Episode 98: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Internet

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May 28 2020 41 mins   33
Content Warning: today's bad idea involves discussion of intolerance, online hate groups, and Neo-Nazism, all involving young people. If you would like to skip that and just listen to our chat with David about creativity and his work in media, you can start the episode at 20:20 . Today on No Bad Ideas, special guest star David Rheinstrom returns with a bad idea of his very own! David brings us one of the scariest, most startling bad ideas that we've ever had on the show, and the team tries to find a way to disarm the bomb that is a teenage boy leading an online hate group. Then, we get to have a creative corner chat with David about his multifaceted pursuits, and how he's seen the world of podcasting and audio fiction grow up during his years hosting Radio Drama Revival. All of that, plus comedy that turns to pain, more serious veins, braggy-brags, secret terrorists, and the value of stories that confront the scary things around us. Today’s Bad Ideas™: Idea #1 If you’d like to check out more of David’s work, follow him on Twitter, enjoy the back catalog of Radio Drama Revival, and find his courses on Khan Academy! Support the show.