Season 1 Episode #004 Ioana explains how certain colleges in her country, Romania, is practically giving college degrees away risking the safety of the people.

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Apr 24 2020 25 mins  

Welcome Everyone.

You are about to listen to an amazing interview with host, Ameera Groeneveldt, and guest Ioana, speaking about the topic;
Would you be open minded enough to listen to someone with more experience than education?

Below, I will give you my takeaways (Gold Nuggets) from the interview. Feel free to comment, Share, Like, Subscribe and all that good stuff.

Soooooooooooo good. 7 hours ahead. Amazing. She was so nice and kind. Loved her accent. How to pronounce he name: eewanna. But it is spelt IOANA. According to her, in Romania there is a big problem with the fact that getting a degree is as easy as 123. Now this does not apply to all schools but many schools. Resulting in poorly being prepared for the chosen field they are working in.  

Can you imagine having a doctor tend to you with no clue what he was doing and that he only got his degree because he either paid for it or had connections. Ummmmmm scary indeed. Think about it. What other professions are there that you would rather be helped by a highly educated person specialized in that specific area?

She explained how she felt slightly depressed when she lost a job, that she was qualified for, to a person who she knew paid for it under the table. Understandable. That can crush anyone. Love the fact that even though getting through to the government was difficult, she started a support group for persons to educate the youth about this situation in an attempt to hopefully activate change in the future. She joked that most of the time it is much harder to teach an old dog new tricks.  

She herself went through 5 years of self-discovery and phycological help to learn how to accept herself for who she is and how to deal with life's difficulties. She meditates and believes in God for His help. amazing. She has been a single mother of a 12 year old son since he was 8 months old. Going through divorce is not easy but she did it. A strong woman. She lovingly said that she raises her son like a friend and not like a child. 

(CLICK HERE to read the rest of her story)

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