Answer Me This!

May 08 2020 55.5k

Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann host the award-winning podcast that has been answering the world's questions since 2007. Visit the official website at Buy classic episodes, albums and apps at

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Silva Jul 30 2020
Interesting and funny.

thedoc684 Jul 23 2020
Wow, listen to this....... IF you want to hear two middle claaaas know it alls who have been to the U.S. and have middle class answers to everything. Ollie's gay jewish persona and Zaltsman's 'up her own hole' superiority complex are hilarious but SO disturbing that their very existence is evidence that self indulgence is alive and well. 6th form humour at it's best.. oh, and Martin! Is he cuckolded or what? Jeez.. dicks

LucasVsZombies Jul 15 2020

fendeviper Apr 18 2020
One of the best comedy podcast's, and plenty to listen to.

SlowBikeIain Apr 15 2020
My go-to podcast for fun. Still somewhere in 2014.