The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Jan 15 2021 50 mins 447

Best-selling author and documentarian Dinesh D'Souza provides enlightened conversations about politics, history, philosophy, literature, and much more.

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soulshark Jan 17 2021
Pretty Garbage honestly. Full of logical fallacies and just straight up lies.

Sneezeweed Jan 14 2021
Thank you for the clarity you bring. I will be recommending it to as many as I can. Good luck - keep it up. Please get word to President Trump that we DESPERATELY need him to set up a FREE SPEECH social media gathering place so we can follow him. I believe the Republican party is a path to civility and a return to the freedom being STOLEN by the Democrats - but ONLY if he's leading the charge.

k4k567 Jan 14 2021
'Neshy! Love your content. You have a beautiful mind and a wonderful way of turning your thoughts into words that people can understand and relate to. Thanks for your knowledge, I'll fill my cup again and again!

FLJD Jan 13 2021

Bob Loblaw Jan 12 2021
Dinesh, you knocked it out of the park on your inaugural podcast. Can't wait for what is to come.