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A candid discussion of guitarists, guitars and the guitar community.

Episode 113: Tour of US Music Corp Headquarters
Jul 28 2008 62 mins  
Episode 113: Tour of US Music Corp Headquarters Listener Coel joins in for the birth of a new segment: Email of the Week. Send in your email to win some Bliss Picks! Pipes and PT refer him to some of their favorite guitar repair sites: and of course: GoW (selected by Larry): Danny Gatton – See him play guitar with a towel!!! Guitar News: Fender to release David Gilmour signature Strat: Bejeweled guitars are really expensive: Dean leaves Dean?!? Lost Hendrix Album? Center Song: Can You Hear This Song? – by Karma Generator Pipes and PT take you on a guided tour of the US Music Corp world headquarters. Learn about how your favorite Washburns, Parkers and Randalls are made. And don’t forget to check out the 8.6 million pictures we took along the way! Discuss the episode on the forum: and send us your feedback at [email protected] and 206-203-3738. Also, don’t forget to contact us for your chance to rove the NAMM 2009 floor as a Six-String Bliss correspondent.

Episode 111: Virtual Tube Amplification with Studio Devil's Marc Gallo
Jul 07 2008 67 mins  
Episode 111: Virtual Tube Amplification with Studio Devil’s Marc Gallo PT’s town has been invaded by bikers! And he’s cool with it. (And he’s sorry for calling S&S the wrong name an air.) Pipes’ guitar painting saga continues. If he can overcome his mental block his project could be stunning. Pipes prepares for a much-needed vacation. Hope he can take his guitar! The saga of ‘chicken-pickin’ haunts PT. PT hearts his old-school 1.0 Pod and he finally admits it! Jacko dials in with some commentary and also a mighty nice donation. His pick for GoW is: Kerry King! Guitar News: Rock Guitar Physics: Worst Cover Songs of All Time: Naked Cowboy Sues Mars!?! (this is officially the weirdest show note ever) The Guitar iPod: Center Song: No Use For a Name – For Fiona Interview with Studio Devil Founder Marc Gallo. Marc stops by to talk about how amp simulators develop, the future of technology and why Studio Devil is worth a close look. Discuss the episode on the forum: Or leave us a voicemail: 206-203-3738

Episode 110: The Chet Atkins Diet
Jun 30 2008 68 mins  
Episode 110: The Chet Atkins Diet Pipes and PT take a deep breath and dive into a style of music that not received much attention thus far on the Bliss. That's right; Six-String Bliss has gone country. But first, the boys share an email from Pierre Journel, whose Bo Diddley tribute song was played in Episode 107. PT reveals some mysterious experiences involving his amp setup. Could the end of the world be far behind? Pipes gives the next installment in his guitar painting adventure. Pipes also discusses his brand new ProTone Wah pedal! GoW (selected by Pipes and PT): Brad Paisley Guitar News (Part One): Jimi's flaming guitar to be auctioned: Center Song: The Pistol Whipper-Snappers – Rip My Heart Out Guitar News (Part Two) The Moog Guitar Peavey's new PXD Series Guitars Normandy Releases Aluminum Archtop: Top 5 List: Pipes and PT's Top 5 'Gateway into Country Music' Albums Guitars Defined: The boys give a shaky definition of 'Chicken Pickin' Discuss the episode on the forum! or leave us a voicemail: 206-203-3738

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