Monday Morning Podcast

Feb 25 2021 79 mins 42.2k

Bill Burr rants about relationship advice, sports and the Illuminati.

4.6 • 25 Ratings

hha101 Feb 25 2021
This man will get you through whatever.

jack1234566789 Feb 23 2021
The best

David C Feb 17 2021
What's not to love. Wet yourself funny.

BubbleGhost Feb 02 2021
Bill's rambling is hilarious

hayzio Jan 16 2021
Listened for years. Every episode makes me laugh out loud. Bills a genius.

Janky Jan 06 2021
Huge huge huge Burr fan, been to many shows in Atlanta. Love his old O&A guesting, follow him when he rarely appears in other podcasts, love his stand up specials "ALWAYS, IN EVERY FUCKING SPECIAL I DO, RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!" my only gripe is hearing all the sports chat and rants for so long. I dont mind skipping 30 mins or so but it seems like it's become a majority of the pod in recent months/year or so. You're the dad I never had, give us more rants on life, more critique and scrutiny pls!

claydevin Dec 22 2020
Funny effer

Strangedanimal Nov 23 2020
Brilliant & always on point. 👍😎

Reeves Nov 13 2020
Awesome podcast! Thanks Bill!

Jllyons04 Oct 09 2020
If you like watching old me shake sticks at young kids....this is the show for you.

Ser_Benton Oct 06 2020
Continually entertaining. Helps me wake up and reminds me not to take things too seriously. Legend.

Mark Sep 18 2020
Always a fucking riot

Poppop2k18 Sep 02 2020
Great content

LA Duderino Sep 02 2020
Love when Bill rants in a rational way

eddi401 Jul 20 2020
Can't make it past 10 minutes these days

Cormac Jun 09 2020
A great podcast. These lads are fun and entertaining, top job!

madbliss78 Jun 05 2020
I've never been happier to listen to a middle-aged man bitch about countless idiosyncrasies of life, stopping only to regurgitate decades-old sports statistics. I wait patiently twice a week for this headache, and I'll gladly continue to do it.

Ioooowwwwaaaa May 29 2020
Good listen if you like sports

Jengadude May 11 2020
Love ya Billy

JDAX311 May 06 2020
The painters are out to get Old Billy Ball Bag after his recent rants on their profession. And it doesn't cease to entertain as always!

John Apr 28 2020
Had to stop listening after a few minutes. Way too much swearing and profanity - within minutes! If that's for you, ok. If you want clean, this isn't it.

andrewsim73 Apr 15 2020
Old ginger nuts in fine form.

Larry Apr 13 2020
I never thought a podcast of guy arguing with himself would be so entertaining. Very funny, and often quite insightful

Aki Apr 12 2020

rhuarc Apr 12 2020
This podcast is quite informative