Bitcoin mining & What's next for Arry

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Jul 09 2019 31 mins  
Welcome to the podcast with Dae, (WAN sales engineer and now angel investor and podcaster) and Arry (a fellow podcaster and Chair of the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council) Bitcoin’s volatile price action back up over $12k USD on Monday, July 8th. Coming ack after the July 4th Holiday and it seems like people are interested in accumulating bitcoin during U.S. market hours. Satoshi math as of the recording July 3rd, gets you 8112 satoshis per $1.00 with each bitcoin going for $12,327 each. At $10k/BTC, $1.00 buys you 10,000 satoshis. Atomo Coffee, Andy Kleitsch, please don't make a white t-shirt for your #schwag! GeekWire KickStarter Fun with crypto mining gear. Dae shares the beginning steps of his first steps into bitcoin mining. He’s been wanting to do this for a long while. Shout out to Andy Kleitsch of Atomo Coffee. s/o to Tomasz for the old miner loaners. Clues from "The Internet of Money" by Andreas Antonopolous. Paying for the power up front with a $35k solar installation with Tesla. Look up my friend Tomasz Wojewoda, twitter @twojewoda He created It’s a way to purchase mining power as a cloud service. And AGA tokens from the cloud service (like AWS) can be exchanged for other crypto assets on the Waves Platform It’s a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Seattle Blockchain Underground meetup group that we run is featuring Tatiana Moros this Friday, July 12th at OnePiece Work (720 Third Ave, Suite 1900) Arry's next steps. Arry shares a little bit about the question people keep asking, “What’s next for Arry?” And some advice she got from Rahul Sood of Unikrn. The advice to write-up a life one-pager from Rahul. She is making the public commitment to write it up. Picking the right problem space to go after next. Startup tips. A discussion about unicorns (billion dollar companies) vs lifestyle companies. James Hu of (that is not a typo, it is “co” at the end) is a great little service company here in Seattle. Future guests will be coming! Events: * July 12th, Seattle Blockchain Underground meetup with WTIA’s co-sponsorship with Tatiana Moroz at OnePiece Work (720 Third Ave, Suite 1900, Seattle) * July 31st, WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Council community happy hour - drinks, food and views. Thank you for listening y’all! Please share Windshield Time with your friends and family. Would love help with ratings and comments #togetherWeRise Be nice to each other out there and #stackSats using #satoshiMath Closing out with my old friend Andy from Charlotte! (as always, i have a fun little outtake at the final end of the show) --- Send in a voice message: