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Jan 28 2013 719

Welcome to Small Business Marketing Mastery, where you can find marketing information and ideas, we offer extremely effective, useful and entertaining marketing tools in the lowest cost you can find in the market. We also feature opinions of the most successful and established businesses in Sydney where they also share their winning marketing strategies.

Using QR Code to Create Customer Incentives
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
In this small business marketing episode, Liza Choa shares with Gabriel from Sydney Sports Car Hire a great tip on how Using QR Codes helps businesses to Create Customer Incentives.  Did you know you can use a QR code to help create customer incentives for your business?  Not sure what it is or how it works...well thats the easy part.  A QR (quick response) code is simply an image that can be scanned using a mobile device and takes your customer to a place of your it your website, a landing page for a special offer, your Facebook page to drive more fans, or any other site on the internet that has a URL or link. What are the benefits of using QR codes? They're easy to use, you can create them in seconds and they're everywhere....its a growing trend Its convenient as you can attach a QR code almost anywhere you like as long as its visible and able to be scanned using a mobile device (iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad, etc) You can create a QR code once and it can serve you hundreds if not thousands of times in the future, as it does the same job over and over again....and that is to take your customer to where you want them to go - i.e. your website or Facebook Create incentives for your customers to access, i.e. a QR code could represent a free glass of house wine for two with any dinner purchase over $40, if you were in the restaurant business, or buy 9, get 1 FREE if you run a cafe Use your mobile application to create multiple QR codes for different occasions or circumstances and instantly have these go out to your customer base Avoid the need for paper based coupons or pamphlets - imagine the $$$ savings on printing You will laugh when you find out why 5 Germans got arrested on the Italian border - thanks for sharing Gabriel!   Here's a detailed information about Using QR Code to Create Customer Incentives: We would like to thank Gabriel Sydney Sports Car Hire Alexandria for participating in this episode. To find out more about Sydney Sports Car Hire Alexandria, please visit: To learn how you can have a mobile application to help you drive QR codes in your business, go to:

Makeover Competitions for Repeat Business
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
In this Small Business Marketing Mastery Tips update, Liza Choa discusses the importance of makeover competitions to drive Repeat Business. Make your customer experiences really special so they keep coming back for more! In this episode Liza shares a powerful concept with Serena, the owner of Via Spiga Hair Salon Neutral Bay.  Its something thats simple and can be used to not only generate a lot excitement and buzz, it will be a major factor in helping drive repeat business through very satisfied and loyal customers. If you are in the business where looks and image are important to your customers - i.e. beauty salons, skincare, makeup artists, image consultants, weight loss, hair and nail salons, fashion consultants, etc, then one way you can do this is by introducing a 'makeover competition' and getting your whole team, staff and more importantly your customers to embrace it. The benefits of introducing a 'makeover competition' in your business include: Creating a lot of excitement and buzz in your business Helping your customers visualise their transformation in a special way that they will want to share with their family and friends Generating lots of user generated content - i.e. customers taking lots of before and after images, creating testimonials and stories that they can share and you can use to promote your business further Help you introduce your mobile application on your customers smart phone (iPhone or Android) so that they have a medium to promote their new image right there and then Most importantly it will be a major reason for customers wanting to come back to you and therefore you will increase your customer loyalty and increase repeat business Find out what Serena offers all her clients to make them feel special when they come and have their hair done....even at 9am!   Here's a detailed information about Makeover Competitions for Repeat Business We would like to thank Serena of Via Spiga for participating in this episode. To find out more about Via Spiga, please visit: To find our how you can use mobile app to help you with your Make Over Competition, go to

Using QR Code to Direct Customers to Your Shopping Cart
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
Today, we shared a QR Codes for Business Marketing idea of how to use QR Code to drive traffic to your shopping cart Using QR Code to Direct Customers to Your Shopping Cart Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business.  Today I am in a beautiful day spa in Neutral Bay and sitting next to me I have Chanyar who is the manager here and we are at Mum Sa Bai Thai Massage here in Neutral Bay so thank you for joining us.  So you guys have got a few different day spas don’t you? Chanyar: Yes. Liza: How many do you have? Chanyar: We have two. Liza: So other than Neutral Bay, where is your other one? Chanyar: The other one is in Coogee. Liza: So how long have you guys been around? Chanyar: Coogee is five years and Neutral Bay is three years now. Liza: Wow okay so you have been around for quite a while now.  Fantastic, well done.  So Chanyar what we do on our episode is that we share different marketing ideas for business owners like yourself so it gives you more ideas to use for your business.  So for this episode we want to talk about QR codes for business marketing.  So the last three episodes we have been doing we have been giving business owners different ideas on how to use this.  So this is the fourth idea on how to use a QR code.  So what a QR code is really great for is when people scan this you can take them to a website or a booking page.  So I’ve got an example here.  This is our lifestyle online mobile app so for those of you who can see, it’s right here.  So there is a button here called ‘QR scanner’, can you press that for me?  So now you can see it’s going into a scanner so now you just click on ‘Scan QR code.’  So you can see that this becomes a scanner.  So I’ll get you to hold this for me (passes phone) and if you can scan this for me (holding QR code).  So you can see the example I’ve given here has taken you to the order page for your salon here, so you can have a look (shows order page on phone).  So I noticed with your shop you have got posters out there that say book online for a special price.  So what you can do is put this code on the poster as well.  So when people are out there and see it and think, that’s a good idea I want to book now, it goes straight to the booking page not just to your website and then people can say, “Oh cool I can make a booking.”   Then they can choose which kind of massage they want and they can book there.  So you are just making it easier for customers to do business with you.  So have you guys done something like this? Chanyar: No, not yet. Liza: But now something to consider in the future? Chanyar: Yes. Liza: So we hope you have got some ideas from this particular episode on another way to use a QR code.  So like I said a QR code is really good to take people to a page, it could be your shopping cart. You might have a special that you are promoting and then people can scan it and go straight to the purchase page or a booking page, so making it easier for customers to do business with you.  So Chanyar what we do is invite our guest to share something funny that has happened in the business and I can imagine working in a massage salon you will have some funny stories so can you give us an example of something that has happened? Chanyar: A client came here to get a massage and she put her shoes on the wrong side. Liza: So she was so relaxed that she put it the wrong way!  So you guys must be very good with your massages.  So if you want to get relaxed and enjoy yourselves make sure you come here.  What’s the name of your business again? Chanyar: Mum Sa Bai. Liza: And what’s the name of your website? Chanyar: Liza: Excellent so Mum Sa Bai in Neutral Bay and Coogee.&(continued)

Building a Database using Mobile App for Local Business
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
In this video update, Liza Choa and Evangeline from House of Yoga discusses how a local business can easily build a database while at the same time mobilising a business with a mobile app.   Some key points discussed in this video are:   - The growth in popularity of smart phone represents a huge opportunity for local business owners in mobile technology - Your mobile app enables your clients to download for free, then they get in contact and communicate with your easily - Provide value add to your customers and prospects by integrating useful content such as videos that your customers can access on demand - You can partner up with local businesses to promote your app by giving their customers a mobile coupon - Provide other local business owners a poster with simple instruction to make it easy for them to promote your app  Small Business Marketing Mastery – Mobilising Your Business with a Mobile App We have such great talent within the Small Business Marketing Mastery Community! Check out a very cool and fluid yoga sequence by Evangeline.   Here's a detailed information about Building a Database using Mobile App for Local Business;   We would like to thank Evangeline of House of Yoga Surry Hills for participating in this episode. To find out more about House of Yoga Surry Hills, please visit:

Using QR Code to Create Loyalty Program for Local Business
Jan 28 2013 6 mins  
Repeat customers is the pinnacle  of every business.  Liza Choa shows us how to use of QR code to create loyalty programs and keep customers coming back for more.El Buli Restaurant and Tapas Bar is an establish Spanish restaurant in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Together with Jamie, Liza shows how to use QR code to create a loyal program.  Small Business Marketing Mastery  - Using QR Code to Create Loyalty Program for Repeat Purchases   Key points on using QR Coupons are:   - Make the task attainable for customers to encourage participation - Have a reward that is exciting and generous to make it worthwhile for the customer - Use a system such as a custom mobile app that counts / record the frequency of action and generates the coupon - Make sure the mobile coupon is well promoted through out the business with point-of-sale material and the staff are will trained By the way, check out their very popular Red Sangria, White Sangria with strawberries and mint, and… the very delicious and refreshing Lolita, a Watermelon Martini…yummm… you got to try it!!!   Here's a detailed information about Using QR Code to Create Loyalty Program for Local Business:   We would like to thank James of El Bulli Restaurant and Tapas Bar Surry Hills for participating in this episode. To find out more about El Bulli Restaurant and Tapas Bar Surry Hills, please visit:

Using QR Code to Reward Your Customers Immediately
Jan 28 2013 6 mins  
If you want your customers to take action, giving them something will make the process lot easier. Liza Choa tells us how to reward your customers immediately using a QR code. Barramundi Bar and Grill is a very busy and established restaurant in heart of Sydney. While learning how to pour a beer behind the bar, Liza showed Jack an example of how to generate a QR coupon as a reward program for your customers. Some highlight from this episode are:   Small Business Marketing Mastery  - Using QR Code to Reward Your Customers Immediately  - Use QR Coupon for creating an immediate reward to incentivise customers to take action - Use a system such as a mobile app to create the coupon and make it seamless for your customers - Make it non-repeat and have a system to manage this so this becomes a once-off reward for a simple action - Have clear concise point-of-sale materials to let your customers know about the QR Coupon - Ensure your staff are well trained about this QR Coupon to assist your customers By the way, you have to visit Jack’s restaurant and check out the Mermaid Tank he is building on the roof! ;)   Here's a detailed information about Using QR Code to Reward Your Customers Immediately; We would like to thank Jack of Barramundi Bar & Grill Sydney for participating in this episode. To find out more about Barramundi Bar & Grill, please visit:

QR Code Idea - Secret Coupon
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
In this episode, Liza Choa talks about another QR Code Idea and see how to take advantage of creating a secret coupon to get customers interact with your business. INTERVIEW WITH ALESSANDRA AND CHURTI FROM CHURRAS Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today I am at Churras with Alessandra and Churti. Thanks for joining us. Every time I walk past here it just smells so good! How long have you guys been around for? Alessandra: For four years and a half now.   Liza: You guys are very established we talked to different people and everyone knows you guys. They share, “We had an awesome party there and the food tastes great.” So well done. So what we do with the episodes is we share a marketing idea, 52, and the idea is one per week so it would take a business a whole year to go through them. We have had a lot of customers saying, “Hey Liza, can you give us ways of using QR code.” So what we have been doing is coming up with 10 ideas, 10 ways to use this for a small business. So the idea that I want to share on this episode today is using secret codes. So secret codes are obviously a secret so people don’t know what it is. So there is an element of surprise and curiosity that gets the customers to interact. I shouldn’t say curiosity kills the cat because I think most people like cats and I’m a cat owner but curiously drives people to take action. So I have actually created an example here with our app so we have got our lifestyle online TV app. I’ll get Churti to help me, so click on ‘QR coupon.’ So I have pre-created a coupon which is a secret coupon so people don’t know what it is so they want to find out. Then what you do is click ‘secret coupon’ and ‘scan QR’ (Churti scans the QR code with phone) and click ‘ok’. So now we have an example, get a complimentary bottle of house wine in the month of December. This is a very simple example but you can add more details to it. So people come in here and say, “I want to make a booking can I get my wine?” So you click it and that’s it. Its secret so the great thing about it is you can keep changing it but then where would you put that code? You can put it on your Facebook; you can put it on your website, on your home page. So “Have you downloaded our app yet? We’ve got another secret code, scan here” because when they scan this they have now got a voucher that is giving them the incentive to come in here and dine with you guys. So that is another way to use the QR code is to use a secret coupon. Have you guys used QR codes in your business yet? Alessandra: No not yet. We just have a pamphlet on the table for people to try the mobile app, just scan it but that’s how we use it so far. Liza: So now that you’ve got the mobile app with us we are going to help you to utilize that a lot more. So Alessandra we always get our guests to share something funny that’s happened in the business or one of their favourite jokes. So what have you got for us? Alessandra: Well I’ll tell a joke then. There was this guy he had a flat tyre and he was parked outside a mental institution. So he went to change his tyre and he dropped all the nuts down the drain and he was like, “Damn it what am I going to do now?” And there was this guy on the way to the mental institution looking down and saying, “Why don’t you get one of the wheel nuts from each wheel and put it on that one?” And he said, “Wow that’s a really good idea, but isn’t this a mental institution, what are you doing here?” He’s like, “I’m crazy but not stupid!” Liza: There you go they are two very different things, crazy and stupid. Well Churti and Alessandra thank you for joining us really appreciate it(continued)

Promoting Your Specials
Jan 28 2013 4 mins  
Liza Choa shares some great tips on promoting your specials. INTERVIEW WITH TROY FROM THE BALCONY BAR Liza: Hi this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today we have got Troy the owner of The Balcony Bar on Erskine Street in Sydney. Thanks for joining us. So Troy every episode we always share a marketing idea with our audience and our audience are business owners like yourself. So for this episode what we wanted to talk about is something related to bars and restaurants. A lot of restaurants have a specials menu and very often the only time you’ve found out about the specials menu is by the time you have walked in, sat down and then the waiter or the waitress will come out with the board and say, “This is our special for the day.” Sometimes it’s the special that attracts people to come in, right? So the idea is if you already have specials for your business is to communicate them all the time to your database. So places to do it would be your website, twitter, Facebook and those of you that have a mobile app; that is a merge in technology right now. So that you have it in there so the people that have your app they can see it but what is also very powerful is to send push notifications out. So, “The specials are out, the coriander is so fresh that our chef decided today to make a special out of it.” So then people can go to the app, the website or Facebook and check it out. The other thing that people can do is to have images, so pictures speak one thousand words. When you say the word prosciutto you don’t think of the word you think of the image. So when you’ve got a special get the chef to take a photo with your iPhone. Just switch it to HD, good quality and take a photo and then put it along with your post. So that’s the marketing idea. So Troy for your business how do you communicate your specials?  Promoting Your Specials Troy: Yeah well like you said technology has grown very quick especially with the internet stuff. The specials have been around for a long time, we do use Facebook now. We put up a daily special with a picture. That’s probably increased business by about 20% which is really positive. Also we do it on Twitter and we have a VIP membership from our database and we send out a weekly promotional email about what’s going on every week. Ideally what you are talking about with the app is definitely the way to go and I’m excited about doing that in the future. Liza: Awesome, cool. So there you go another very established business owner utilising the strategy we have shared on this episode. So we always wrap up every episode Troy with inviting our guests to share either their favourite joke or something that has happened at the business. So what have you got for us? Troy: Okay well I’m not a very funny person but I do remember one time I had a gentleman at the bar; he came flying off his stool. I said to one of my patrons “Can you be a good samaritan and please take this gentleman home?” He obliged and on the way to the car they fell over about ten times, eventually got him in the car and he said to the gentleman, “Where abouts do you live?” And the bloke pointed him on the right direction. Got him out of the car, fell over another three or four times, finally got to the door and rung the door bell and his wife came to the door and she said, “Thank you very much.” Then she had a puzzled look on her face and she said, “Where’s his wheel chair?” Liza: Thank you Troy for joining us on this episode. So stay tuned for more episodes to find out more marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Bye bye! Here's a detailed information about  Promoting Your Specials We would like to thank Troy of The Balcony Bar Sydney f(continued)

Increase Your Authority by Creating Your YouTube Channel
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
Here, we discuss how to increase your authority by having your own YouTube Channel… Liza: Hi. This is Liza, bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. We just had an awesome night here at the Laugh Garage Comedy Club and seating next to me is the founder of the Laugh Garage, Darren. Darren: Thank you Liza. I’m glad you had a good night. It was a good night, was it? Liza: It was kind of funny. Darren: If I may say so myself. It was a great night. The emcee was fantastic, wasn’t he? Liza: I heard the emcee introduced the speaker, the comedian. Darren: Yes, the speaker. Yeah. You know the lingo. That’s good. Liza: Right. All right. Well thanks for having us. So now I’m going to be sharing the marketing idea with our audience. Darren: That’s good, please. Tell them. Liza: OK. So the marketing idea for this episode is about content, specifically about video content. Just like what we’re doing now. OK. So now why … Darren: That’s a video. Liza: Yes, sir. Did we surprise you? Darren: Yeah. That’s good. Liza: OK. So why is video content so powerful? As you can see, you capture a lot of emotions.It is active. It is way more interesting than just plain, boring text, right? So when people watch videos, they really get a sense of your business and what you’re offering. Now you have … Darren: I got what? See with text, you can’t step up. You just go delete, control, alt delete, type again but now you have to keep going. Liza: On video, it all gets captured and it actually gets quite interesting, doesn’t it? Darren: Very. Liza: Now whether you are providing a product or service, videos are awesome. So for example, if you are in a restaurant and you might wander, “What kind of videos can I do?” You can get your chef to be making the dishes and you have them on camera. Can you imagine that? You can see the type of food that is getting cooked and you’re about to eat them. Darren: I can imagine that. Liza: Awesome. Now, if you sell a product, some people go, “Well, if I sell products, can I make videos?” Of course you can. Now if you haven’t heard of this company, you can Google this, Don’t do it right now. It’s Z-A-P-P-O-S dot com. They just sold – just last year, they sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion and they started it off by selling shoes online. Now they sell clothes, accessories, everything, and they have got a video that goes with all their products. They weren’t professionally made. It was just done by their staff. Darren: I’m not going to say anything. Liza: OK. So videos are very powerful and are a lot of fun. Now the added thing that is great for videos is that it is search engine optimization opportunity, SEO opportunity. Do you know what that is, Darren? Darren: No. Liza: It just means that you show up on Google higher and you want that. Darren: OK. Liza: Yes. Darren: There you go. See, you’re teaching me stuff already. Liza: So basically, when you’ve got videos, it’s another opportunity for your content to be optimized and it shows up on Google. The bottom line is that people will find you, will find your business, will find your website. When you have videos on your website, did you know that people stay on your website 75 percent longer compared to websites without videos. Darren: I know when I’ve been on websites, I usually pick the ones with videos. Liza: And you always click Play, don’t you? Darren: Uh-huh. Liza: Another great thing with videos is that when you have videos on your site, it actually improves conversion by 30 percent. So whatever you want them to (continued)

Using Photos for Facebook Competitions
Jan 28 2013 5 mins  
In this business marketing idea update, Liza Choa tells us how to use photos for Facebook competitions. Small Business Marketing Mastery Presents Interview with Graeme from Sailing Sydney Pyrmont Using Photos for Facebook Competitions Liza: Hello, here we are gorgeous Monday morning with Sailing Sydney. We are filming this episode 52 marketing ideas and guess what they decided to do? They wanted to hang me up here and I’m losing balance but it’s still a lot of fun. I decided to do the episode down there but I thought this would be something different for you guys. So stayed tuned, give me one second to come down and we will continue with the marketing idea for this week. Okay I’m back down here on solid ground rather than floating and hanging up there. Thanks to Graeme, one of the Directors of Sailing Sydney. Graeme thanks for joining us and thanks for putting me up there.    Graeme: Thank you and we’ll put you back up there afterwards. Liza: So for the 52 marketing ideas for this week what we want to share with you for this episode is utilising social media. Particularly we want to talk about Facebook. Now everyone always talks about Facebook and a lot of businesses try to get a lot of likes on Facebook. But you really need to have a strategy behind that and one of the ideas that we want to share for this episode is running competitions. Now with a business like this where you are by the beautiful Sydney Harbour I would imagine a lot of your clients would take photos while they are sailing, right? Graeme: Yes. Liza: Photos are really powerful as they say a picture tells one thousand words. Imagine you run a competition while all these people are taking photos of the great time they are having with you guys. Then they post the pictures on their Facebook but what you get them to do is you get them to tag your business page so that their content shows up on your business page. Then the competition is the photos with the most amount of likes, comments and shares over a period of time gets the chance to win something. So the power in a competition like this is that when those people who are your customers on the boat post on their Facebook their friends tend to be of a similar demographic. So therefore they will be your potential customers so it’s about getting your brand out there to your potential customers and user generated content is extremely powerful. So we have seen many other businesses do something similar that have been extremely successful. One that comes to mind is Lexus. They use Facebook extremely well, they run competitions really well. So that is the idea for this particular episode. But what’s really important is that you communication this competition very clearly. So you might want to have it on your website but also because they’re taking photos on the boat you might want to have print materials or information on the boat so it can be communicated to the people on the boat. So that’s the idea for this particular episode. So Graeme, have you guys done something similar to this or thought of something like that? Graeme: We haven’t done anything like this but we have been thinking of how we can use Facebook and this is a great idea. On the boats people that come out have a great time and are always taking photos and I think this is a great way of reaching a similar demographic through an interesting campaign. So we are going to try it out and Liza has promised me it’s going to work. If it doesn’t work she is going to be back in the chair and she’s going back up there for the rest of the day. Liza: Oh my goodness! So Graeme we always ask our guests to share a joke at the end of the episode. So what’s the joke you want to share with our audience? Graeme: Our joke for the audience is you sitting up on the mast. If it doesn’t work we are going to put Liza right u(continued)

Thank Your Customers and Generate Referrals
Jan 14 2013 5 mins  
In this business tips update, Liza Choa tells us how to thank Your Customers and generate referrals, the strategies and other new techniques INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL AND LYNNE FROM TRIFU DOJO PADDINGTON Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Now standing with me I have Daniel and Lynne from Trifu Dojo. They actually have two locations. So before I get into the first one I’m going to get you guys to have a look around, it’s such a stunning place. Check this out. Can you imagine learning martial arts while you are in a surrounding like this? It’s awesome. So Daniel can you tell the audience where we are? Daniel: In Sydney, we are close to the Botanical Gardens here and we have been here for eight years. And we also have another location in Paddington.   Liza: Nice so I know I need to behave myself when I’m next to these two Masters here. So the marketing idea that we want to share today for this episode is combining a thank you strategy with a referral strategy. For business such as this one where you get students coming in. So dojos, fitness classes, dance classes those type of businesses, well any type of business it’s important to say thank you, but especially for this type of business you want your students to keep coming back over and over again. So I know that you guys do a two weeks free trial where people can try it out and see if they like it. So the idea is when you’ve got something like this to incentivise people to check it out you can follow it up with a thank you card, a hand written thank you card, not a thank you email. But then inside the card put two or three friends invitations that they can pass to their friends but you want to make it exclusive right? Just put two or three in there and put the expiry dates because when people do something like this they tend to get more results when they get supported by their friends doing it with their friends is more fun. So when they receive it they say, “Hey what’s this, oh it’s a thank you card, oh that’s sweet and I’ve got two or three passes to pass to my friends. So they might think I might get my partner involved or I can get my brother or sister or cousin or friends involved. So if they’ve got something physical with an expiry date they can hand it out. So have you guys thought of something like this? Daniel: No that’s a great idea, thank you. We will use that tomorrow. Liza: Great let me know how you guys go with it. Lynne: Yes definitely I can’t see it failing. Liza: Awesome so we hope that you gained something from this particular episode of a marketing or promotional idea for your business. So we always wrap up a video with our guest sharing one of their favourite jokes. So what have you got for us? Daniel: I’m going to give you an opportunity to instead of laughing with me you can laugh at me. Liza: Oh what have you got for us? Daniel: I’ll just do a few moves and see if it’s funny. Liza: Okay well show us what you’ve got. (Daniel performs some martial arts moves). Liza: Wow, awesome. Thank you so much Daniel, thank you so much Lynne for joining us. And yeah that was very different and sensational. That was a smile at the end of it. Thank you so much. So stay tuned for the next episode to get more ideas for your business. Bye bye! Here's a detailed information about Thank Your Customers and Generate Referrals; We would like to thank Daniel and Lynne of Trifu Dojo Paddington for participating in this episode.  To find out more about Trifu Dojo Paddington, please visit:

Educate Your Customer to Build Customer Loyalty
Jan 14 2013 7 mins  
Liza Choa shares these simple video ideas on how to educate the customers to build customer loyalty. INTERVIEW WITH RADHIKA FROM CHASKA INDIAN RESTAURANT Liza: Hi this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today I am at the very very yummy Chaska Indian Restaurant in Neutral Bay. Next to me I’ve got Radhika whose one of the co-founders of the restaurant. Thanks for joining us. It smells so good in here I’m getting hungry. Radhika: Chaska means food that is undeniably addictive so once you’re at Chaska you’ll always come back to Chaska because you’ve been Chaskered. Liza: So what I want to share with you is the marketing idea for this episode. So Radhika what we do in every episode is we share a marketing or promotional idea that a small business owner can implement. So what we want to share today is about educating your clients, something that is beyond what you offer. So for example, if you are a personal trainer you can show people how to stretch properly or if you are a restaurant owner you can teach people more about the country of origin. So one of our clients is a Brazilian restaurant what they do is they educate people all about Brazil and different travel places to go in Brazil or you can educate people on the ingredients that you use. The reason why a business would want to do something like this, to educate your clients, is it increases people to value what you’re offering and the bottom line is to increase their customer loyalty. So they can differentiate your business to other businesses that have similar services. So with Chaska, do you guys do something like this? Radhika: Well Liza actually we do what we try to do is educate our customers about what Indian cuisine is like. Our food specialises in one region of India which is the Northern side of India which is Banjar. And what we do with our customers is we educate our customers about the spices that are used. There is a perception that Indian food is not quite healthy but it’s not quite correct. The spices we use are natural, they are fresh and the ingredients help you in a lot of different ways. So what we try to do is tell our customers that so we have a list of the spices that we use in our restaurant and we actually talk about the health benefits that you get form consuming these spices. So on a normal curry what are the ingredients that would go in. And one of the things that we do when a customer is ordering food is we provide that service to give that personalized one on one, preordering service where we discuss the meal, the meal options and what the customer would like to try to make that a complete experience in terms of what we have to offer. So we sort of tailor the meal to the customer’s desire or want. Liza: Awesome, I must say talking to yourself and your Husband and learning all about this I definitely appreciate Indian food a lot more and the health benefits that come with it and it definitely increased my loyalty to you guys. Radhika: Just for an example we had a customer here yesterday and they wanted to have some tea. And one of things in conversation when we did the whole dinner plan yesterday was the question, “When do I have the tea?” Well if you’re having a ginger tea or masala teas you have it at the end of the meal because then what you get is the digestive properties to help you with your meal at the end. So then the customer ordered the meal and said, “Yes we will have the meal at the end then if that’s how we’re supposed to do it.” So we get that a lot. Liza: Fantastic I was so impressed when I saw this to the extent of what you guys have done. So this is a perfect example of how you can educate your clients about additional things that you guys do and you can do it on a broacher, you can have it on a website, you can create a YouTube channel to talk a(continued)

Increase Customer Loyalty and Interaction with Trivia
Jan 14 2013 4 mins  
In this Marketing Ideas episode, Liza Choa shares how to use trivia to increase customer loyalty and interaction. Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you fifty two marketing and promotional ideas for your business.  So today I have Rose and Max with us here.  So Rose which horse riding school are you from? Rose: We’re from Papillon Riding Stables from Centennial Park. Liza: What a stunning day it is isn’t it?  So thank you so much for joining us and bringing Max along, our special guest here.  So normally what we do on every episode is we share a marketing idea with our audience who are small business owners.  So the idea that we want to share today is actually something that is fun and educational for their clientele and you can build customer loyalty at the same time.  So you can do something like a trivia, the idea with a trivia is you can educate your clients through things that are relevant to the business. It could be around horses, it could be around food cuisines or martial arts; so you are educating your client.  But what you can do is every week you can send a trivia out and you can tantalize people to respond to it so, ‘Answer this trivia for your chance to win something.’ Rose: A free lesson? Liza: Yes a free lesson, exactly. So the purpose of that is you are educating them, you are interacting with them and it’s also branding and customer loyalty.  Every time you send the message ‘The trivia question is out, make sure you go and answer it’, it’s a branding opportunity again.  So, do you guys do something similar to this? Rose: Well when we have our kids holiday camps on we do quizzes and horse management courses to make sure that our clients know how to handle themselves around horses as far as grooming the horses, saddling the horses and taking care of them.  But we haven’t done anything as far as offering a reward for that so that’s a really fantastic idea. Liza: Cool, awesome. So now you can you can see that this idea is being used in very established businesses, so now you guys can do something like this as well.  So Rose what we do at the end of each episode is invite our guest to share a funny joke or experience with us.  So have you got something to share? Rose: Once Gerry pooped on Lilly.  One of the horses lifted up their tail and did a poo right on one of our instructor’s heads at the very beginning of the day so she had a very long day ahead of her.  Just one of the many things that can happen when you work with horses. Liza: So you have something you can show us don’t you? (Boy turns around on horse saddle). Liza: Fantastic, cool.  Thank you so much for joining me on this episode. Rose: You’re very welcome and thank you for having us. Liza: If you want to learn more from our other marketing ideas then stay tuned for the next episode, bye bye! Here's a detailed information about Increase Customer Loyalty and Interaction with Trivia; We would like to thank Rose of Papillon Horse Riding Stables Centennial Park for participating in this episode. To find out more about Papillon Horse Riding Stables Centennial Park, please visit:

Developing Additional Products and Services
Jan 14 2013 5 mins  
Liza Choa shares some great tips on developing additional products and services for your business. Interview with Tal of Fibonacci Coffee Developing Additional Products and Services Liza: Hello this is Liza bringing to you 52 marketing and promotional ideas for your business. Today I have got Tal sitting next to me who is one of the co-founders of the Fibonacci Coffee Group. So it’s a coffee group that’s growing very fast all around Sydney. Tal: And beyond. Liza: And beyond and we are at the café at the moment. So Tal thanks for joining us. Tal: Thank you for inviting me. Liza: So look Tal what we do is every episode we share a marketing idea for our audience and our audience are small business owners; they could be restaurant owners, café owners, day spa owners etc. So with this episode the marketing idea that we actually want to share is an idea to increase the revenue that a business can have. So very often in a café where you sell coffees and lunches and so forth it’s always interesting to look at what are some other offerings that the business can offer that may be non-core to the business? So for example in a café situation rather than just doing coffees and lunches a business can do catering because it’s still food but its non-core. The beauty of an idea like this is when you are in an area where you have got a lot of offices and corporate places where your clients tend to be local workers, where they work you’re building relationships with them, it’s quite easy to find out who looks after catering and give them that offering.  Tal: You have already got your foot in the door. Liza: Absolutely because they are already your friends, they love your coffee. So all of a sudden you have created a whole new revenue that you can create from the non-core business. Do you guys do something like this? Tal: Absolutely, I would say 10%-20% of our income comes from that. You just need to be well equipped. So you need to have your menus ready, you have to know how to promote it, to do offerings, go into the offices sometimes, go outside of the café and just talk to the people and offer them catering and then they come to pick it up. Liza: Awesome. So you can hear with this simple idea that it’s just leveraging your existing relationships and going to local businesses so you can create more revenue for your business. So clearly it’s done by someone who’s very established in the business world. So it’s a business strategy that works I guess. Tal: Of course. You sell bulk it’s very good. Liza: So Tal we always wrap up every episode by getting our guest to share something that is funny or humorous to our audience. Tal: I mentioned before when it comes to jokes I’m not the one that takes it up but I always come prepared and all my cafes have something similar to this. It’s a calendar and every day you have a different joke that you and you can rip it for every time a new customer comes in. It’s just as if you heard it for the first time today. Liza will read todays joke just for you. Liza: So this is a Gilberd joke alright. So you have three people in an office and they say, “Moving forward we will go after the low hanging fruits at the end of the day.” Then one of the comics goes, “Ha-ha” and then he goes, “I like the way you use humour to mock the vicious way our manager speaks.” Then that guy goes, “Which part was humorous?” And he goes, “I’ll just be quiet for now.” Tal thank you so much for joining us. So we hope that you found this marketing idea useful and if you want to know more then stay tuned for the next episode. Bye bye! Here's a detailed information about Developing Additional Products and Services;

Video Marketing for Businesses
Nov 15 2012 4 mins  
In this episode, Liza Choa talks about how video marketing gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business. The popularity of video marketing for any business is increasing with each passing day. People start realizing the importance and effectiveness of video marketing but still due to lack of awareness many people are reluctant to use video marketing to promote their products or service. Avoiding video marketing can be a vital mistake for any business regardless of its size and nature. No doubt that the concept of video marketing is still new and still people think it is very hard to create a video to boost the success of their business. Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you. This is especially important for small, local businesses Video is increasingly relevant to online marketing – YouTube now attracts four billion views a day. A major advantage is that videos are quickly indexed by search engines. With the right search terms, videos can quickly reach high positions on major search engines. Here's a detailed information about Video Marketing for Businesses; We would like to thank Body Express Bondi Junction for participating in this episode. To find out more about Body Express Bondi Junction, please visit:    

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