11. Healing Acne Naturally And Slowing Down The Signs Of Aging With Leena Roy, CEO & Creator of Niru beauty

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Oct 27 2020 33 mins  

If you are like many women prone to breakouts or if you have a teenager suffering from acne you won’t want to miss this episode. Leena Roy, Creator of Niru Beauty shares how her clean skincare line naturally clears acne and promotes healthier more youthful skin. After mainstream acne treatments failed, she turned to routines and ingredients she learned from her mother based on Indian Beauty and Ayurveda using fresh herbs and spices. After discovering the potency and efficacy of these traditional methods, she created her own skincare products and launched Niru Beauty. Lena has absolutely gorgeous skin, she's living proof that her products work.

You'll discover what her special ingredients are, how they work, why they deliver such great results and how they can help your skin. Leena also shares wonderful anti-aging methods and a quick and easy DIY skincare mask with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Oh - and you'll also hear about my call to 911 and why the fire department showed up at my house!

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Niru Beauty: https://nirubeauty.com/

Kickstart Your Intermittent Fasting Program Free 5 day Challenge: https://www.subscribepage.com/u2i0z2

West Tenth app: https://www.wtenth.com/

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