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May 22 2013 10

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Blended Learning at the Westchester Torah Academy
Dec 05 2012
What is blended learning? How do we solve the day school crisis? We spoke with Kevin Shacknofsky, Meir Nordlicht of Westchester Torah Academy and Jeff Kiderman Executive Director of Affordable Jewish Education Project about the future of Jewish education. WTA is a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva day school opening in September 2013 in Westchester County. Westchester Torah Academy has adopted an innovative model for high-quality, sustainable and affordable Jewish day school education. We are committed to excellence in both Judaic & secular studies while maintaining an affordable and sustainable tuition for our communities. WTA will offer a more personalized learning approach for all students. WTA will encourage students to be lifelong learners. WTA will be a place where students have the opportunity to excel, both academically and personally, in an environment that acknowledges their individual needs and develops their unique strengths. WTA will prepare students to live and compete in our rapidly changing, high-tech world. WTA aspires to nurture the minds and souls of each student through a 21st century dynamic, fun and warm learning environment. We are committed to achieving academic excellence in both Judaic and secular studies while promoting character development, a deep commitment to Torah and Mitzvot, love for Eretz Yisrael, and a shared responsibility for our community and the world at large. We believe that each child was created in the image of Hashem, and we are dedicated to bringing out the gifts, talents and strengths of each of our unique students.

Moishe House
Jul 11 2012
This week, Aaron Herman had the opportunity to speak with Oren Kashi, who is a member of Moishe House. How do you build community? We had the opportunity to speak to Oren Kashi member of Moishe House Great Neck. Moishe House was founded in 2006 and has quickly grown from four friends hosting Shabbat dinners for young adults out of their home in Oakland, California, to 46 thriving centers of Jewish life, spanning 14 countries. Moishe House is the largest organization of its kind, serving an international cohort of more than 50,000 Jewish young adults around the world annually. Moishe House has become an essential component in serving the Jewish post-college young adult population, by providing opportunities for community involvement, Jewish learning and leadership. THE MOISHE HOUSE MODEL We have developed a creative, low-barrier, cost-effective and scalable model for building vibrant, peer-based Jewish communities and learning opportunities for Jewish young adults in their twenties. Given that emerging adults are the true experts on their generation, Moishe House cultivates young leaders to create Jewish community — on their own terms — for their peers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant. The center of the approach is an open, welcoming home, created and facilitated by a group of 3-5 young adults (residents). Moishe House residents come from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds and are selected for their demonstrated leadership abilities and outgoing personalities. Working together as a team, the residents plan and host a diverse range of low-barrier religious, cultural and social events in their home, including Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, Repair the World programs, and more. In addition to planning their own programs, the house residents also support existing community resources by partnering with local Jewish organizations such as JCCs, synagogues, federations, and other institutional providers.

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