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Apr 03 2020 9 mins  

Hello everyone and welcome.

Even though I can't see you, I truly appreciate you even opening this video to watch it.  This video shows you how you do not need excuses to start. Just start with what you have and build and grow as you progress forward.  

Connecting Through memoirs is a Podcast that started purely through the need to remind everyone that their Life Matters and everyone has a Story to Tell. We all can learn from one another, so why not start now while we are in that process right?  

My name is Ameera and I am a Great Listener (bet you never heard a title description like that one before haha). However yes. I am that. I love hearing stories, giving encouragement when possible and even putting together an action plan if needed. What I realised is that most of the time, people do not want you to solve their problem. They just want to be listened to, have someone show them that they are valuable and feel appreciated.   

For this reason on March 30, 2020 Connecting Through memoirs Podcast started. The time to do so was more vital than ever before. More and more people are scared, lost, lonely, depressed and angry. Now mind you. I am not saying we are in the problem solving business. Nor am I saying that we are here for everyone. That would be ridiculous.   However, we are here for those few who wish to open up to a complete stranger simply because THEY CAN! Not only will this make those persons feel better and free, this Podcast platform will also allow others to listen to those stories and know that they are not alone.   

So we have not figured out as yet how many times a week we will be posting up anything. Nor have we done any marketing as yet. All we do know is that we made sure to set up our social media platforms for you to follow us on and we have a list of names to contact for FREE interviews in exchange to share their story.  If you love what you see and hear then please send a message, like all our pages, follow us also and share what you have learned. If you wish to be a guest on our podcast simply send us a message also. We would love to hear from you.   

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