10. Mental Health And Coping In The Face Of Uncertainty During The Pandemic And Any Challenging Time With Integrative Health Coach, Lori Kearney

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Oct 20 2020 49 mins  

2020 has been intensely stressful for many people. This episode is all about healthy methods, habits and strategies to help you cope and become more resilient. Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Educator Lori Kearney gives us very helpful advice and practical tips that you can implement right away to help you cultivate a resilient mind-body. Lori shares how to cope during the health and economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips will also help you during any time in your life when you are dealing with adversity, transition or simply having a tough day. What you’ll glean from this episode will also help you deal with challenges that may arise during the upcoming holiday season. Lori goes deep, I know you will find this episode extremely beneficial.

We know that stress can wreak havoc on our health as environmental toxins do. In fact, stress is considered a toxin according to environmental science. The mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Stress is the primary cause of disease and aging. Learning and implementing strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and adversity plays a huge role in your overall health and longevity.  As Lori points out, resilience is something that can be taught, it is possible to grow our emotional intelligence.

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