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Mar 18 2020 15.8k

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Smart Tech Today 50: Ergonomics & VR
Oct 19 2020 60 mins  
Matthew and Mikah discuss all the interesting new tech coming to the HomePod Mini; they discuss CarPlay, Android Auto, and Echo Auto; and they strap on their VR helmets. HomePod Mini Supports the New Thread Protocol That Could Transform the Smart Home | Gizmodo: The HomePod mini could be Apple's secret weapon for expanding HomeKit | The Verge: Apple's new HomePod 'Intercom' feature works with CarPlay | CNET: Belkin's first MagSafe products are a wild-looking 3-in-1 charger and a car mount | The Verge: Google Assistant's driving mode for Android is nearly ready, one year later | Engadget: Amazon's Alexa app will soon work as an in-car display for the Echo Auto | The Verge: YouTube Music gets a simple Apple Watch app before Wear OS client | 9to5Google: Spotify Updated With Home Screen Widgets on iOS 14 | MacRumors: Google Duplex's haircut-booking feature could help short-handed businesses | VentureBeat: Google Is Integrating Latest AI Research Across Its Services | Morning Brew: PICKS OF THE WEEK Matthew: Virtual Desktop | UploadVR: Mikah: Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus: Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli Download or subscribe to this show at Show notes and links for this episode are available at:

This Week in Google 581: Monks Are Cheap
Oct 15 2020 144 mins  
Bad Pixel 5 Reviews, Kitchen Tech, Facebook Can't Fix Itself Pixel 5 reviews are pretty negative, especially of the camera - should we get an iPhone 12 instead? 5G is the WIMAX of 2020. Watch this 5G Supercut! 5G will be a big deal sometime. It just isn't now. Google vs Oracle amicus briefs for sale Google's Search On live event is barely news. We'd rather be at the Smart Kitchen Summit Smart ovens and other food tech It all comes back to Gutenberg Google Changelog: tighten your shoelaces with OK Google | Android is listening | storytelling smart screens | 6 new things you can do with Android 11 | RIP Play Music Store | - amplifies Black voices Nvidia's super new Zoom features The Gartner Hype Cycle and the Trough of Disillusionment Google gives the police your search keywords Google employees can't say antitrust Google is firing workers and shipping work off to Poland Why Facebook can't fix itself Facebook takes down erroneous NY Post article about Hunter Biden Clarence Thomas wants to scale back Section 230 Writing directly into the CMS is Chaotic Evil All airline pilots try to sound like Chuck Yeager, who went to school with Jeff Jarvis' dad Picks of the Week Leo's Tool: Johns Hopkins Poker Course Stacey's Thing: Chef IQ Jeff's Number: Bletchley Park gets $1m donation from FB Jeff's Number 2: Jeff's Scoop Awards keynote Ant's Stuff: OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSDs - (affiliate link) Ant's Stuff 2: It's Not WHAT You Say Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors:

Smart Tech Today 49: Sunk Cost Fallacy
Oct 12 2020 100 mins  
Matthew and Mikah talk about a bunch of new updates coming to the Google Assistant, IFTTT's new Pro subscription offering, and the two take on your smart tech questions. On this episode of Smart Tech Today with Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli: Android's new Sound Notifications will alert you to 'critical sounds' around you | CNET: Google Assistant gives you more voice control over third-party apps | BGR: Google's Assistant wants to help you take self-care breaks | InputMag: Google's Nest announces new smart thermostat with simpler design, lower price | The Verge: Wyze continues its smart home onslaught with a $50 smart thermostat | Digital Trends: 6 Apple Watch settings you should change right away | CNET: | Twitter: Making painless guest wifi with QR codes | A Whole Lotta Nothing: IFTTT introduces Pro subscriptions, limits free version to three applets | The Verge: ecobee SmartThermostat Review: Still the one | iMore: Set up your HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad as a home hub | Apple: PICKS OF THE WEEK Matthew: Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus: Mikah: Base Station Pro | Nomad Goods: Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli Download or subscribe to this show at Show notes and links for this episode are available at: Sponsors: promo code STT

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