Sword and Scale

Feb 22 2021 63 mins 195.9k

The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure. The worst monsters are real.

S2 Episode 52
Sep 20 2015 67 mins  
It's one thing to talk about gun violence, it's quite another to see it up close on live television. In this episode of Sword and Scale we take you back to one of the first examples of a life being lost on live television: the suicide of Budd Dwyer, an American politician who had been convicted of bribe receiving. However, before his sentence of 55 years' imprisonment and a $300,000 fine could be imposed Dwyer chose to take his life with a blued Smith & Wesson Model 27 .357 Magnum revolver at a press conference he had himself called. A few weeks ago we were once again exposed to a display of gun violence on live television, when disgruntled reporter Vester Lee Flanagan II who also went by the alias, Bryce Williams, shot and killed a young reporter and cameraman and injured a third innocent woman. The media has refused to show the footage of this killing, giving one reason or another for their censorship of newsworthy information. ABC News and the local Sheriff's department have also refused to release the killer's 23-page manifesto despite the Freedom of Information Act, citing some nonsense about glorifying the killer. They have, on the other hand, provided 24-hour news coverage about the event and named the killer repeatedly. The father of the reporter that was killed, Andy Parker, has vowed to shame lawmakers into creating some meaningful legislation rather than kowtowing to the NRA's lobbyists. In his words, "We’ve got to do something about crazy people getting guns." Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S2 Episode 50
Jul 20 2015 108 mins  
On November 18, 1978, in a remote settlement of northwestern Guyana, 909 Americans lost their lives in what is considered to be the largest mass suicide of the twentieth century. This compound, informally known as Jonestown, was established by a charismatic preacher named Jim Jones who led his People's Temple to their ultimate demise. In this episode, we welcome Julia Scheeres, author of the book "A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Jonestown", to tell us the story of how this story evolved into a tragedy. The religious organization he established was called People's Temple, and it was shrouded in secrecy and isolation. After drawing some unwanted attention from concerned family of People's Temple members, Jones moved his followers to a 3,800 acre plot of jungle he leased from Guyanese officials. Once there, Temple members were trapped. Late night meetings known as "White Nights" were used as drills to keep residents prepared for an imminent invasion by the CIA or other intelligence agencies which Jones referred to as "capitalist pigs." Temple members were tricked into committing "revolutionary suicide", as Jones called it, for the sake of their cause during staged sessions. Eventually, the paranoia and drug abuse of Jones would lead Jonestown down a dark path to which there was no other alternative but the death of every resident of Jonestown. If you're familiar with the term "drinking the Kool-Aid", this is where it comes from. However, the derogatory term simply doesn't fit the set of facts. Many of the residents of Jonestown simply didn't have a choice and almost a third of them were children. This mass "suicide", wasn't suicide at all. It was murder. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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ctr1881 Feb 14 2021
Mike Bidet (the sad excuse of a human being who hosts that "show") has a lot of problems but none of them can be solved by hosting the shitstain of a show.

Baje Feb 14 2021

juicysmollyay Jan 31 2021
Holly Colino is no different than the rest of of you culturally Marxist indoctrinated zoomer millenials. I can't wait until you get rid of the big, bad semi automatics AND the cops at the same time. Its going to be absolutely hilarious. I also love how the cops suck when they arrest a felon and they also suck when they can't solve every crime immediately like you geniuses would do. Just tell the story please, and keep your leftist crap out of it.

revmaynard007 Jan 14 2021
Excellent true crime podcast. Lots of episodes and it doesnt let down at all

listener Nov 24 2020
The world is worse off because this podcast exists

jessmess Nov 14 2020
There are several excellent true crime podcasts out there that do make an attempt to respect the victims and their families, or at least do not speak derisively and crassly about the crime. This is not one of them. Because there are so many good podcasts out there, there's no need to tolerate the poor quality of this one.

tee Dec 30 2020
I love this.

Lost555 Dec 19 2020
This host and his disrespect for everything that is not him is one of the worst podcasts to keep one's own dignity and feeling of self worth. If you - unlike the host - aren't complete trash you'll feel dirty after listening to this exploitative format. Horrific garbage capitalising on the suffering of victims of unfathomable crimes.

FiveofNine86 Oct 12 2020
Dark, intense, thorough and binge worthy

Miss K Oct 08 2020
I recently started listening to Sword and Scale! I love it. I would just like to know if there is an update on this case?

FishCustard11 Sep 27 2020
Love every podcast from you

Alpha3m Sep 25 2020
Avoid this host at all cost.

Caleb Sep 20 2020

RealSham Sep 12 2020
One of the greatest True Crime Podcasts, if not the best!

Dani Sep 10 2020
This podcast started my obsession with true crime podcasts. Frankly, the tone changed somewhere along the way and I'd say I prefer the earlier episodes to the most recent ones but still it is a great show. Rock on and keep doing you, Mike!

mostly10 Sep 02 2020
pros: high production value, interesting format, well researched cons: run and hosted by an absolute trash human 0/10, would not recommend

friend11y Sep 01 2020
If your interested in the dark side of people you will enjoy this podcast. I dont look or trust at people the same anymore. I could say honestly that this podcast could actually save your life.

auntie histamine Aug 21 2020

walbyni Aug 16 2020
One if the best true crime pods around!!!

KKirch Jul 30 2020
Honestly I love it, I wish I could double tap every episode.

ratm33 Jul 26 2020
So good, if ya dont subscribe to plus, go subscribe, hours and hours of great content

tmoyn Jul 25 2020
One the best true crime podcasts

colorsofthestorm Jul 16 2020
Kind of a gore fest. I've got a tough stomach, but one of the episodes was so bad I put the podcast down for over a year. I don't remember what episode. It might have been Jonestown, since that was one of the last ones I seem to have listened to. While I wasn't as in tune to it at the time, even the episode descriptions seem to show some sort of bias against mental illnesses. Also the host has said some pretty bad things in the past, google it. I'll be unsubscribing.

pendles Jul 14 2020
Must listen! I listen to many true crime podcasts & this is one of my favourites. It is at times challenging because of the difficult subjects & Mike doesnt attempt to lighten or soften issues instead as the opener states demonstrating the worst monsters are real. I dont understand the negativity claiming Mike is sexist & doesnt understand sexual assault issues. If you listen to the epsides you would know that's wrong. Seems like trolling to me. Keep up the good work!

gramakitty10 Jun 24 2020

MG Jun 15 2020
Everyone should listen to this podcast

RainbowUnicorn Jun 14 2020
This show has no redeeming qualities and the host is cancer. Avoid like the plague.

funkyplate Jun 10 2020
Best true crime podcast

petepush Jun 10 2020
Best podcast out there listened to every episode

lynnfed1979 Jun 09 2020
I love this podcast I listen to it at work it makes my day!!!!

Lblount Jun 09 2020
The best true crime podcast I listen to and I listen to a bunch of them..

Keelia Jaylene Jun 05 2020
This podcast has helped me process some of my childhood traumas digging deep into the minds of depraved people it has helped me understand why people do things to hurt others. I really want to thank Mike for doing everything he can to keep the podcast going. For now I can only afford $5 patreon I wish I could give $100.

UniversalRatio Jun 03 2020
I have to say over the past year or so it has become increasingly harder to listen to this show. It seems as if he's gotten super judgemental and doesn't believe that mental disorders can and will escalate a person to murder if they go unchecked. I do decide. The Sipreano family is remarkable in that they know that their brother would never had done this had he continued to get the medical attention he needed. This will be the last episode I listen to. I just cannot with the cruel judgement.

Anna May 26 2020
By far my favourite true crime podcast. Love Mike's sense of humour and the fact that he spares no details.

bj14klein May 22 2020
Good job!

MileHighMoon May 18 2020
Just a bunch of audio clips, basically...

ejomo May 13 2020
Like many reviewers before me have said, I had also hung in their with Mike, S&S being one of the first true crime poddies that got me hooked on the audio true crime genre. It was good enuff for me to let the odd bizarre, sexist or even slighted bigoted view, pass. My guilty pleasure! But WTF happened? Starting since that 'hiccup' 6-8mths back, the recent episode was HORRIFIC! Who was that guy? We don't want to know his opinions or tbh, urs either Mike! Way OTT! I'm outa here, sort it out Mike!

cd1015 May 11 2020
I used to be a fan, but things got way out of hand. The host has a lot of issues and keeps alienating himself to fans and advertisers because of his inflammatory opinions. He also berates anyone who calls him out. Don't waste your time or money.

RB May 04 2020
Meh. Used to be good. Used to get the plus. Now things have changed.

Ashley Apr 22 2020
This one's a massive turd. The host is a hybristophilic fanboy who gets off on broadcasting gore and voyeurism to his crowd. Avoid like he's infected with COVID-19! Bonus: if you say anything about it that isn't 100% fanfare on Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook, he'll attack you personally.

JanetEstes Apr 13 2020
Hands down, best true crime podcast out there (I know, I've listened to way too many). Mike does an excellent job telling stories that are well researched. Great quality, 911 calls, interviews, interrogations, and plenty of wtf moments! 5 stars all the way!