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Jul 19 2019 71 mins  



Tatiana songs!, Ross Ulbricht, ICO Perspective, Anti-War

BONUS ep016 LIVE SHOW - tatiana songs and chat with the blockchain underground

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Starting off with some introductions:

Nick Ellingson - WTIA Startup Ambassador @NickEllingson23

THANK YOU to him and the WTIA for the food and beverages and sponsorship of the event.

OnePiece Work - the venue.  THANK YOU TO THEM.


SONG AT 5:02 - The Bitcoin Jingle

Tatiana has performed all over the world at conferences and events around bitcoin.

Truly THANKFUL for her being here for the show.

Her high and low moments of the trip.


Her background and history in the space of bitcoin and cryptoassets.

It’s been a lifelong journey from even as a child.

Bitpay guys - Steven Pare and Tony Gallippy, sponsored her performance.

Jeffrey Tucker - evangelist and economist.

The idea that the beneficial philosophies surrounding Libertarianism can be implemented with bitcoin.

Tatiana Coin.

How about Tatiana Coin?

Artists should be able to tell the story of humanity without the fear of big businesses and retaliation.

Loyalty programs and relationships are one of the best use cases.

The Tatiana Coin ICO didn’t happen, but it should have.

A summary by Arry of what Tatiana is, and how her ethos brought her more down the rabbit hole.

Andreas Antonopolous

Pamela Morgan.

The sale of Bitcoin Magazine and the bloody process of the sale.

Been doing the Tatiana show podcast since 2015.

The tragedy of a first time offender being convicted to a double-life plus 40yr prison sentence: Ross Ulbricht.

They sold bibles.

The possible conspiracy of the USA/global War on Drugs.

Chuck Schumer’s mission to take down Silk Road.

The tragedy of Ross Ulbricht.


The concept of freedom of speech combined with artistic choices with a heavy backdrop of big record labels.

Gangs and solitary confinement in prison.

SONG: The Silk Road

also published as a single podcast as BONUS ep002 - The Silk Road by Tatiana Moroz.

The tragedy of the big business of crime and prisons in the United States of America.

Always at least two sides to every story.

Anti-war idea.

SONG: Playin the Cards

Be nice to each other out there… #TogetherWeRise !


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