17 - Fun Is Never Overrated

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Sep 18 2020 13 mins  

Today on Dream Into It podcast, I am sharing a piece of my aloha energy with you. As always, I don’t have a script or structure to this episode. I just want you to see my process as it unfolds - including the good and the ugly.

We're running into the weekend and I hope you take the time to slow down and enjoy your Friday. Stop and take notice of the moments that are passing you by. Sink into the moments when you feel happy and refreshed.

My Friday reminder for you is to have fun. Inspiration comes from those moments when you're having fun and you let go of control. Never regret the times when you had fun and the times when you weeded out a few tasks in your to-do list. The person having fun is going to have way more energy.

Stay inspired. Stay motivated. Stay happy.

Enjoy and have fun this weekend!


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