NEW WRLD ? Planning & Trying something new ! #5

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Apr 21 2020 22 mins  

 YUUURRRRRR !! I haven't made a podcast in SOOOOOO LONG !! In this episode I'm talking about the new world we're living in and how different everything might actually be.. Don't worry this whole episode isn't about the rona.. I'm also getting into how I'm really feeling in life and how I'm trying to change my habits into better ones and plan for my future the right way now. I've made a lot of mistakes but I'm trying to be a better person and actually make something out of this one life that I have. If your feeling lost in life just know your okay and you will get through this. You just can't give up you have no other choice but to keep your head up and accept the bad but just know that in life you will be up again.. Life is a fukin roller coaster of emotions, trial and tribulations but everything your going through is in the plan of God. I'm not that spiritual tbh but I'm trying to find my way back to God in a way that is less traditional and more talking to him like a friend ya know? Just try it b/c I definitely believe praying, Writing notes/journaling your thoughts, feelings and dream is meditating all go hand n hand. I'm about to go mediate rn so I hope you guys enjoy the podcast and maybe it opens your mind to think in a way you didn't think of before. Keep ya head up it WILL get better ! All Love ! I'll talk to ya in the next one !! <3