11 - Being In The Moment and Appreciating Life with Sarah Monroe

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Jul 24 2020 27 mins  

I’m back with a new episode interview with another member of our private Facebook Group community, Empowered Fused Hawaii. With 50,000 women in the group, I don't always get the chance to talk to every one of them so having these one-on-one with these women who come on my show is such a privilege.

I "talk story" with Sarah about her journey, the ups and downs and the hills and valleys of life, of her Polynesian roots and being adopted by a family in Tennessee, balancing mom life, and we also touched on the topic of faith. What interested me the most about Sarah’s story is how she went through the various deaths that she experienced in her life and how that made her who she is today.

If I could take one lesson from this conversation, it’s about being in the moment with the people that you love and care about. Life is short and if we could all learn to appreciate life and the people we’re surrounded with everyday, then we will have no regrets.

To quote Sarah, “Don’t wait until tomorrow to say how you feel, especially about the people that care about you. Tell them today and know that regardless of what relationship you have with them, that if you give in your heart what you feel, and you're able to lay it out on the table and be very transparent - that's enough, that's more than enough."

I got chills listening to her story so don’t forget to listen in this conversation and I hope you’re able to take away some value from it. Thanks for tuning in!