Season 1 Episode #001 April speaks about how her nursing degree prepared her for her passion in Graphic Design.

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Apr 14 2020 30 mins  

Welcome Everyone.

You are about to listen to an amazing interview with host, Ameera Groeneveldt, and guest April, speaking about the topic;
Do you believe your years of education prepared you for the real world?

But first I asked her the question who is April?
I am a design and marketing consultant, helping business with branding, content creation, web design and development, research and marketing through developed strategies and techniques for over 9 years.

Below, I will give you my takeaways (Gold Nuggets) from the interview. Feel free to comment, Share, Like, Subscribe and all that good stuff.

So what was my take away? I noticed that she definitely seemed like a nurturer. Her family is very important to her. She loved helping people and that the nursing degree she earned was more about the lessons learned in Compassion and Empathy than books. She understood that dealing with the fact that someone died, after no matter how hard you tried to save them, knowing that there are other patients there waiting to be helped, made her have to snap back quickly in order to help them.

How those situations and many others prepared her for the hardships of dealing with the beginning stages of business as an entrepreneur.

The fact that the $300 she was not paid from a job she did, now looking back, she sees that as an investment into learning business. "It was like dealing with the loss of a patient". Deal with it but get back up and go. The next one is waiting.

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Here is April's information:
Business page is
Logo Design
Banner Design
Invitation Design
Brochure Design
Photo Enhancements and Manipulation
Website Design
Social Media Branding
Business Branding
Business Presentation Design

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