Getting Started With Bitcoin With Jack Dossman, the founder of Crypto Beginners

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May 20 2019 37 mins  

If you have ever thought about buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies but were unsure of how it all works or even where to start, you’re in the right place.

On this episode, we will take a brief look into the world of cryptocurrencies and how anyone, no matter their technical background, can safely buy and store any of the top currencies on the market at the moment.

To help with this, I am joined by cryptocurrency expert Jack Dossman, the founder of Crypto Beginners, a website containing the best crypto resources from around the web allowing beginners to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and all things crypto.

After being frustrated with the lack of easy to digest, trustworthy information online, Dossman decided to put a resource together to make it easy for beginners to learn about crypto and blockchain tech.

He frequently blogs on Medium about the fundamentals of getting started with crypto, and he is the second most popular writer regarding Bitcoin, with over 600 followers and 50,000+ story views in the past few months.