Firmware: Hijacked

Aug 20 2013 14 mins 3.8k

In the City, a thriving metropolis encompassing a third of a billion souls, a man can change his world as easily as crossing the street. It is a place of a million cultures, the world in microcosm. For some it is their last hope for survival. For others it is their playground. And for others it is their hunting ground. Isaac Sarason is a talented hacker. A Doctor of Applied Network Theory, trusted employee of British Telecom-Sprint, he lives in a world which ninety percent of his fellow citizens can only imagine, and he has a problem. His health is failing, his job is on the line, his world is crumbling around him. He wants out, and the street is his only escape. What happens when the life you dreamt of is killing you? What do you do when you find yourself Hijacked? First Serialized on

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