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A weekly electronic music podcast featuring industrial-strength DJ mixes from DISTRIKT - A San Francisco-based non-profit music collective and Burning Man sound camp. For more information on DISTRIKT, visit us at at www.distriktcamp.org

Music Savages - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 87
Jan 14 2014 63 mins  
Now here's a little story I got to tell About three Sleazy Savos you know so well. It started way back when we Rocked the Bottom With Maud’deep, Private Sassface, and me, Captain C. Been had a little camp at 9:00 & I Just us and a tipi and a cube of Coors. Playing lots of beats, dust blowin’ in the streets They be dancing on art cars 'cause we’re clearly just that sweet. Lookin' for a girl, I ran into a guy His name is Wayme Woomis, I said, "Howdy," he said, "Hi." He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed 10 years on the playa – his camp rocks it in the dust. The Coors was in my hand and he didn’t seem too mean So it’s time to do a shotgun – stabbed four beers and made a scene. He said, "Do you like beats?" I said, "Yeah, we like beats." He had a chance to run, instead we booked to the fun We came around the corner, I thought I'd lost my head He pointed to the crowd, passed the ‘phones and then he said: "Now my name is Wayne Woomis, and these are our decks I think you know what time it is, I say what the heck! Now what do we have here? Three Savos and their beers? Distrikt runs this land, you understand? I made myself clear." We stepped into the wind, he had a horn, I had a grin You think this story's over but it's ready to begin. “Now I got the horn and you got the tunes There’s really one choice of what you can do. It's not a tough decision as you can see I will blow the horn while you drop the beat.” We said, "We'll rage with you and all of your crew Been waiting for this moment since two thousand and two.” We did it like this, We did it like that We even did it with ‘stache covered hats So that’s about it, but now it’s five years later Ben Seagren, DJ Kramer, Piper Hook – all saviors. It’s Music Savages Camp Two thousand and thirteen But it wouldn't be a burn with our Distrikt in our dreams. - Music Savages More Sleaze at: MusicSavages.com htts://soundcloud.com/cameronangeli https://soundcloud.com/mjderham https://soundcloud.com/jakepatrick (Recorded live on Monday Aug.26th - 4:30-6:00pm - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

Jamie Schwabl - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 85
Dec 04 2013 86 mins  
My love for Distrikt has grown quickly and rapidly over the last couple years! I love getting together and sharing art, music and good vibes! Thank s to everyone that caught my playa set at Distrikt Friday this year! What a magical day! Definitely one of my top moments from the burn this year. The energy at the Distrikt day party is out of this world! I look forward to smiling, hugging, laughing, dancing and making many more memories with the Distrikt family on and off the playa! - Jamie 1. Subterfuge (Original Mix) - Clockwork 2. 0600 (Original Mix) - Kristian Gjellan 3. Course Depth (Original Mix) - Ochu Laross 4. Bangagong (Co-Op Remix) - NIgel Richards 5. Pura Vida (Nadja Lind Remix) - Grunbox 6. h.e.a.d.s (Original Mix) - Jamie Jones, Hot Natured, Lee Foss 7. Night Work (Chris Staropoli & Talr Soul Mix) - Americano X-Press 8. Panic Room (Sidney Charles Remix) - Piemont 9. Entertain You (Sidney Charles Remix) - Onno 10. Cosmic Cachondo (Original Mix) - Grunbox, Nash Zorin 11. Ready (Original Mix) - Timo Jahns 12. High Heels Trap (Helmut Ebritsch Table Dance Remix) - Nadja Lind, Grunbox 13 Base Patada (ONNO Remix) - Michael Sowbug 14. Sometimes (Original Mix) - Jamahar 15. Westbound (Original Mix) - Inxec, Droog (LA) 16. And Yet Again_(Original Mix) - Onno 17. Eat It (Original Mix) - Le Disxco 18. Get Me Right feat. Dr. Shinigami (Original Mix) - Bruce Leroys, Dr. Shinigami 19. Leaving Skid Ro feat. Midnite Radio (Mark Henning Remix) - Dirty Tourists For more: http://soundcloud.com/jamieschwabl (Recorded live on Friday Aug.30th - 11:00am-12:30pm - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

Christian Martin - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 82
Nov 20 2013 89 mins  
I was thrilled to be invited to play at DISTRIKT for the first time this year. It's easy to see why they are one of the premier parties on the playa – the crowd energy, sound system, and overall atmosphere far surpassed my expectations. I tried to keep it both sunny & pounding for this set.. SO MUCH FUN. Thanks DISTRIKT for having me, and thanks everyone for moving your bikes so the music could continue uninterrupted. TRACKLIST 1. X-Press 2 – Muzik Xpress (Eats Everything 20th Anniversary remix) 2. Christian Burkhardt – Delight 3. Dennis Ferrer – Mind Ur Step (DF Dub) 4. Christian Smith – Total Departure 5. Move Yo Bikes PSA (interlude) 6. Matt Star – Kuhle Fliege (Hugo remix) 7. Simon Shackleton – Angelhead 8. Adam F – Circles (Eats Everything rework) 9. Blaze vs. Funk D'Void – Lovelee Dae (Tanner Ross & Kilowatts remix) 10. Tomola & Marc Spence – Be There 11. Jimmy Edgar – Strike 12. Rudimental – Right Here (Hot Since '82 remix) 13. Lethal Bizzle ft. Ruby Goe – Party Right (Friend Within remix) 14. Kill Frenzy – Up & Up 15. Leroy Peppers – Grinder 16. Claude Vonstroke – Dood 17. Hatiras – Green Frisbees 18. Josh Wink - Everybody to the Sun 19. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin remix) 20. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco (Martin Brothers Thizzy Disco remix) 21. Luca Bacchetti – Like a Sadhu (JM techno vocal edit) 22. Justin Martin – Ghetto Train (Christian Martin remix) 23. DJ Q – Big 24. Shadow Child – 23 (Kry Wolf VIP remix) LINKS http://soundcloud.com/christianmartin http://facebook.com/christianmartin47 http://twitter.com/SFdirtybird http://soundcloud.com/leroypeppers

Elite Force - DISTRIKT Music - Episode 71
Oct 17 2013 136 mins  
DISTRIKT are family, and there's *nothing* sweeter than a homecoming. I've almost come to expect DISTRIKT to raise the bar a notch on the previous year, and this year I'm sure we raised the sky itself. - Simon Track listing: 01. Queen Vs Underworld via Simon Shackleton - Bohemian Dark Train 02. My Digital Enemy - Reaper (Edit) 03. Tim Deluxe - Freedom (Edit) 04. Beckers & D.Nox - Legit 05. DiMarr & Martin - Ghettos & Tronnos (EF RVMP) 06. Clem - La Cumbia (Shemian Mix) (Edit) 07. D Ramirez - Jump It Up (Edit) 08. Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy - Toia 09. Fatboy Slim - Everybody (303 Vs Carnival) (Edit) 10. Jay Lumen - Get Ready (Edit) 11. Jay Lumen - Here Comes That Sound (Edit) 12. Filthy Rich - Soul Kitten (Edit) 13. Da Fresh - Too Late (Edit) 14. Plump Housecatt - Sinnerman (EF RVMP) 15. Lizard Kings - Midnight Groove (Edit) 16. Piatto - Work That (Edit) 17. Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy - Insane Areas (Edit) 18. Green Velvet - Flash (Nicky Romero Mix) (Edit) 19. Savage Skulls - Top Dog (Edit) 20. The Loops of Fury - Church of Fury (Edit) 21. Balthazar & Jackrock - Puerto Rico (Alex di Stefano mix) (Edit) 22. Zoo Brazil - Teknik (EF RVMP) 23. Felix da Housecatt - Sinner Winner (Edit) 24. Elite Force, Bloc Party, Diplo, Atix - Hey Hey Banquet 25. Metric Vs Underworld via EF - Slippy Prophecies 26. Alex Ross-Iver - Fire Inside (Sonny Wharton Mix) 27. Filterheadz - The Right Place (Edit) 28. Zoo Brazil - Selected (D Ramirez Techno-Disco Mix) (Edit) 29. Firebeatz Vs Chemical Brothers - Head Vs Beats (EF RVMP) 30. Loops, Firebeatz, NDS, Hatiras - Nipple'o' Here We Go (EF RVMP) 31. Clockwork, Force, Dirtyloud, Felguk - Jova Nudge (EF RVMP) 32. Loops, Soulside - Hotspot Switch (Edit) 33. Spartaque - Weird, Badass (Filterbeatz) (Edit) 34. Schuhmacher, Balthazar, JackRock - Sick On Toast (Edit) 35. Cirez D - The Tumble (Edit) 36. Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face (Edit) 37. Underworld - Downpipe (Edit) 38. Egostereo - Plastic (Edit) 39. Nicone & Sascha Braemmer - Love Me (Marek Hemmann) 40. Muir, Digweed, Guy J - Trezz (Edit) 41. Tim Deluxe - Transformation (DJ Hell Mix) (Edit) 42. Monkey Safari Vs Bon Iver - Come Down (Edit) BOOKINGS : [email protected] For more mixes, contact and music ... http://www.facebook.com/djeliteforce http://soundcloud.com/elite-force http://www.eliteforcemusic.com http://www.facebook.com/simon.shackleton.music http://www.stereophoenix.com http://www.twitter.com/eliteforce

The Scumfrog - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 67
Oct 07 2013 156 mins  
01. The Scumfrog – Running (Cinematic Mix) 02. Funkerman – Dashboardlight 03. Pornocalypse – Ramsay Is Cooking At My House 04. James Hurr – Gyroscope 05. Sideburn & Viktor Kaman – They Know 06. Eelke Kleijn – Ein Tag Am Strand (Instrumental Mix) 07. Mario Ochoa – Get Naked 08. Carlo Lio – A Dusty Heart 09. Freemasons – Love On My Mind (Scumfrog Edit) 10. Balthazar & JackRock – Superheroes Only (Tesla Remix) 11. MG & Jeff Souza ft.Dee Tails – Re-Generation 303 (Per QX Remix) 12. Miami Rockers – Disco’s Revenge (Jaxxon Remix) 13. ATFC – Din Daa Daa 14. The Scumfrog – Downtown (DJ Anna Remix) 15. Andy Slate – Shake It 16. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djins (Trentmoller DJ Tool) 17. Ali Love ft.Kali – Emperor (Maceo Plex Remix) 18. Luke Garcia & Davis Parr – Bulls House (James Hopkins Remix) 19. Robin Hirte – Swag 20. D.Ramirez – With Me Or Against Me (Kristoph Remix) 21. Shuhmacher VS Tesla – Poked With Sticks 22. Jose Nunez & Baggi Begovic – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Morillo & Nunez) 23. Sharam Jey – Shaka 24. TV Baby – New York Is Alright (Maetrik Remix) 25. Ernest Saint Laurent – Do Ya Dub 26. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer #1 27. Heston – Can You Feel It 28. Dennis Ferrer – The Red Room 29. Julian Jeweil VS Oliver Koletski & Roland Clark – Resist Air Conditione 30. The Scumfrog VS Bowie – Loving The Alien For more info on The Scumfrog visit: https://www.facebook.com/ScumfrogArtist (Recorded live on Aug. 29th - 6:00pm-close - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

Everyday - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 66
Oct 04 2013 61 mins  
DISTRIKT is consistently one of my favorite camps at Burning Man. This year I was camped around the corner from them and had the pleasure of hanging out there more than in years past. It was great to get to know more of their crew. The music was always proper and the dance floor was always packed. It was an honor to play for DISTRIKT and their guests. I hope you enjoy my mix as much as I enjoyed playing. Thank you! - Everyday 01. Victor Ruiz - I Look Into You (D-Nox & Beckers Mix) 02. Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) 03. Wehbba - On You (Private Edit) 04. Beckers - Free Your Mind (David Amo & Julio Navas Rework) 05. Sinisa Tamamovic - Orgasm (Hollen Remix) 06. Festa Bros, DJ PP - Fly Away (Original Mix) 07. Jaceo - Palenquero (Original Mix) 08. 16 Bit Lolitas, Lucy Iris - Na Na Nahana (Wehbba Remix) 09. D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld - Downpipe (Adrian Hour Remix) 10. Dosem - Wydem (Original Mix) 11. Jay Lumen - Analogia (Main Title) (Original Mix) 12. Dosem - Atica (Original Mix) 13 Jay Lumen - Beat Drops (Take Me To The Garage) 14. Dosem - Wake Up (Original Mix) 15. Simon Doty - Your House (Original Mix) ----------- For more info on Everyday, check out these links: Facebook: http://facebook.com/djeveryday1 Podomatic: http://djeveryday.podomatic.com Mixcloud: http://mixcloud.com/djeveryday Artist page: http://djeveryday.com (Recorded live on Aug. 31st - 2:30-3:30pm - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

DJ Kramer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 65
Oct 04 2013 208 mins  
Want even more music? Follow me on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djkramer and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djkramer.music ------------- And so it goes... another amazing year behind the decks at DISTRIKT, closing out the week with all of you on Saturday at sunset, it's always so special share that set with all of you. The momentum of the week having built up to a fever pitch and thousands of you come down to dance that last set with me to finish up your week before the burn. I feel privileged that you choose to spend that final sunset on the playa with me. Your energy on the dance floor this year was so incredible, that I could feel it radiating from each and every one of you and I think this live mix shows that. It gets going right out of the gate and doesn't stop. It's a fun, upbeat mix of Tech House, Techno and Progressive and of course, closing out the last hour with some classics and fun stuff, just to make sure you feel good going home... here's all 3.5 hours. Thank you all for being there and I hope you all enjoy re-living the moment. See you soon on a dance floor somewhere! xo - Kramer --------------- DJ Kramer • Saturday Closing Set • 5:00-8:30pm • August 31, 2013 01. Guy J - Twenty 11 (Original Mix) 02. Deas & Lubica - Red Is Good (D-Formation Remix) 03. Oscar L - When You Are Cooking (Original Mix) 04. Rafa Barrios - Neighborhood (Original Mix) 05. ThreeSixty - Pro Deux (Original Mix) 06. Christian Smith, John Selway - Clear Intention (Musical Mix) 07. Eelke Kleijn - Rauwdouwer (Christian Smith Remix) 08. Dabilla - Slap (Paolo Mojo Remix) 09. Beckers, D-Nox - Confuison (Original Mix) 10. Paolo Mojo - Engine Room (Original Mix) 11. ThreeSixty, Dirty Harris, Jack Harris, Aviici - Rogue Levels 12. Kiko - Virgo (Original Mix) 13. Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Paul Thomas - Arena (MK's Very Clubby Mix) 14. Nick Muir, John Digweed - Raise (Electric Rescue Remix) 15. Anthony Attalla - Yes My Friend (YMF) (Original Mix) 16. Harry Peat - Affrodizziac (Quivver Remix) 17. Dirty South and Mark Knight - Stopover - Original Club Mix 18. Cid Inc - Velvetteen (Original Mix) 19. ThreeSixty, Dirty Harris - Diablo (Original Mix) 20. Christian Smith - NYC (Original Mix) 21. Taho - Mon Bala 22. Isiah Whitlock Jr. - Pryda vs. Thugfucker - Muragnome 23. Fedde Le Grand vs M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade vs Justice - Metrum vs Body Language vs We Are Your Friends (Ko-M Mash Up) 24. Eric Prydz - Every Day (Fehrplay Remix) 25. D.Ramirez, Mark Knight, Underworld - Downpipe (AVB Remix) 26. Oliver Lang - Interstella (Original Mix) 27. Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills - Gui Boratto Mix 28. Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix) 29. Simon & Shaker - Freshness (D-Formation Remix) 30. Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Danny Tenaglia Returns To Paradise Mix) 31. Underworld - Rez 32. Sasha - Xpander - 12" Remastered Version 33. Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Max Graham Remix) 34. Underworld - Two Months Off (KM & EL 2010 Remix) 35. Marco Demark, Casey Barnes - Tiny Dancer feat. Casey Barnes (Deadmau5 Remix) 36. Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Mix) 37. Coldplay - Clocks (The Heaven And Earth Division Remix) Follow DJ Kramer and get more mixes, info and live dates at: DJ Sets & Music : http://soundcloud.com/djkramer Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/djkramer.music Facebook : https://facebook.com/djkramersf Twitter : https://twitter.com/ Website : http://djkramer.com/ (Recorded live on August 31st - 5:00-8:30pm - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

Darren Grayson - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 64
Oct 04 2013 87 mins  
Music was a huge part of Burning Man for me this year, even moreso than usual. I got to spend some time at other favorite sound camps, and I spent most evenings DJ'ing on assorted mutant vehicles. It's definitely the VIP treatment for playa viewing. Of course I saved my best stuff for my DISTRIKT set, which came late afternoon on Saturday. The crowd at DISTRIKT was incredible, ignited by great weather and awesome sound. I started off more melodic, then moved into some driving tech and progressive house, and ended by mixing in some wonderful deep house. Enjoy! - Darren 01. Secret Cinema, Roger Martinez - Menthol Raga (Guy J Remix) 02. Maximiljan - One Love (Original Mix) 03. Robert Babicz - A Girl from Jupiter (Original Mix) 04. Ame - Shiro 05. Benja (CH), Reto Ardour - All Right (Original Mix) 06. Konrad Black - Devastator (Original Mix) 07. Smoke Sykes - Elisabeth (Maximiljan Tool Edit) 08. 16 Bit Lolitas - Martian Ambassador 09. Bart Skils - Base Camp (Original Mix) 10. SQL, Child - Nootropica (Original Mix) 11. Safeword - Himalayas (Original Mix) 12. Nick Dow - Forbidden Currency (Original Mix) 13. Vincent Vidal - Retrocity (Pherox Remix) 14. Magit Cacoon - More Than Time (Ian Pooley Remix) 15. Big Bully, Pherox - Get Closer (Original Mix) 16. SIS - Messara (Original Full Mix) 17. Mantu, Adeline - Next Gen Feat. Adeline (Original Mix) Check out my other mixes at: http://soundcloud.com/darren-grayson (Recorded live on 9.1.13 - 3:30-5:00pm - DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013)

Galen - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 58
May 29 2013 69 mins  
It feels like the timing was meant to be and I merged with friends on a parallel highway. Sunset Sound System was invited to lay down some beats at DISTRIK'S Revel Block Party and I was ecstatic to join the madness. Here you'll find a set served up outdoors and during the day to get the party going. It was a classic San Francisco one at that with the fog slowly edging over the city as it danced interchangeably with the sun. I'm sure you'll find this mix as fun to listen to as the day it was created. Much love to the DISTRIKT family… Galen Track Listing: 1. Marcello Giordani - Comin' Down (Original Mix) 2. Kixnare - Obsessed (Original Mix) 3. Burnski & MANIK - Next To Me (Original Mix) 4. Marc Houle - Very Bad (Exiva Remix) 5. Pierre Codarin - Bugs On Drugs (Original Mix) 6. Illvibe Collective - Heavy Soul (Foremost Funk Edit) 7. B. Original, J.A.M.O.N., Damir Pushkar - What Is Jazz (Passion Victim Remix) 8. Robert Owens, Jakkin Rabbit - The Mothership (Original Mix) 9. Boston Bun - Call Me (Original Mix) 10. The Deadstock 33's - Underneath The Pines (Ewan Pearson Remix Instrumental) 11. Tripmastaz, Arram Mantana - All Right (Catz 'n Dogz Remix) 12. GALEN - ICANCU (Test Version) 13. Yousef - Beg (Hot Since 82 Mix) 14. Markus Newton - Swim (Daniel Kyo Remix) 15. Siopis - Day Alive (Original Mix) Links: For more mixes and info on DJ Galen: http://soundcloud.com/dj-galen http://www.facebook.com/djgalen http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/galen

Tara Brooks - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 56
Apr 18 2013 71 mins  
Playing our Distrikt Fundraiser in LA was so meaningful bc not only was it the first event I threw with Ben Seagran (Distrikt) who's become a dear friend, but i also had the pleasure of opening for one of my favorite techno producers Joseph Capriati. Connecting with the music and energy expressed at Distrikt during my first Burn, melted my heart, made me feel at home, & created a love for what Distrikt represents. I'm so appreciative to have been given the opportunity to share what moves me, the beautiful underground, with those that are like & open minded. I look forward to being apart of future events, supporting & contributing to the growth & love of Distrikt. i played a short opening set with respect & care to take you on a magical adventure. I shared from deep house to techno, squeezing in a short but sweet journey to wherever that special place is, when letting go. Much love, thank you for having me, & hope you enjoy the tunes.. Tara Brooks TRACK LIST 01. Sammy W - Devil in the Sky (Original Mix) 02. Betoko, Climbers - Timeline (Original Mix) 03. Tube & Berger - In My Dip (Original Mix) 04. Antonio Piacquadio - Flooty (Nicole Moudabour Remix) 05. Gui Boratto - Destination Education (Tale Of Us Mix) 06. Oxia, Simon Mattson - Harmonie (Simon Mattson Remix) 07. Scrounger, Debbizo - I Am Music (Nicolas Masseyeff Vocal Remix) 08. Spektre - Mind's Eye (Original) 09. Master H - Magic K (Paul Ritch 31 Trudaine Remix) 10. Mars Bill & Anthony Castaldo - Horizon (Luigi Madonna Remix) 11. Frankie Watch - Magic Spell (Matheo Velez Remix) 12. Figueroa, Obando - The Messanger (Technasia Remix) 13. Adam Beyer - Take Me Away (Original Mix)

Jamie Schwabl - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 54
Mar 20 2013 114 mins  
Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my opening set from the Distrikt Kupid Party in SF last month!! I have so much love for the Distrikt, Burning Man and the art and music that brings us all together! It means so very much to me to be able to contribute to this beautiful community of like minded individuals! Thank you for inspiring me through your own expressions and giving me a place to share myself and connect on a deeper level. My heart is warmed and overflowing with love and gratitude! XO Tracklist: 1. Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix) 2. Alexkid, Trinity & Beyond - This Dream (YokoO's Can Only Become Reality Mix) 3. Jouhl - Spend It All (Original Mix) 4. Betoko - Not Alone feat. Maurice Marshall (Climbers Grey Sky Remix) 5. John Monkman, Liz Cass - Follow Me Feat. Liz Cass (Dub Version) 6. James Hunter - Change Of Heart (Original Mix) 7. Maceo Plex VS. INXS - Maceo Plex VS. INXS 8. Maximilian Kovalzki - Slow Food (James Hunter Remix) 9. Livio & Roby - Shinichi (Original Mix) 10. Philipp Ort - Knight (Anthea Mix) 11. James Hunter - It's Just Roadworks (Original Mix) 12. Hector Couto - Rare Love (Detlef Remix) 13. Robosonic - No Moral (Original Mix) 14. Paul Rogers, Pete Tong - Shake The Dice (Original Mix) 15. James Hunter - Kabiko (Original Mix) 16. Letkolben - Awesome Croissant feat Nathalie (Someone Else Remix) 17. James What - A Target For The Scene (Original Mix) 18. The Martinez Brothers - H 2 Da Izzo (Original Mix) 19. Steve Huerta - Do Good To Me (Original Mix) 20. Mulder (NL) - Natural High (Joris Voorn Edit) 21. Someone Else - Pillowface (Original Mix) 22. Maceo Plex - Frisky (Original) 23. Rene Breitbarth - Moby D (Original Mix) 24. dOP - Kisses (Original Mix) 25. LouLou Players, Kolombo - Don't Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Methodrone (DJ Kramer & Scott G) - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 53
Mar 06 2013 91 mins  
Methodrone is DJ Kramer & Scott G. Although we have been releasing music together for over 5 years, we are excited to debut our first official Methodrone DJ mix and share it with you here on the DISTRIKT Podcast. These 15 tracks are an eclectic mix of some of our favorite tracks right now and journeys through Deep House, Progressive House and Techno. Featured are several original tracks from our new third album 'Spacial Recognition' which was released in February on Looq Records. We are excited to share this mix with you as it is an insight into what inspires us as Methodrone both in the studio and on the dance floor. We hope you enjoy it! For a limited time, we're offering our new album 'Spacial Recognition' as a FREE DOWNLOAD which you can get on our website http://methodrone.com. If you like the music, please head over to Facebook and give us a 'Like' and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for listening. - Kramer & Scott G http://methodrone.com https://www.facebook.com/methodrone https://twitter.com/methodrone http://soundcloud.com/methodrone Track Listing: 01 Stimming & David August - Sexy Biest (Gui Boratto Remix) 02 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell 03 Kiko - Virgo (Original Mix) 04 Quivver - Here's This (Original Mix) 05 Cristior - Crystals (Guy J Remix) 06 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield - Calling New York (Original Mix) 07 Methodrone - Rise and Fall In The Bamboo Sky 08 Home Video - Every Love That Ever Was (Leo Leite Remix) 09 Way Out West - Ultra Violet 10 DAVI - Lucid Dreaming (Simon Vuarambon & Kevin Di Serna Remix) 11 Trafik - The Difference (Nomad In The Dark Remix) 12 Methodrone - Stop Start 13 Egoism - Alchemy (Original Mix) 14 Methodrone - Forward Momentum 15 16 Bit Lolitas - Personal Space (Guy J Remix)

Clarkie ft. Joel & Homer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 45
Nov 28 2012 90 mins  
Every DJ or artist has an event or defining moment that in their mind is the pinnacle of their craft. It's the reason they do and create the things that they do. There can be many reasons and many factors, but in the end, these are the times they relish and look forward to for months. For me, the reason I still dj is the peak time at Burning Man and in particular The Deep End which later of course became the party at Distrikt. I always loved the day party, and this massive day party is what I look forward to and think about all year when I'm searching for music. Last year in 2011 at Distrikt I took a risk. I heard a violinist play at a music festival in northern California with a DJ and it rocked my world. I knew at that moment I wanted to combine a live music element with my DJing, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Luckily I happened to hook up with two very talented musicians, and since last year, we have been producing programs under the name Clarkie ft. Joel & Homer Live. We wanted to create something different but special this year to show our progression as artists. I’m psyched with how our set came out and they both rocked it. It has been a kick and an artistic joy to work with Joel Kellogg on Bass and Homer Hsu on violin, and I hope you enjoy the set for years to come. Please listen to what these guys add to the music….and enjoy. Thanks Distrikt for continuing to give us this grand stage to share our music and passion. Track List: Thunder Knas - Miami Mashups Patanegra - The Cube Guys Alright - Federico Scavo I Do - Mark Knight Freedom - Ramon Tapia, Riva Star Stay The Night - Deekline, Ed Solo Too Close (Breaks Mix) - Defkline, Red Polo Piano Man (Uto Karem Remix) - Format:B Another Star (Yves Murasca Tribal) - Gianni Coletti, Keejay Freak Funky Vodka (Original Mix) - TJR Nini feat. Clarisse Muvemba - Claude Monnet Remix - Sumo Night And Day - 2 Bears ft.Trim Remix I Feel Love - OG Remix Rocker (Prok & Fitch Vs My Digital Enemy) - Alter Ego You Know (Original Club Mix) - Federico Scavo Welcome to the Future (BadTango Remix) - Too Dusty Bong (Original Mix) - Denise Koyu Let The Sun Shine 2012 (Tocadisco Remix) - Milk & Sugar Artists: DJ Clarkie Joel Kellogg - Electric Bass Homer Hsu - Electric Violin All music from Joel and Homer originally produced live at Distrikt

The Scumfrog - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 44
Nov 21 2012 139 mins  
Last year at Burning Man, my RV was camped on 4:45 and H. Sure, there was peace and quiet for a change, and the camp was great, but it was so excruciatingly far from my friends at Distrikt, that visiting them felt like going on a field trip. This year, I eagerly over-compensated for last year’s geographical fail, and I plotted our RV virtually on the Distrikt dance floor, and closer to the speakers than any RV in the Distrikt camp. My approximation to the sound gradually developed a new ability to sleep through absolutely anything, and my approximation to the bar developed a diabolical addiction to Bacardi-Coconut Water. However, not at any point did the noise feel annoying, and for a lineup of 23 DJs assaulting my tired and grossly snobbish ears, that is quite an accomplishment. I am very proud to have once again been a part of the magic, and I hope you enjoy the memories through these recordings. ~ The Scumfrog 01) The Scumfrog – (TBA) 02) The Scumfrog – (TBA) 03) Daniel Sanchez – Make My Day 04) Reza – Bakongo (Manuel De La Mare Remix) 05) Locomatica – Oh My 06) The Scumfrog – (TBA) 07) Charles Ramirez – Insane 08) Phunk Investigation – Tattoo 09) Marcelo Castelli – Check Out Guitar George 10) Moritz Ochsenbauer & Danito – Choco Milkin World (Sebastian PhillipRemix) 11) Robin Hirte VS Loleatta Holloway – Stalk My Loleatta (Scumfrog Mashup) 12) Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs A 303 (Sonny Wharton Remix) 13) Paul McCartney – Goodnight Tonight (TVLG Booty Mix) (Scumfrog Edit) 14) Tom Cruise (Magnolia) – Respect The Cock 15) Elegant Universe & Adir Ohayon – Back Home (Diskjokke Remix) 16) Paolo Modjo – Mandhari 17) Leon Benesty & Murat Meijer – Found Out (Leon Benesty Remix) 18) Prince VS Dave Grohl – Scumfrog Intermezzo 19) Peace Division VS Nino Anthony – Touched By God 20) Andrea Casula – Trompettes Du Jugement 21) Davis Cadenas – All Songs Say Tonight 22) Ruffneck – Everybody Be Somebody (Patrick M Edit) 23) Tomaz VS Filterheadz – Sunshine (D.Ramirez Remix) 24) Sting – If I Ever Lose My Faith (Accapella) 25) Gene – Hurt 26) Tom Wax – Can Dead Dance 27) SIS – Miles From Me 28) Mason – Little Angel (The Scumfrog Remix) 29) Dekontrol - Addicted 30) Underworld – Downpipe For more info on The Scumfrog, visit http://thescumfrog.com

Elite Force - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 42
Oct 29 2012 152 mins  
It's hard to explain the feeling of playing the closing set at Distrikt. There really is nowhere else quite like it in the world & all the photos and video that spew forth after the event always look amazing, but don't come close to conveying the electricity that you feel in the dusty desert air. A lot of thought and work goes into preparing for these sets, and yet in the moment I always go way off base, trying to read the crowd and feeding off that electricity. This year's set was epic, yes, but it had something more, something I'd never experienced to the same degree. With the sun having made it's exit half an hour before the end of my set, it was always my intention to bring things lowdown and dirty, but what I wasn't expecting was the emotion that everyone shared in that final half hour. I shook like a leaf for a good 2 hours afterwards & there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Distrikt couldn't be further away from the BIG BUSINESS that rave culture has become. It is ALL about heart, soul, friendship and family and I feel hugely privileged to continue to be a part of it. http://www.facebook.com/djeliteforce Elite Force is touring the US in November 2012 including the following shows ... Nov 02 Warehouse Party, Secret Location, Los Angeles, CA http://nutzlove.eventbrite.com/ Nov 03 Thunderdome, Paradox, Baltimore, MD https://www.facebook.com/events/379761512094102/ Nov 04 207SD, Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, CA https://www.facebook.com/207SD Nov 07 Vintage, Orlando, FL http://www.songkick.com/concerts/14093659-elite-force-at-vintage-lounge Nov 08 Altered Thursdayz, Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN https://www.facebook.com/events/261136997322165/ Nov 10 THE ONE SERIES (7-hour set), CELLspace, San Francisco, CA http://www.eventbrite.com/event/4567682060/efblike 00:00 Chemical Brothers, Elite Force, Julian Jeweil - Surface on Fire RVMPD 02:58 Elite Force, D-Nox, Beckers, Massive Attack - Little Angel RVMPD 08:47 Leftfield, Elite Force, Paul Ritch, Fatboy Slim - Leftfield Lo Brother RVMPD 14:49 Beatles, Ritch, D-Unity, Elite Force - The Beatles Bazaar RVMPD 17:45 Christian Fischer - Art Collective (Spektre Remix) 19:53 Wally Lopez, Richard Dinsdale - Shamba - Luigi Rocca Remix 23:31 Jay Lumen - Teach Us (Original Mix) 26:47 Firebeatz - Where's Your Head At (Original Mix) 29:09 Zoo Brazil, Elite Force - The Kill [Revamp] 32:25 Umek & Chris Nasty, Elite Force - Crank It Up 34:26 Zoo Brazil - Selected (D Ramirez Techno Disco Mix) 37:06 DJ Chus, Sonny Wharton Feat. El Chino DreadLion - Runnin' (Instrumental Mix) [Skint] 42:33 Azzido de Bass, Elite Force - Dooms Day Distrikt 44:05 Ticon - A_Sucker_For_Weekends_Original_Mix 46:51 Underworld Vs Rudi Stakker Vs Elite Force - RezGirl 49:17 Gramophonedzie, Analog People In A Digital World, Ben Onono - Brassaholics (On The Floor) 55:20 fRew ft. John Dubbs & Honorebel - Wicked Woman (Tommy Trash Remix) 58:43 Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes - Here We Go (Original Mix) 1:00:52 Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - I Wanna Be Your Dog 1:05:12 Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (Original Mix) 1:06:54 Fatboy Slim Vs Moguai - Push The Tempo (Original Mix) 1:09:15 Daft Punk, Electric Soulside - Scream Around The World 1:12:38 Cirez D, Bart Skills, Elite Force - On Off Dust RVMPD 1:16:15 D Ramirez - Get Down 1:20:41 Aloof, Springsteen, Fergie, Elite Force - Born To Run RVMPD V1 1:27:23 Filthy Rich - Soul Kitten 1:30:01 Jay Lumen - Here Comes That Sound (Original Mix) 1:33:56 Elite Force, Plumps, Housecatt - The Fantastic Sinnerman 1:36:48 Popof, Part-E-One, Elite Force - Fancy like Crazy 1:42:56 Lizard Kings - Midnight Groove 1:47:19 Phunk Investigation - Shan Saw 1:51:05 Fatboy Slim - Jin Go Lo Ba - Jon Carter Mix 1:54:29 Alex di Stefano - Binary 404_(Original_Mix) 1:57:19 Magitman, Brisker - Sofa Surfing (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 2:03:31 The Chemical Brothers - Horse Power (Popof Remix) 2:08:04 Stefano Noferini - French Kiss (Paolo(continued)

Marques Wyatt - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 41
Oct 10 2012 124 mins  
After a few years of completely being content with being a dusty patron of DISTRIKT and labeling it my "go to" place on the playa, I guess this year my number was up to be of service to the vibrant community you have built. I'm feeling quite blessed to have co-created such musical magic with my talented comrades to add to my Burning Man memoirs, as well as those of many others I'm certain. Looking out at that colorful sea of "DISTRIKT-ITES" was beautifully profound. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be upset at all about an invitation to come back next year;-) Thanks for making me feel right at home, great production and just overall running an air tight operation. Always forward...MW Tracklisting: 1. Let The Music Play - Giom Remix - Hector Couto & Santi Garcia feat. Pablo Fierro 2. Rumour has it - DaSouL & Fabry Diglio US touch - Adele 3. Bassline Soldiers - Original - NiCe7 4. Trainmann - Tensnake Franceman Mix - Lauer 5. Anthem Original Mix - Black Rose 6. Hope - Original - Untitled 7. Want You - Original Mix - Tommy Largo 8. The Voice Of Dru - Original Mix - Doctor Dru 9. Someone Like You - Original - Soulmagic 10. Meet You - Original Mix - Chandler Shortlidge feat Megan O'Neil 11. 9 to 5 - Boot - MJ VS MIGS 12. Maintain - Original Mix - Fabio Gianelli 13. Jump - Original - Tony Barbato 14. Rose Rouge - Vocal Edit - Analog People In A Digital World 15. Cream - Original Mix - Claptone 16. Sweet Dreams - CMS Master - Stereo Express 17. Can't Hold Me Down - Kinky Movement 18. I Feel Love - Glenn Underground Mix - DJ Sneak 19. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers vs Julius Papp 20. Love Generator - TDRMC Calls It Love Remix - The Glue 21. Hustling Peoples - Franck Roger & Terence :Terry 22. Praise - Original Mix - Art of Tones 23. Churchlady - Dennis Ferrer 24. Time To Get Physical - Original - NiCe7

DJ Kramer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 40
Sep 26 2012 228 mins  
DISTRIKT Saturday Closing Party.... It's something I have had the privilege to play for the past 7 years. It's the set I have been cultivating, maturing and polishing more and more each year. It's the one set I look forward to all year long...over the course of the year putting tracks into an ongoing playlist, just waiting until I can work them into my set at the perfect moment, on that perfect day, for the perfect crowd. But what really makes it magic are all of you, the people who continually come support me and support DISTRIKT year after year, as well as all of the other DJs who help build the momentum over the course of the week with their amazing music, excitement and love of the craft. To all of you, dancers and DJs alike, I owe so much gratitude for the energy, smiles and love you give me when I step behind the decks and bring the volume up on the mixer for that final DISTRIKT sunset of the week. For that, I cannot thank you enough... I hope this recording takes you right back to the DISTRIKT dance floor on that incredible Saturday afternoon... Much love. - Kramer xo Kramer • Saturday Closing Set • 4:30-8:30pm • September 1, 2012 1 M83 - Intro (Kramer Burning Man Edit) 2 Dirty Harris - Reach Out (Dirty Harris Maquina Edit) 3 Sergio Fernandez - Resistance (Original Mix) 4 Joy Marquez - Do You Want (Original Mix) 5 DJ Chus & The Groove Foundation - That Feeling (Bring It Back Again) (Simon & Shaker Remix) 6 D-Formation & Carlos Manaca - Underground (Eddie Cumana Remix) 7 Guy J - Personal Haze (Original Mix) 8 Peter Presta - Catwalk (Joy Marquez Remix) 9 Oscar L - Woman On Fire (Dan G Remix) 10 Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Antidote (Sebastian Krieg Remix) 11 Oliver Klein & Martin Eyerer - Panamerican (Original) 12 Robert Babicz - Darkroom (Original Mix) 13 Beckers & D-Nox - In The Box (Original Mix) 14 Pan-Pot - Captain My Captain (Booka Shade Remix) 15 Coca & Villa - La Noche (D-Formation & TKC Remix) 16 Gabriel Ananda - Hey Blop (Motor City Bass Mix) 17 Spektre & Miniminds - Guillotine (Christian Smith Remix) 18 Beckers & D-Nox - Jet Lag Slave (Koen Groeneveld Remix) 19 Antranig & Rony Seikaly - Le Freak (Original Mix) 20 Fedde Le Grand vs M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade vs Justice - Metrum vs Body Language vs We Are Your Friends (KM AC Mash Up) 21 Tomaz & Filterheadz - Sunshine (D.Ramirez Remix) 22 Lil Mo Yin Yang - Reach - (Mark Knight Remix) 23 Zoo Brazil - Selected (D.Ramirez Tekno Disko Remix) 24 Paco Buggin & Joy Marquez - Sambadrome (Original Mix) 25 Dubfire - I Found U (Original Mix) 26 Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Tim Deluxe Finally Club Mix) 27 Underworld, D.Ramirez & Mark Knight - Downpipe 28 Deadmau5 - Slip (Original Mix) 29 Astrix - Reunion (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 30 Dirty Harris - Cosmos (Original Mix) 31 Dirty Harris - Narcotik (Original Mix) 32 Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix) 33 The xx vs. Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember Shelter (Austin Eterno Mash Up) Encore #1 34 Underworld - Rez 35 Sasha - Xpander (12" Remastered Version) 36 Guy J - Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) 37 Underworld - Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots-Vocal Mix) 38 Guy J - Azimuth (Original Mix) 39 Florence And The Machine - You've Got The Love - (Mark Knight Remix) Encore #2 40 Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Danny Tenaglia Returns To Paradise Mix) Get more DJ Kramer mixes, info and live dates at: https://facebook.com/djkramersf & https://www.facebook.com/djkramer.music and http://djkramer.com and even hear more music at http://soundcloud.com/djkramer

The Scumfrog - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 33
May 16 2012 117 mins  
“The bar for the summer of 2012 was raised on April 28th on the streets of San Francisco. What an amazing vibe, cool people, awesome DJs, and a great cause. It was an honor for me to be part of the continuing saga that is Distrikt and Robot Heart. I will see you on the other side of the summer for part 2 of this set, in Black Rock City.” ~ The Scumfrog 01. The Scumfrog – Running (reprise) 02. Marshall Jefferson ft.Curtis McClain – Move Your Body (Tommy Vee & Luca Guerreri) 03. Timo Garcia – Air Raider 04. Jay Lumen – Drop That 05. Baggi Begovic – Give It To Me 06. Cocodrills – How To Be Hip 07. Charles Ramirez – Insane 08. D-Formation & Cesar Castillo – Bachamba (DJ Chus Remix) 09. Static Revenger – Happy People (The Scumfrog 2012 Remix) 10. Lissat & Voltaxx – Trying To Hold Me (DJ Smilk Remix) 11. Patrick M – Spelling (Marco Lys Remix) 12. The Scumfrog ft.Sting – If I Ever Lose My Faith (Drums Dub) 13. Umek & Mike Vale – Point To Consider 14. Klankarbeit ft.Nina Kinert – The Art Is Hard 15. Sable Sheep – Painting My Fur 16. TJR – Funky Vodka 17. Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Different Points Remix) 18. Hectik Rivero – Una Puerta 19. Luper – Ten Again 20. Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (The Revenge Rework) 21. Djebali – Reputation 22. Amine Edge – I Wanna Boogie (Loulou Players Remix) 23. The Scumfrog - Running For more information on The Scumfrog visit him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ScumfrogArtist

DJ Kramer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode Number 028
Jan 25 2012 91 mins  
Our DISTRIKT Holidaze party is arguably one of my personal off playa favorites. This year was no exception. With an excellent DJ lineup, awesome decor team to dress up the club and 1000+ of you rockin' the holiday spirit, this was one for the record books. This set was a nice wrap up of 2011 for me, with some new stuff, some old stuff and some new remixes of old stuff. It features some of my favorite producers right now like Guy J, ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris and Christian Smith, along with masters like Underworld, Mark Knight and Funk D'Void. Hope this will take you back to the madness of the Public Works dance floor at 2:30am. Enjoy! 1 Fact (Original Mix) - Stefano Noferini 2 Antidote (Tochner Remix) - Mark Knight & Funkagenda 3 Hey Blop (Motor City Bass Mix) - Gabriel Ananda 4 Friendly Skies (Original Mix) - Christian Smith 5 Duende (Original Mix) - ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris 6 Metrum vs Body Language vs We Are Your Friends (KM Mash Up) - Fedde Le Grand vs M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade vs Justice 7 Squeeze Me (Fedde Le Grand Dub) - Kraak & Smaak 8 Meridian (Pryda Remix) - Henry Saiz - Guy J 9 Personal Jesus vs On Off (KM Mashup) - Depeche Mode vs Cirez D 10 The Revenge - Kramer & Smith 11 Louka (Funkagenda Re-Edit) - ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris 12 All Night Alright (Manuel De La Mare Remix) - Paolo Mojo 13 Two Months Off (KM & EL 2010 Remix) - Underworld 14 Diabla (Funk D'Void's Heavenly Mix) - Funk D'Void 15 Under Pressure (Original Mix) - Guy J 16 Xpander (Funkagenda Remix) - Sasha 17 The Sound Of Violence (Fedde Le Grand Private Remix) - Cassius 18 Control Room (Original Club Mix) - Fedde Le Grand 19 All Of A Sudden (Daniel Portman Remix) - Rino Cabrera 20 Missing (Fedde Le Grand Remix) - Everything But The Girl 21 Moon In The Water (Trim The Fat Remix) - Underworld 22 You've Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix) - Florence And The Machine www.djkramer.com

Zach Moore - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 021
Nov 16 2011 60 mins  
The mind-blowing parties at DISTRIKT this year were exceeded only by the teamwork, camaraderie and friendship that made them all possible. I feel like I've worn that line out since Burning Man, but it still rings true and that, more than anything else, was my big take-away from a week in the Black Rock desert with DISTRIKT. It was really something special to see such a tight-knit group of friends work so well together to achieve so much. I was not at Burning Man in 2010 and I missed the maiden voyage of the DISTRIKT camp, which by all accounts was a huge success, but as far as I can tell DISTRIKT was even better in 2011. There was a cool, sophisticated aesthetic to the camp design that had not been seen before thanks to Ronnie Altoonian. There were lavish intra-camp amenities (e.g. a huge, shaded bar complete with chandeliers [and stripper poles], camp showers with hot and cold water options, a cozy dust-free chill space known as the 'bordello' and two giant misting trees in the middle of the dance space). Thanks to the craftsmanship of Matt Kramer and many others, the camp structures like the DJ booth, the observation deck above it, the staging and dance platforms were rock solid. Thanks to the efforts of Kramer and Ben Seagren there was a well-thought-out and carefully-programmed DJ line-up that created the perfect ambience for the epic parties that took place there all week long. And then there was my good friend, Piper Hook, overseeing the whole production making sure that DISTRIKT ran like a well-oiled, playa party machine from set-up to strike. I covered a lot of ground at Burning Man this year and can honestly say that I did not experience anything even remotely close to the vibe at DISTRIKT. It was truly unique. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at DISTRIKT for sharing the camp with me this year. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of it. Track List 1. La La Land (Santiago & Bushido Remix) - Green Velvet 2. Cali Edit - Cut La Roc 3. Let's Ride - Krafty Kuts, Sporty-O 4. Saxone (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) - Criminal Vibes 5. The Time (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Black Eyed Peas 6. Turn Up The Volume (Dublic Rerub) - Autoerotique 7. Bangkok (Krafty Kuts Rerub) - Boris Delugosh 8. Travellin' (Elite Force Remix) [2008 re-mash] - Black Twang 9. Bangin Machine (Beta Remix) - Kid Digital 10. Ayo vs Tarantula (Reboot) - Slyde 11. Cal State Anthem (Cold Blank Remix - Dublic Rerub) - Peace Treaty, Kissed With A Noise 12. Pacha On Acid (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) - Afrojack 13. We Are DISTRIKT - Elite Force 14. Dynamite feat. SebastiaAn - SebastiAn, Kraak & Smaak For more information on Zach visit www.djzachmoore.com or check out his fan page on Facebook. For more of Zach's mixes visit: http://soundcloud.com/spacecowboys/sets/dj-zach-moore-mixography or http://djzachmoore.podomatic.com.

Music Savages - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 019
Nov 02 2011 58 mins  
"Looking out the booth window at a sea of beautiful people and watching as they all react to the turn of our knobs, or the nod of our hats, or the curves of our smiles will always be an amazing memory - a gift that the hard work, determination and love from the DISTRIKT crew has provided for us. Not only do we fully appreciate the amazing slot we got to play on Tuesday - back to back with an awesome roster of DJs - but we truly enjoyed hanging out with the DISTRIKT crew each day of our burn, and we can't wait for next year. From us - Cameron Angeli, Matthew Derham, and Jake Patrick - and the rest of the Music Savages Camp, thank you, and make sure to embrace your inner sleaze." - Music Savages Track List 1) Tucillio - Mathematics (Original Mix) 2) Dietrich Schoenemann, Tony Rohr - Special (Drumcell Mix) 3) Azari & III - Manic (Original mix) 4) Hermanos Inglesos - Take Me Down (Jan Driver Remix) 5) DJ Assassin - A Face In the Crowd (Intellidred Mix) 6) Lazaro Casanova - I Got This Feeling (Original mix) 7) Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Little Bit More (Original Mix) 8) Mark Henning - Collider (Original Mix) 9) Jake Patrick - Dirt Devil (Original mix) 10) Marcin Krupa (aka Kesho) & Martin Nowakowski - I Play Disco At Techno Parties (Sasse Remix) 11) Matador (IE) - Handbagass (Dopamine Remix) 12) Jake Patrick - Juno Jumpsuit (Original Mix) 13) Gene Siewing - Watcha Waitin On (Original Mix) 14) Michal Ho - Knows ft. Luis Mexin (Original Mix) 15) Matthew Dear - Slowdance (Todd Edwards Remix) For more information on the Music Savages visit www.musicsavages.com.

Elite Force - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 017
Oct 19 2011 128 mins  
"If you've been to Burning Man it doesn't *need* an explanation. If you haven't, there *is* no explanation" Never a truer word was spoken about this annual gathering in the desert. My own creative contribution to this epic gathering of 50,000 family members in the desert is to bring some music I've made or sourced, and aim to play the right blend, at the right time in the right place. This is my two-hour closing set from DISTRIKT, on Wednesday, early evening. With DISTRIKT being my home camp on the Playa this set meant a HUGE amount to me and I can honestly say, hand-on-heart, that there hasn't been an occasion during my 20 years or so of Djaying when I have enjoyed playing music more than this. Much love & see you in the dust again next year :) sHack http://www.facebook.com/djeliteforce Track List 1. Seductive - Take Control (Tom Stephan Remix) 2. Tom Staar & Paul Summers - Death Staar (Original Mix) 3. Bass Kleph - Oh Yeah (Original Mix) 4. Underworld, Rudi Stakker, Elite Force - RezGirl 5. Thomas Schumacher Vs Umek - Heat it Up (Elite Force Revamp) 6. Umek Vs Elite Force - Fenaton Demented 7. Basement Jaxx Vs Joss Stone - Fly Life 2011 (Elite Force Revamp) 8. Elite Force, Herve, Primal Scream, Hey Today! - Come Together 9. Bonsai Kat - Blah Blah 10. Clockwork - Breaker 11. The Loops of Fury - I Need 12. Leftfield Vs Paul Ritch - Song of Life (Elite Force & Meat Katie Revamp V2) 13. Moonbootica - Tonight 14. His Majesty Andre Vs Elite Force - Need 2 Disco 15. Reset! - Calypsoul (Elite Force Revamp) 16. Paul Chambers - Yeah, Techno! BeatauCue Mix (BeatauCue Mix) 17. Tom Staar - Galaxy (Original Mix) 18. D.Ramirez - Jump It Up (Original Mix) 19. Elite Force Vs Boris & Uppermost - Bangkok State (M) 20. Zoo Brazil - Teknik (Elite Force Revamp) 21. Fedde Le Grand - Metrum (Manuel De La Mare Remix) 22. Hertz - A Voice of My Own 23. Elite Force, D Ramirez, Bodyrox, Lee Coombs - Bodyrox ROCKS 24. Underworld - Filthy Downpipe V2 (Elite Force Revamp) 25. Elite Force, Meat Katie, Presets, DIM - Bulldoze My People 26. Cicada - Come Together (BeatauCue Remix) 27. Moonbootica - High Rollers (Original Mix) 28. Adele, Elite Force, Calvertron, Ghets Noch - Rumour (Revamped) LT 29. Elite Force, Krafty Kuts, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk - Blue Monday 30. Chemical Brothers, Miles Dyson, Elite Force - 21st Century Swoon 31. Congorock - Babylon (Uppermost Vs Krafty Kuts Mix) 32. Elite Force, Hatiras, Vandal, Stanton Warriors - MAD 33. Deadmau5 - Meow (Skrillex Remix) (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) 34. Zoo Brazil, Elite Force - Modular (Revamp) 35. The Loops of Fury - Don`t Stop 36. Elite Force, Afrojack, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize - Death on Acid 37. Killers, Deadmau5, Elite Force - Soul Souljah 38. Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Elite Force Revamp)

Peter Blick - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 016
Oct 12 2011 64 mins  
DISTRIKT was easily my favorite sound camp this year (and in years past with The Deep End). Proper sound system, really pro crew of people, consistently solid, bumpin' tunes (with no concern about headliner DJs), blended fresh fruit cocktails all day (seriously?), always a fun vibe and you can pretty much count on finding some of your favorite people there. So YES- I was really stoked to be asked to play a set at DISTRIKT this year. It had been a while since playing a big sound system so I made sure to get lots of sleep the night before and to have 30 or 40 tunes in mind going into it. As you can tell from the mix or listening to the set live- I generally like to keep my sets pretty eclectic- bumpin house to techno to deep house, a little electro, breaks, funky latin stuff, classics, remixes and so on. Considering I haven't played out very much over the last year (since helping open and run the club Public Works in SF) I feel like the set went pretty well. I hope people enjoy it and pass it on to their friends. Thanks so much to the DISTRIKT crew for having me play, all their hard work, fundraising and for making the best Burning Man sound camp once again. - Peter Blick Track List 1. Marc Miroir/Pascal - Rezolution 2. Vincenzo - Return of Sha 3. Carlo Lio - Purple Soul 4. Sei A- Body of Eyes (Gesaffelstein Remix) 5. Oliver$ - Doin' Ya Thing (Dub Mix) 6. WB.. - Hide You 7. Layo & Bushwacka! - Summers Gone 8. Lee Jones - YoYo 9. Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk 10. Maceo Plex - Crush on Me (Popof Remix) 11. Nicolas Jaar - El Bandido 12. Layo and Bushwacka - Dr. Teeth 13. Gus Gus - Over (Life and Death Remix) For more information on Peter visit him at: www.facebook.com/peter.blick www.soundcloud.com/blicksmix www.myspace.com/peoplewatch

The Scumfrog - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 015
Oct 05 2011 126 mins  
This week we continue our series of live recordings from Burning Man Rites of Passage with yet another gem from our good friend, The Scumfrog (a.k.a. Jess Houk). This recording is Jesse's two-hour closing set from Thursday afternoon at DISTRIKT. Enjoy! "The most common question people ask me about Burning Man is 'How is Burning Man different from Electronic Music festivals?' Burners will agree that the more familiar you grow with ‘the Playa’, the harder it becomes to define it, because the more you become accustomed to the BM lifestyle, the bigger the gap becomes between you and people who have not yet been exposed. However, my personal favorite element that elevates Burning Man above the EDM festivals is the complete lack of ‘normal world’ pop-culture trends. When I DJ on an EDM festival stage, I play for an audience that will most likely be familiar with trends such as Beatport Top10s, the ‘in’-sound (this month), the outdated sounds (anything before this month), what DJ so-and-so played in their viral Youtube clip from last week, etc., etc." "So in the process of preparing for such a gig, I will be bound in my choice of music by taking such trends into account. However, at Burning Man -- and especially at DISTRIKT -- the audience is much broader than hipsters, rave-bunnies and house-heads. At the end of every set on the playa there is always a handful of people that will say “I never paid attention to this kind of music, but I am now a fan”. On top of that, the other-worldly surroundings of Black Rock City enable a DJ to really explore the entire musical spectrum. So for a sunset at DISTRIKT, I prepare my set as if it were a sunset on Mars...(with my 1000 closest friends of course). DISTRIKT has always been the perfect venue to play special tracks, both old and new, that are difficult to get across in regular venues because they require a unique backdrop. The Playa is that backdrop and this year I sprinkled those tracks with timeless vocals from Nina Simone to Sting, from The Rolling Stones to Tony Montana. All the while keeping a close eye on the sun that with every minute inches closer to the contours of the Nevada mountains. Or is it Mars....?" - The Scumfrog Tracklist 01. Little River Band – It’s A Long Way There (intro) 02. Juan Diaz - Hardbongo 03. Dino Lenny – Fly Like An Eagle 04. Max Freegrant – Get High 05. Panorama – Smash Pump 06. Nunchux – Do You Know Him 07. Missy Elliott – Get Involved (Joe T Vanelli Remix) 08. Eric Entrena – Dengue Express 09. Matteo DiMarr - Blower 10. Umek - Zagreb 11. Patrick M – Spelling 12. Md X-Spress –God Made Me Phunky (2011 Remix) 13. Chris Lake & Nelski – Colours 14. Afrojack – Grindin 15. Cassius – Sound Of Violence (Luciano Remix) 16. NuFrequency ft.Shara Nelson – Go That Deep (Charles Remix) 17. DJ Sabelo – Vuyisa 18. Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter 19. Ismael Rivas – El Farol 20. DJ Ortzy – Yelembe Yelembe 21. MASH – Everything’s Gone 22. Yousef – 1000 Pictures 23. The Scumfrog & Sting – If I Ever Lose My Faith In You 24. Future Disciple – Total Recall 25. Tiger Stripes – Elektrochemie (Pleasure Seeker Remix) 26. Darren Emerson – Au Go Go (Darren Emerson Remix) For more information on The Scumfrog visit him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ScumfrogArtist

DJ Kramer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 014
Sep 28 2011 151 mins  
Wow, what a year on the Playa! I must say that of my dozen Burns, this was definitely at the top. From our beautiful, brand new DISTRIKT camp design and top notch camp members to our upgraded, full throttle sound system and the cage over the dance floor...but mostly because of you. I have never seen so many smiling faces, amazing energy and love for the music as I did this year. All year long I look forward to my Saturday closing set at DISTRIKT and for 8 consecutive years I've had the privilege to play the final set, pre-Burn at the best party, for the best people, in the best place. But this year was special. In 15 years of being a DJ I have never felt so connected to a crowd, so in touch with the music and so happy to do what I do. Now we can re-live that epic afternoon. This is a journey through new and old...starting with some tech house, then into some techno, tribal, progressive, and then some classics. The bad news is that of the 4 hours I played, only 2.5 hours were recorded. The good news is that I've broken my playa curse of recording mishaps and 2.5 hours were recorded!! So, for those of you who didn't make it out this year, here's some of what you missed. For those of you who were there, that last hour plus was special and just for you and I hope it lives in your memory as one of the best sunsets of your life...I still get goosebumps when I shut my eyes and listen to this recording, picturing the awesome madness that was that afternoon, I hope when you close your eyes and listen feel the same. I really want to thank everyone for all the incredible feedback on this year's closing set, I so appreciate hearing from you...remember, I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for being part of the best party on earth...and just wait until next year!! See you on the dance floor! - Kramer (ps - here's some video to take you back to Saturday afternoon... http://djkramer.com/about/video/) Track List 01 Daft Punk - Overture/The Grid (Kramer Edit) 02 Cirez D - Full Stop 03 Lank & Cid Inc. - Our Benefactors (King Unique Remix) 04 Stefano Noferini - Mama (Back Home Mix) 05 Mark Knight - Yalta Groove 06 Superchumbo - The Revolution (Adam Freemer RevoX Mix) 07 DJ Chus & Tom Stephan - Tormenta 08 Robert Babicz - Percofonik 09 Carl Cox - Family Guy (Jon Rundell Remix) 10 Kramer & Sam Smith - Pressurized 11 Kaiserdisco - Peak Tram 12 Dirty Harris - Dragon 13 Depeche Mode vs Cirez D - Personal Jesus vs On Off 14 Fedde Le Grand - Control Room 15 Lutzenkirchen - Spec Ops Two 16 Dirty South & Mark Knight - Stopover (Tocadisco Remix) 17 Simon & Shaker - Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes '09 feat. D-Formation) 18 Thomas Penton & Hernan Serrao - Jack's Funk (Alyson Calagna's Para Os Cariocas Mix) 19 Paco Buggin & Joy Marquez - Sambadrome 20 Funk D'Void - Diabla (Funk D'Void's Heavenly Mix) 21 Sasha - Xpander (Funkagenda Remix) 22 D.Ramirez & Dirty South - Shield 23 Quivver - Surin (Lutzenkirchen Remix) 24 Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face 25 Underworld - Rez 26 Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Max Graham Remix) 27 Kings of Tomorrow - Finally (Danny Tenaglia's Return To Paradise Mix)

VITAMINDEVO - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 013
Sep 21 2011 57 mins  
After being in the Dust for ten days your thought process begins to sway in the way of being cloudy. Having cut-throat electro tracks and nasty Basslines, sweeping thru the air for a week also tends to change your school of thought. Having said this I had been poppin’ over to DISTRIKT every day at least once, to get my daytime wiggle on. As part of Robot Heart, it was nice to see our BOT dropping sub-science alongside everyone towards the end of the week. The bass was always fresh and the “Captain’s” air horn was always boomin’, letting everyone in the crowd (and the neighbors) know that it was time to jump as high as possible and scream at the top of their dusty lungs. So when it came time for me to rock the DISTRIKT system on Saturday, I had already played six sets on the playa. This would be my last of the year at Burning Man and as it was on the earlier side of the day, I thought it best to lay down a nice progressive acid set, for that somber reminder, that it was all about to be over, but all is not lost. I miss you already Black Rock City, but hopefully with this set on your iPod you’ll only crave for more next year :) Thank you DISTRIKT crew for letting me drop beats at the best day party on the playa! Need I say more? See you all in 2012 under the melting sun. - VITAMINDEVO Track List 1. Martin Roth - “Deep Style” - Anjuna Deep 2. Evren Ulusoy - “Rulers Make Bad Lovers” (Max Demand Remix) - Proton Music 3. Da Fresh_Vs_Maverickz - ”Salsepareille” (Lewis Lastella Remix) - Pumpz Recordings 4. Arthur Deep & Shiftone - ”Freedom” - Proton Music 5. JOZHY K - “5 Element” - LOHIT 6. Da Fresh - “Arpegia“ (Da Fresh Remix) - Harmony Music 7. Osbahr “Purple Lake” - Zero Digital 8. DAVI - “Black Rock City” (Robert Babicz Spaced Out Cosmic Remix) -Subtract Music 9. Azari & III - ”Infinity” - Turbo Recordings 10. Uttam - “Eclectic Melows” - LOHIT 11. PanPot - ”Captain My Captain” (Booka Shade Remix) - KNM For more information on VITAMINDEVO visit: http://vitamindevo.com http://facebook.com/vitamindevomusic http://soundcloud.com/vitamindevo

Ethan Miller - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 012
Sep 15 2011 68 mins  
Given that we're talking about Burning Man, the following might seem obvious, but I'll say it anyway. =) It has always been my belief that the hard work, the dirt, the sweat, the energy expended working with your friends to build a space in which to celebrate, is what makes it sacred, what imbues it with spirit, what sets it up to go absolutely mental. This phenomenon has never been so insanely evident as it was at DISTRIKT this year - the place went regularly bat shit crazy. In the best possible way. Knowing this, I was so, so, stoked to be playing, on the Saturday of the burn, right before my good friend, Kramer. Having just tag teamed a blistering techno set with him a month ago, he and I had joked earlier in the week about whether we could play techno at DISTRIKT, it being a 'day time' party. Imagine my surprise then when, parked at the DISTRIKT bar (all day =) I'm hearing phat techno. So, that question answered, I knew I could bang it when I wanted to. All good, but in the week prior (while shopping for day time music ;) I'd struck a fat vein of super-well-produced, rollin, trippy house with a slight techno sensibility in the drumming that I was dying to play. Timid Boy. Bad Ass. So that's where I started, you can see where it lead. Have to say, this is one of my favorite sets in a long time. I had so much fun playing tunes surrounded by freaks. Literally. Freaks in the front, freaks in the back, freaks in the booth, freaks on the roof, freaks gettin down everywhere. What a view. Massive, massive thanks to DISTRIKT for the hard work, love and dedication, and for having me. Hope you enjoy the set. Turn it up! Track List 1. Bandits and Dangerous Animals (Original Mix) - Timid Boy 2. Dark Side (Original Mix) - Timid Boy 3. The Other Way (Original Mix) - Timid Boy 4. Entreat (Original Mix) - Timid Boy 5. La Mandarina (Original Mix) - Timid Boy 6. Redisc (Original Mix) - Lutzenkirchen 7. Hey Baby (Original Mix) - Oliver Klein and Peter Jurgens 8. 8-Bit Nighttrain (Original Club Mix) - Daniel Portman and Nora En Pure 9. Window Pain (Original Mix) - Christian Cambas and PHNTM 10. Mantra (Christian Cambas Remix) - Luigi Rocca 11. Fireball (Lutzenkirchen Remix) - Christian Cambas A little background on this week's guest.... Colorful founder of the much-loved Bay Area dance collective, Friends and Family, Ethan Miller has been making dance floors sweat since 1993. Known early in his career for hard Acid and Techno sets, the years since have revealed a taste for Breaks, House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno of all flavors. While currently turning up at BrassTax, Strategik, SWAG, MotorCityJam, Want It!, Bounce, Distrikt and other local underground events, Ethan has also held residencies at MAD Mondays, RhythmMethod, Delve, and of course Friends and Family. Reaching way back you'd have found him tearing it up at the legendary raves of the early 90s: The Gathering, Vision, Basics, Harmony, F8, Gateway Systems, and more. 18 years later, he's still goin and with a fresh head of steam well in evidence in this bangin set from Distrikt. For the the complete musical trip through Ethan's DJ travels, visit his web site at www.djethan.com. There you'll find the complete collection of his favorite mixes all free for your listening pleasure. If you've got an iPhone, point it at m.djethan.com for an enhanced and streaming version of the same collection. Ethan is available for gigs near and far; you can reach him at [email protected]

Lee Coombs - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 011
Sep 07 2011 67 mins  
We're back from Black Rock City, Boys and Girls, with hours upon hours of dark and dirty playa sets recorded live from DISTRIKT at Burning Man Rites of Passage! Today we're quite pleased to present you with the very first of those recordings from our good pal, Lee Coombs of Thrust Recordings. Enjoy! "It’s been two years since I have visited the Playa and I couldn’t wait to play my first DISTRIKT set. There is something really special about a huge daytime party in the desert! I re-edited and re-mixed like a mad man in the weeks leading up to Burning Man to make sure I had the right tunes for the job. DISTRIKT has the kind of vibe that I love, the crowd wants to hear Rolling Underground Beats that carry you through the day and then onto the night. They know quality and when they hear it, the place erupts. Hats off to you DISTRIKT. I had an Epic afternoon and loved every minute of it. Thank You!" - Lee Coombs x Track List 1. Steve Lawler – Kalimba [R&S] 2. Reset Robot – V3 [Sprout] 3. Iguana Djs – Nasty Night (Lee Coombs Remix) [Thrust Recordings] 4. Trent Cantrelle Vs Princess Superstar – Robot (Lee Coombs Remix) [Sounds Like Music] 5. Josh Wink – Everybody to the sun (Slam Remix) [Ovum] 6. Ways and Means – Scissorfight (Lee Coombs Remix) [Audio23] 7. Bushwacka! – West Side [Olmeto] 8. Marco Bailey – Watergate [Bedrock] 9. Secret Cinema – Pass the Dutchie [Mistakes Music] 10. Shlomi Aber – Create Balance (Lee Coombs Edit) [Ovum] 11. The Freakazoids – Freakazoid Experiments (Lee Coombs Burning Man Remix) [Thrust Recordings Promo] 12. Lee Coombs – Break 9541 (Ways and Means Remix) [Thrust Recordings Promo] 13. Lee Coombs and Meat Katie – Thinking of you [Lot49] A little more background on this week's distinguished guest... Bending boundaries and ignoring the status quo – where would the electronic music scene be today without Lee Coombs? For over a decade this British producer has been at the forefront of it all; releasing groundbreaking mix CDs, remixing the world’s most acclaimed artists and knocking out dancefloor destroying productions that are considered classics years after their release. A seasoned veteran, Coombs first hit the DJ slopes in 1989, bathing himself in the acid house scene at parties around London and Cambridge. Crucial in shaping his all-encompassing approach to DJing and production, this boundary-less approach would become Coombs’ trademark, mixing up breaks, house, electro, techno and acid with dexterous assurance. In 1998 Coombs made his first massive strike on the breaks scene as the prized recruit of then ‘up and coming’label Finger Lickin’, with the man’s acclaimed album of 2001 ‘Future Sound of Retro’ signalling his arrival on the world stage. The album struck a chord within the dance music community, so much so that respected industry figurehead Pete Tong noted him as the ‘man to watch’. An ‘Essential New Tune’ accolade soon followed courtesy of Tong, with Coombs’ re-rub of Quivver’s ‘One Last Time’ making dance fans weak at the knees the world over. Such was the demand for Coombs, that luminary Paul Oakenfold was soon knocking at his door, resulting in the critically acclaimed Perfecto Breaks album of 2002. After landing the job of remixing Oakenfold’s ‘Time of your Life’ and then further re-rubs for world class acts such as Moby, New Order, Lamb and Planet Funk, Coombs’ status as one of the industry’s most in-demand artists quickly developed. Even the BBC was under the Coombs spell with them flying him over to Prague in the summer of 2003 to record the theme music for the television program ‘Born to Win’ with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Ever the musical innovator, Lee Coombs’ 2004 album release ‘Breakfast of Champions’ signalled a significant evolution in his sound. Collaborating with some of the most respected artists in his field – from Dylan Rhymes to Christian J, Andy Gardner (Plump DJs) and Jem Panufnik (Soul of Man), the album charted the (continued)

Elite Force - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 010
Aug 17 2011 60 mins  
"We were somewhere around Gerlach on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold....I remember saying something like 'I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive'. And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge jetsprays, all swooping and screeching and diving around the RV, which was going about three miles an hour with the windows open, cruising to Black Rock City. And a voice was screaming: 'Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn animals?'.....I regained my composure and drawled, 'My friend, we are home. THIS is DISTRIKT.'" - Hunter "Shack" Thomspon For sixteen years our pal Simon Shackleton (or "Shack" as we like to call him) has been writing, recording and releasing chart-topping tracks under various pseudonyms (Elite Force, Zodiac Cartel, Dust Bowl, Lunatic Calm and Flicker Noise) for many of the world's finest dance labels (Lot49, TCR, Kingsize, Thrust Recordings). And few, if any, have made a more indelible imprint on the world of dance music in as many areas (DJ, producer & label boss) over a longer period of time than has Shack. The most recognized of his aliases, Elite Force, has been celebrated around the globe for both his accomplishments in the studio and incendiary live DJ sets. Earlier this year, he received the prestigious Breakspoll award for top producer while his multi-genre label, U&A Recordings, was also recognized by Breakspoll as the very best in the world of breakbeat. In his twenty-one years as a DJ, Elite Force has electrified dance crowds at major clubs and international festivals with his signature "bass-driven warehouse music" from Kazakhstan to Australia, London to Tokyo and Budapest to Black Rock City. "Elite Force unites the sometimes warring factions of electro house, techno, and breakbeat, like a peace keeper who values the spirit of cooperation and tolerance", wrote Beatport in 2009. "He was forged in the fires of breakbeat, which has always had a habit of sucking in sounds that pass by. His sets are like a team performance, with tracks coming from all corners of the bass-driven sector, to create a vibrant hodgepodge of boundary-pushing dance music….“ Unbeknownst to many of his fans, Shack's exploits as a producer extend far beyond the realm of dance music into film, television and even video games. His music has been the soundtrack for major motion pictures like The Matrix, Emmy-award winning TV shows such as CSI and his recent collaboration with acclaimed film-score composer, Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, X-Men), on PS3's Motorstorm Apocalypse is yet another crown jewel in a litany of musical accomplishments. Since his first pilgrimage to Black Rock City in 2009, Shack has become a good friend to many of us who make our home on the corner of 9:00 and F at Burning Man. And we're thrilled to have him back in the DISTRIKT line-up again in 2011 (you can catch Shack's closing set on the DISTRIKT sound system Wednesday afternoon). Suffice to say we couldn't think of a better choice for this, the last episode of the DISTRIKT podcast before Burning Man, than Elite Force. Enjoy Everyone! For a complete listing of Elite Force-Zodiac Cartel Burning Man set times visit http://on.fb.me/elite-force-burning-man-gigs. To pick up a copy of Elite Force's "We Are DISTRIKT" (the proceeds of which will be donated to the DISTRIKT camp) visit http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-distrikt/399357. And for more information on Shack visit www.eliteforcemusic.com or www.facebook.com/djeliteforce. Track List 1. Hiatus - Insurrection (featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson) 2. Julio Bashmore - Battle for Middle You 3. The Subs - Face of the Planet (Style of Eye Mix) 4. Cirez D & Acki Kokotos - Sirtos Madness 5. &ME - Clamb 6. Bart Skills - Dust 7. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch (TJR MIx) 8. Mord Fustang Vs Banglater - Lick The Scratch (Elite Force Revamp) 9. Reset! - Calypsoul (Elite Forc(continued)

Treavor Moontribe - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 008
Jul 20 2011 70 mins  
This week we welcome DJ/producer Treavor Moontribe of the L.A.-based Moontribe Collective to the podcast. After captivating about a dozen or so of our clan with a jaw-dropping renegade set at Lightening in a Bottle this year, DISTRIKT governor, Mike Reigle, wasted no time nominating Treavor for a spot on our show. And here you have it, seventy minutes of dark, intoxicating techno from one of L.A.'s finest DJs. Enjoy, Everyone. Track List 1. Muzarco - Red Streams (Airborne Tool) 2. Soliquid - Kabal 3. Max Cooper - Ripple (Marc Marzenit De Tardor Remix) 4. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Happy Fat Kids 5. Makrostorung - Die gruene Katze strikes Back 6. Darko Esser - Zuurkool (Chymera Old School Mix) 7. Egostereo - Gajin 8. Erphun - Arrak 9. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Too Much 10. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Vuvuzela 11. Flippers & DJ Slater feat. U-Prag - Virus (Fiord Remix) 12. Solid Snake - A Handful Of Snakes 13. Cid Inc. - Wannabe www.moontribe.org www.distriktcamp.com A little more background on this week's guest.... Treavor Moontribe is one of the co-founders of the Los Angeles based “Moontribe Collective” and its legendary full moon desert gatherings. Since 1993, these events have been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene. Treavor established himself as one of the top Djs in LA thru these events and has since traveled the world from Brazil to Japan to Morocco, Portugal, Germany and all over North America. As a Dj it’s always been his diversity that’s set him apart from his peers. As Treavor always says himself he refuses to be “Genre-Fied” or be a one dimensional DJ. His love for music spans multiple genres and his DJing reflects this. Although he is most well known for Psy Trance and Techno styles, Treavor prides himself on having the ability to fit in anywhere and anytime. Over the years Treavor has also established himself as a dynamic music producer having released music under several project names for labels like Bedrock, Six Degrees and White Swan Records. His most notable project by far is Desert Dwellers, which is a “virtual band” with members in multiple west coast US states. It all began in 2000 when Treavor first got in the studio with Amani Friend. They instantly clicked and started releasing music under the name Amani vs. Teapot. Out of that project came Desert Dwellers and over the years they’ve released multiple albums and countless singles, EP’s and remixes. After many years being a strictly studio project, Desert Dwellers has built up quite the fan base and the demand for live performances continues to grow. With that the once strictly studio project is slowly but surely becoming a real life band and touring seems inevitable. To learn more about Treavor Moontribe or Desert Dwellers please visit the following links... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Treavor-Moontribe/137939686277429 https://www.facebook.com/desertdwellers www.moontribe.org www.desertdwellers.org For bookings please contact Jessica Raymond [email protected]

Influence - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 006
Jun 16 2011 64 mins  
"When I was asked to record a mix for the new DISTRIKT podcast, I tried to take myself back to the playa and the dusty daytime action that DISTRIKT creates. In my own interpretation I felt the need for tribal aspects of dirty progressive breaks, funk tech Electro and smooth driving basslines. Not only because some of my favorite sets at DISTRIKT consisted of DJs playing these styles, but I tried to imagine myself playing at DISTRIKT with all the dusty, beautiful people ready to get down and what I would play at that very moment. The track selection, style and all out emotion of this mix plain and simply explains myself and what I would one day love to bring to the atmosphere that is DISTRIKT." - Influence Track List 1. Colombo – Summit 2. Hedflux - Revolve 3. Colombo – CousCous 4. Brainkiller – One Shot 5. Future Frog & Perfect Cell – It’s We 6. Utku S. – Move With Me (BioBlitz Remix) 7. Alex Mind & Frederik Olufsen – RIO To CPH (Alex Kidd Remix) 8. Emily Haines & Tiesto – Knock You Out (Keemerah Remix) 9. Kloe, Imprintz, J. Scott G – Return Of The King (Lazy Rich Remix) 10. Lazy Rich – No More Games feat. Cassandra Nantel (Alex Kidd Remix) 11. Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow 12. Hypster – Neon Teens For more information on Influence visit www.strategiksf.com For more information on DISTRIKT, and to make a donation, visit www.distriktcamp.com DISTRIKT artwork and Podomatic page design by Tricia O'Connor Hamon DISTRIKT voice promos courtesy of Sarah Tancer (www.sarahtancer.com)

Zach Moore - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 003
May 04 2011 75 mins  
After a one-year Burning Man hiatus, I am excited to be heading back to the playa this year with my good friends at DISTRIKT. All four of my previous Burning Man experiences took place at 9:00 and F when the camp was called The Deep End and many of my closest friends, including my best friend Piper Hook, remain key members of the camp today. So it's only appropriate I return to that familiar spot, where I've had so many wonderful experiences, for my fifth Burn. A little background on yours truly by way of introduction: I'm an Ohio native and have called San Francisco my home for almost seventeen years. I spent three of the best years of my life as a Dj with The Deep End (2006-2009) before joining up with the Space Cowboys in January 2010 (which has been an equally rewarding experience). I produce three podcasts including one for the Cowboys called The RIPEcast and this one for DISTRIKT, which is a collaborative effort with my good pal and DISTRIKT resident, Kramer. The mix you're about to hear is a compilation of day-time house tracks entitled "Gettin' Down at The Compound". It's an homage to my favorite after-hours spot in San Francisco, a place I refer to affectionately as "The Compound" (some of you may know it as "PachaSF"). I think you'll find this set will come in quite handy when your Friday night has turned into Saturday afternoon or when your Saturday night has become Sunday morning or any other occasion when you've been up for a while and there is little chance you'll be sleeping any time soon..... Enjoy the mix, Boys and Girls, and I'll see you on the Playa at 9:00 and F! - Zach Track List 1. Amnesia Haze - Butch 2. Where Does Your Mind Go? (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remix) - Beardyman 3. Broke - Inland Knights 4. Clap Your Hands - Karol XVII & MB Valence 5. Back to Dub - Ivan-I & Jason Howell 6. Lola's Theme (Extended Vocal Mix) - The Shapeshifters 7. I Am So Right - Inland Knights 8. Night Train - Bush Doctors 9. Disco Shhh - Butch 10. Canoa - (Chus & David Herrero Balaerica Mix) - Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory 11. Kings in Exile (Booka Shade Remix) - Fritz Kalkbrenner 12. Dream It - DJ Simi 13. Night Visions - Sultan 14. Young Mountain - Vincenzo For more information on DISTRIKT, and to make a donation, visit www.distriktcamp.com DISTRIKT artwork by Tricia O'Connor Hamon DISTRIKT voice promos courtesy of Sarah Tancer (www.sarahtancer.com) For more information on Zach visit www.djzachmoore.com

DJ Kramer - DISTRIKT Podcast - Episode 001
Mar 25 2011 86 mins  
:: About the Mix :: I’m very excited to be providing the debut mix for our DISTRIKT Podcast. We guarantee to bring you the best music from the best DJs, just like we do in the desert. My brand new and exclusive 90 minute Tribal Tech mix is guaranteed to take you to straight back to the playa for one of my Saturday afternoon closing sets. Deep and proggy Tech House meets thick, driving Techno and Tribal in this aural adventure. - Kramer :: About Kramer :: Kramer is a well accomplished DJ and producer with 15 years experience in the electronic music scene. Whether in the club, on the web or in the middle of the desert, thousands of fans around the world experience Kramer’s signature Tribal Progressive-Tech House sound. His ear for programming, seasoned mixing skills and energetic presence behind the decks have made Kramer one of the top DJs in the San Francisco underground scene and well beyond; from San Francisco to New York and Mexico City to Madrid. Kramer is also one of the co-creators of The Deep End and DISTRIKT at Burning Man. Running for 7 strong years, The Deep End and DISTRIKT became one of the most well know day parties on the planet. Every year the camp hosts over 3,000 people on it’s dance floor every day and is well known for it’s incredible music, community and open bar. Kramer’s 4-hour sets at the closing party every year on Saturday before the burn have become a highlight of the Burning Man week. Kramer is also one half of the production team Methodrone. Their highly regarded debut album Nonlinear Reality released on Looq Records has been compared to classic ground breaking productions by Charlie May & Sasha, Voyage and Breeder. Their music has also caught the ear of Hollywood, with tracks featured in the number one rated show CSI: New York and the racing game WRC FIA World Rally Championship. Remixes by team Methodrone include the classic We Are Connected by Jondi & Spesh as well as MoMu’s Space Pimp. Their follow up album Where is the New World is slated for release in June 2011 on Looq. On his own, Kramer also has releases on Transition Records, Helvetica Noir, Lo-Rise Recordings and Knob Records. His most recent work includes remixes for Myagi’s label Pop+Lock and TekFreaks label Teknical Funk. A diverse and well rounded DJ, producer and digital media artist, Kramer is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and lives in San Francisco. Track List 01 Nic Fanciulli – Materia 02 ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris – Delta 03 Collins & Behnam – King of Bubbles (Meat Katie Remix) 04 Muzarco – Prophet On Jupiter (Guy J Remix) 05 Beckers & D-Nox – G-Traffic 06 Lauma – Katana 07 Beckers & D-Nox – Call Me (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) 08 Antix – The Hoard (Dousk Remix) 09 Victor Calderone – Give It Up (Carlos Manaca Remix) 10 Robert Babicz – Percofonik 11 Nick Muir – Airtight (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) 12 Robert Babicz – Pink Trees 13 Methodrone – s4D (Art Of Hot Remix) 14 Gerardo Portilla – Pure For more infomation on Kramer visit http://djkramer.com DISTRIKT artwork and PodOmatic page design by Tricia O'Connor Hamon DISTRIKT vox promos courtesy of Sarah Tancer (http://sarahtancer.com) DISTRIKT Podcast co-produced by DJ Kramer and DJ Zach Moore

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