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Jun 29 2020 148 mins 2.7k

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TWiT 787: Dreamliner - TikTok Sale, Trump YouTube Ads, Apple Announcement
Sep 06 2020 136 mins  
TikTok Sale, Trump YouTube Ads, Apple Announcement Rob Reid's Ted Talk on synthetic biology and pandemics from 2019 The Privileged Have Entered their Escape Pods Microsoft Duo reviews coming September 10th A guy in a jetpack sited by planes near LAX Facebook bans political ads the week before the election Pinterest bans political ads Trump stops advertising on TV, switches to YouTube Cable TV is the rotary phone of the 21st century Political polling has utterly changed in the past 10 years China government will ban the sale of TikTok's algorithm We still don't know who will buy TikTok Apple announcement coming 9/8? AG Barr wants to go after Google for anti-trust now Amazon furious over JEDI contract going to Microsoft Amazon Halo fitness band uses AI to judge your tone of voice, records your conversations, and takes naked selfies of you US court rules that the NSA surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is illegal California's assembly kills effort to expand broadband to all Californians CableCARD nearing its end Biden/Harris signs coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fisher-Price baby controller toy understands the Konami Code It takes Google Maps users 24 years to walk 1 light year Nvidia RTX 3080 coming soon for $1499 Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Rob Reid, Dan Patterson, and Louis Maresca Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: code TWIT

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