Big Bitcoin Politics, Anxiety and Fundraising Tips

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Jul 19 2019 25 mins  


Big Bitcoin Politics, Anxiety and Fundraising Tips

Arry intro.

Dae intro.

Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Coinbase app: At $10,703 at 4:40pm and for #SatoshiMath

$1.00 = 9,343 satoshis.

at $10k/bitcoin, you get 10,000 satoshis.

Because at $1.00 / 0.00010000 = 10,000 satoshis

Both Arry and Dae feeling anxious and frustrated in this recording.  Arry just had her therapy session and it left her feeling extra anxious.

Bitcoin is now legal.  Hasn’t it always been legal?

Bitcoin Jingle from Tatiana Moroz has been playing nonstop for Arry and Dae.  Dae inspired to setup the house with more audio.

We are “news’ed” out.  Facebook and crypto is misleading.  

Arry’s extra anxiousness from therapy bleeds into the room and the recording and into Dae.  Yes, this is marriage.  

Dae is extra frustrated too.  So the rest of the recording is with Dae and Arry in an anxious, frustrated state.

A extremely big financial news week.

Steve Mnuchin

Jerome Powell

David Marcus visits the U.S. Senate

David Marcus visits the U.S. House of Representatives

Meltem Demoirs visits the U.S. House of Representatives

Meltem Demoirs visits CNBC Fast Money

Dae gives highlights of the testimony hearing.  Defining not-unfavorable comments given by the treasury secretary.  Not Un-favorable does not mean positive.  Interesting and intentional word choice.  

Fed-Chair Jerome “Jay" Powell gave interesting comments that said Bitcoin is the equivalent of digital gold and speculative digital asset. Facts. Bitcoin is not illegal. In the national discussion.

David Marcus in front of the Senate with testimonials.  Check out Dae’s tweet storm to Molly Wood and Kai Risdal.  The most appropriate legitimate answer should have been “I don’t know”.  David had a tough job in giving direct answers despite all of the nuance.  Is the data going to be separate from Facebook?  Stock for Facebook went up even with a $5billion fine for the days breaches because of the certainty that it gave.  

Most people and companies are not strict enough with their data privacy and security.  Dae is very skeptical about this topic.

Meltem Demirors wore a white jacket and gave an eloquent testimonial about Bitcoin and this whole sector. CNBC of Melissa Lee interviewed Meltem.  

Arry’s Startup Tip on fundraising seasons that’s about to kick up into gear in a month. Fundraising is like sales - it’s about relationships.  Do I want to invest is a question about work ethic, consistency, reliability.  It’s also about do I want to be in business with this person?  Follow through and be accountable.  Be on time and prepared.  Earn trust in every action.  

Dae got some new shiny #schwag that he’s really excited about from Bridge Protocol.  A nice shot glass.

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Closing out with Dae’s old friend Ginny from Charlotte.

(as always, we have a fun little outtake at the final end of the show.)

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