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68 - Brian Huskey Interview
Feb 14 2018 65 mins  
(contains some colourful language) Lee Hutchison is joined by comedian, Brian Huskey to discuss his incredible career. Brian looks back at the comedy that inspired him on his road to becoming a stand up. Making his breakthrough by working on the Conan O'Brien Show in the early 2000s.Starring in cult comedy movies like Step Brothers, This Is The End, Bad Neighbours and Superbad.Brian shares his experiences working on projects such as The Newsroom with Aaron Sorkin, People of Earth, the challenges of working on the return of Arrested Development, the viral sensation that is What If Google Was a Man?, acting with Karen Gillan in Selfie, auditioning for and then starring opposite Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm and appearing in the American adaptation of the The Inbetweeners.Brian talks about working on VEEP and the excitement of working with a comedy legends like Armondo Iannucci and Chris Morris. Brian and Lee examine why this American adapation of a UK series worked, when others have failedOn Bob's Burger's, Brian voices the highly popular, Regular Sized Rudy and talks about the exciting world of voice work and his favourite Rudy moments. Brian recently starred in The X-Files and tells us his reaction to this very uniquely scripted episode from Darin Morgan. The two look at the challenges of writing and working in comedy in an era of larger than life politics. You can follow Brian's work on &

47 - 'England is Mine' Interviews featuring Jack Lowden
Jul 03 2017 48 mins  
'ENGLAND IS MINE' INTERVIEWSWelcome to our final podcast interview from the Edinburgh International Film Festival. we’ve been so lucky to meet with some amazing acting talent and behind the scenes name and i’m excited to share our conversations about movies, the festival and cinema with you.Today’s interviews are the director and stars of ‘England is Mine’ the morning after they closed the Edinburgh Film Festival. Set in the 1970s as Steven Morrisey’s ambitions to be a musician developed, but before he went on to become lead singer of seminal 1980s band The Smiths, this is Morrissey brimming with youthful arrogance, but searching to find his place in the musical world.Firstly we have writer and director Mark Gill who talks about being nomianted for the Oscar, Morrissey, developing England is Mine, Blade Runner and future projects. Jack Lowden who plays the iconic Steven Morrissey speaks about a Scot taking on this iconic role, his career, working with Christopher Nolan, the need for a film studio in Scotland and his history with the Edinburgh Film Festival.Jessica Brown Findlay who portrays Linder Sterling chats with Lee about strong and complex female characters in cinema, The Beautiful Fantastic, the art that inspires her and her experience working on period pieces like Downton Abbey & England is Mine. Laurie Kyniston starring as Johnny Marr shares his process for taking on this role, the work that is inspiring him, his career and what exciting roles he has ahead of him.I hope you’ll enjoy your discussion and thanks again to Mark, Jack, Jessica and Laurie for joining me.

24 - Andrew Perez Interview
Dec 07 2016 62 mins  
Interview with Andrew Perez from Louis Theroux's My Scientology MovieLee Hutchison is joined by Los Angeles based actor, Andrew Perez for this weeks episode. Andrew Perez had the unusual role for an actor of being cast in a documentary,'Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie' as the head of Scientology, David Miscavige. That documentary was the much hyped big screen debut of British documentary filmmaker, Louis Theroux working with producer Simon (Searching for Sugarman, Man on Wire, The Imposter) Chinn and it would go on to be the highest grossing documentary in the UK in 2016.The documentary takes the unique approach by featuring actors portraying high-profile Scientologists to recreate accounts of abuse from ex-members, including the high profile whisteblower Marty Rathbun. Andrew Perez discusses the unusual experience of auditioning for this movie and what it was like to develop that role with Rathbun and Theroux. Perez shares the what it was like on the set and witnessing the tension between Theroux and Rathburn as they made the documentary. Perez shares some of the amusing incidents that he found himself involved and the reaction to this movie and his amazing performance. Perez also discusses the making of a movie he starred, wrote and produced, 'Bastards Y Diablos', the story of two half brothers who journey to Columbia to spread their fathers ashes. Perez discusses the experience of shooting a movie in a DIY manner in Columbia with just some equipment, friends and credit cards.

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