Apple at $2T, and Ikigai Patience with Bitcoin

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Aug 21 2020 18 mins  



COVID-19 Pandemic show #22

"Apple at $2T, and Ikigai Patience with Bitcoin"


Apple podcasts

Apple inc is at a $2T market capitalization

42yrs to get to $1T

21wks to get to $2T

Ikigai Patience is rewarded

bitcoin whitepaper

Preview trailer to the massive show #100 celebration

Some ideas on how to cope with the pandemic:

0. #stayHome

1. #wearAmask in public

a. physical distancing

b. don’t spit or cough or sneeze on people

iii. wash your hands often with hot water and soap for 30sec

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taped Wednesday night, 2020-08-19.

published Friday, 2020-08-21.


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