Freq’y Friday #8 - Gong Meditation

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Jan 12 2019 10 mins  
Gong Meditation. Grab some headphones, get super comfy, and tune into your breath and heart beat. Deepen your breath and relax deeper and deeper with each breath. The meditation begins with 528hz tuning forks. The gong will ebb and flow and wave and wonder. Follow it. Let it take you when you need to go. Half way through there is another striking of the 528hz tuning forks, and the gong continues. Relax and deepen your connection with your heart. Let your heart subtly guide you when it wants you to go. Sink deeper and deeper into the vibrations of creation. Then meditation ends with a final strike of the 528hz tuning forks. Feel free to repeat as many times as you’d like. Stay Freq’y!