeus. But can they survive long enough to establish allies...or will they become the latest victims of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune? The Find the Path crew plays through the Pathfinder AP Hell's Rebels, now converted to Second Edition!

4.9 • 8 Ratings

jace1808 Jan 14 2021
I absolutely love this actual play podcast group. Rp is fantastic. Rules knowledge is absolutely superb. All in all they have a good time. They are the epitome of what every ttrpg group should be like. The story of Hell's Rebels is so good. I love the characters as well. Can't wait to see how everything is going to unfold.

Judge Jan 14 2021
A solid actual-play podcast from established podcasters. This delivers the same quality that Find the Path Ventures parent podcast, "Find the Path" does, with the pleasant addition of a cast member from their Patreon-exclusive podcast. The audio quality is excellent and the roles well-played. The Game Master is exceptional - I've experienced the rain in the first episode, and he manifests that experience beautifully. There are 4 episodes presently; hop on before the backlog is daunting.

Chane1355 Jan 13 2021
Off to a great start as always, I look forward to getting to know the new characters and learning some more about second edition rules. You can never go wrong listening to anything from Find the Path.

Dadderrath Jan 13 2021
Fantastic podcast. The find the path crew has done it again and this time in second edition! Every episode has amazing audio, clear rule following, and excellent story. The whole cast is friendly and builds interesting and fun Characters. Can't wait for more rebellion!

iAMtheSENATE Jan 09 2021
As always, fun to hang out with the Find the Path crew. I also recommend their flagship podcast, Find the Path.

HQOverley Jan 08 2021
Gread there Show they startet. As like the other tow it's really well played and the non game comments are not atmosphere breaking.

Frizz Jan 08 2021
Find the Path Presents, and Find the Path Ventures as a whole, have the best Pathfinder podcasts around. The are somehow simultaniously funny, gripping storytellers, and genuine. Their 2e conversion for Hells Rebels has been a delight so far, and I am only expecting the best. Do yourself a favor and listen in!

jj ignite Jan 07 2021
Great podcast! Excellent storytelling and fun to listen to.