Nerds Assemble

Oct 17 2020 1.3k

Emily and the three Pauls present a weekly dose of conversation on videogames, films, TV shows, comics, graphics, novels, anime, manga and much, much more.

Nerds Assemble 271 - Nerds After Dark
Oct 17 2020
This week, join Emily, Paul and Paul as they talk about two very unrelated topics. But first up, we’ve got a content warning in place for this episode. The second half of discussion covers topics of an adult and sensitive nature. We detail what specifically in the opening moments of the audio. You can certainly listen to only the first part of the episode and have a perfectly reasonable listening experience if you want to avoid that part. Okay… In the first part of this episode, we take a look at what Microsoft buying ZeniMax means for ZeniMax IP, Microsoft and Xbox Series X and S, plus PC gaming, Sony and the PlayStation 5, and Nintendo and their Nintendo Switch. We take a look at other areas of consolidation in entertainment and see if perhaps the subscription model for business is gaining further ground with Microsoft’s Game Pass. The second part of this episode details the horrendous goings on in fandom culture, specifically purity and anti elements in Hannibal fandom attacking Bryan Fuller on Twitter recently. We take a look at what led to Bryan being abused on Twitter, what happened, why it’s happening, where it’s coming from, how fans have come to Bryan’s aid, and what it means in general for freedom of expression in media and fan creations. So, are you sitting comfortably? Click here to listen in your browser. Find the podcast on Stitcher here. Find the podcast on Apple Podcasts. Find the podcast on Spotify here. RSS here. Any feedback or questions? Let us know via the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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