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Oct 23 2020 97 mins 1.2k

A fun loving podcast showcasing all things firearms and firearms friendly.

TLP 353 – Post Traumatic Growth with WTTA & SDIA
Jun 29 2020 112 mins On Talking Lead this week: Our guests include Michael Sodini former president of Eagle Imports and Founder of Walk The Talk America (WTTA) and Sergeant Major Lance Nutt USMC (Retired) and Founder of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA). With COVID 19 still prevalent and the uncertainty on when a vaccine will be available paired with the social divide caused by the protesting , rioting and looting across the Nation, our mental health is being stressed to the max. These two non-profit organizations exist to help both our citizens and our Nation's protectors understand and manage good mental health stability and get people the help they need. Walk The Talk America: (WTTA) Our goal is to raise awareness and create a change in the misunderstandings in regard to mental illness and firearms by bringing together industry leaders to reduce gun violence, negligence, suicide and the trauma created by these events. Develop programs for suicide prevention, firearms negligence, trauma mitigation, and child safety. Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: (SDIA) exists to engage, assist and empower our nation’s “Sheep Dogs” (Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, and EMS personnel) to #GetOffTheCouch and reengage in living an active, meaningful and productive life with a renewed sense of purpose. The US Department of Veterans Affairs states that more than 6,000 veterans die by suicide each year, and other statistics show that twice as many First Responders die by suicide than in the line of duty. Post-traumatic stress, injuries, depression, addiction, and isolation plague our Sheep Dogs to the point of thinking about and/or attempting suicide. By gathering together Sheep Dogs who have suffered similar traumas and experiences for an opportunity to continue serving, we strive to prevent suicides in our Veteran and First Responder communities.

TLP 333 – SHOT Show 2020 Kick Off: BUCKMASTER 2.0, Just Hunt & LEO Take Down
Jan 31 2020 95 mins Get ready Lead Heads! All the best interviews and coverage of the 2020 SHOT Show is coming your way from Talking Lead. Buck Knives is the Official "Leadquarters" for SHOT this year. Joining Lefty to kick off our coverage of the show is CJ Buck and Chris "Brooksy" Brooks with Buck Knives. After more than 35 years after the first production of the Buckmaster Survival Knife Buck Knives is bringing it back with the Buckmaster 2.0 Combat Divers Knife. Commander Tom Coulter (Navy SEAL retired) and Rich Neyman (author of Buckmaster Knives: The Authorized History) make this exclusive announcement with Lefty at Buck Knives' booth. Check out the Buckmaster Knives FB page here. Next up we introduce you to the LEO TakeDown. Joe Weir explains how The LEO TakeDown is designed to retrofit existing MILSPEC AR-15, M-4 and M-16 rifles to provide instant barrel removal, caliber swap and barrel length changes without tools, without fine motor skills and without wasting time. Amanda Lynn Mayhew is the host of Canada's top outdoor hunting show called JUST HUNT. The approach to Just Hunt is simple, be yourself, hunt, fish, travel and capture all of it on camera to share with the world.  In a world of questionable politics, 'flexible' values and rampant sickness, Just Hunt breeds empowerment and positive inspiration.  Amanda Lynn has a knack for keeping her audience engaged with her stories and episodes that are always filled with a combination of education and outdoors adventures.  Check out Women's Hunting Association- A Division of Just Hunt®.

TLP 316 – 25th FLEOA National Con Part 1: First Tactical & Point Blank
Sep 20 2019 101 mins Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads! We have landed from our trip from the 25th Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association National Conference in Maryland and bringing you all the great interviews and discounts. Kicking off the episode with Lefty is Executive Director Don Mihalek and VP of Member Benefits Bill Hampstead. Next Lefty dives into the interviews with Point Blank Enterprises and First Tactical. Listen to get exclusive discount codes only for the Lead Head Brigade. Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) is the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit professional association, exclusively representing federal law enforcement officers. FLEOA represents more than 26,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 different agencies. FLEOA is a charter member of the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Working Group, holds two seats on the Congressional Badge of Bravery Federal Board, serves on the Executive Board of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Steering Committee. Point Blank Enterpises (PBE) is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high performance, protective solutions for the U.S. Military and Department of Defense, Federal Agencies and both domestic and international law enforcement and corrections professionals. First Tactical First Tactical makes functional gear created for professionals. Guided by the principles of innovation and reliability, First Tactical works first–hand with real–world users to create durable products that meet the needs of public safety.

TLP 313 – The SMMC’s Lucky Number
Aug 23 2019 77 mins Welcome back to another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast. In this episode Lefty's is joined by Bill-Dough-T-Baggins to help co-host. Our guest this episodes is retired Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Lance Nutt. Lance is also the President of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. The guys take care of a Jackwagon Train full of Jackwagons and load up the Lead Force One with a great bunch of Lead Head Brigade Heroes submitted by you the listener. The voting for the Lead Force One pilot has begun on social media so check Talking Lead's Instagram and Facebook and go vote! We'll announce the winner next episode. Bill and Lance announce an upcoming hog hunt in Texas that Talking Lead will be attending and much more so listen in and take notes. Founded in 2010, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a national non-profit organization founded and headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas. SDIA exists to engage, assist and empower our nation’s “Sheep Dogs” (military veterans, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS personnel) to #GetOffTheCouch and reengage in living a meaningful and productive life with a renewed sense of purpose. SDIA provides continued service opportunities and outdoor adventures which offer physical challenges and the camaraderie that is often missing after a shift or tour of duty ends. For Sheep Dogs, “Helping Others is a Way of Life.” SDIA has Teams & Chapters across the United States, and more than 50,000 members, volunteers and supporters worldwide.

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