Season 1 Episode #002 Rhyanna speaks about how depression did not stop her from being the "Happiness Guru" she is today.

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Apr 17 2020 38 mins  

Welcome Everyone.

You are about to listen to an amazing interview with host, Ameera Groeneveldt, and guest Rhyanna, speaking about the topic;
What Is The Difference Between Living And Existing?

Below, I will give you my takeaways (Gold Nuggets) from the interview. Feel free to comment, Share, Like, Subscribe and all that good stuff.

So, the internet decided to stop working in the first part of our interview.

Unbelievable. Thank goodness I decided to do a part two interview. At first, I thought that the 2nd part ended up the only part of the interview that was recorded. Funny how life happens. Low and behold, I found the recording for part one thankfully. So, we are all good.  
The Topic of discussion was: What is the difference between living and existing?

Man, oh man this 19-year-old girl has lived indeed. She calls herself the Happiness Guru. Such a sweet smile and personality. She volunteers and gives back to her community. She lives with her fiancé and is currently working. Living in Philadelphia must be exciting. She then told me that at the age of 10, she was diagnosed with depression by a psychiatrist. 10 years old, unbelievable. She was traumatized after being told that the father she was living with was not her biological father and now there was a tug of war between her, her biological dad and her mother and the man she thought was her biological father. She was also told some traumatizing things and unfortunately that spiraled into a depression at such a young age. She then had to go on medication. 6 medications per day to be exact. Can you imagine? Unbelievable!
Taking all these medications turned her into someone she no longer recognized. She stated that she could no longer feel her soul and needed something feed it. She felt like she was just existing and not living. Amazing to realize that at such a young age. She moved in with her now faience. She imagined how it would be to finally be on her own living her life. Expecting adult life to be gilts and glam. Only to then realize that it was not all that she hoped and expected it to be. Sadly, a year ago she witnessed her mother passing away. OMG!
 (CLICK HERE to read the rest of her story)

Allow it to teach you and NOT to break you. I even opened up about my experience with the traumatic birth of my child and how I was knocking on deaths door. Her final words:  

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