Pathwise Leadership with Co-CEOs Todd Hollow-Bist and Chad Hattrup

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Feb 14 2020 83 mins  


Pathwise Leadership with Co-CEOs Todd Hollow-Bist and Chad Hattrup


Thanks so much Todd and Chad for doing this great show.

It took a lot of time out of your day.  We think this end product is something that the Pathwise community will really enjoy.

You can find Pathwise Leadership on the web at

Topics and Ideas discussed:

* What is money?

* Twelve successful years of Pathwise

* The world of co-CEOs

* Creativity

* Personalities

* Mass murderers

* How to reconcile conflict in your inner world and outer world

* Finding quiet in the middle of chaos

* The trip to Armenia

* You are always doing your personality

Special thanks to Todd and Chad for humoring Dae in my personal journey as a guy who doesn’t really remember his childhood.

Mentioned in the show:

Money and the Meaning of Life

by Jacob Needleman

I accidentally found the following video that is available for free from libraries:

Money and Culture


thank you @Pathwise


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originally taped 2019-11-20

publish dae 2020-02-14


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