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Aug 04 2020 50 mins 24

The Project exists to lead, move, and inspire. We help you create the best years of your health by sharing advice and interviews on well-being with a worldly network of health and wellness experts. Each host and guest comes from wildly different backgrounds giving listeners a well-rounded perspective on the state of the health and wellness industry. Join the conversation as we sift through and simplify the health information that's causing you pain.Meet Mahdi! He's a proud, baseball-obsessed Kuwaiti father that sticks up for the average Joe and likes to stir the pot of the fitness industry. Mahdi's mission is to make a difference for parents from a holistic perspective as a father and husband. He aims to empower people by providing knowledge to help them take control of their lives and not base it on a diet or a machine. Meet Meg! She's a stress terminator building confidence in populations where the message is the opposite. Using movement, mindfulness, and nutrition Meg helps pull possible out of the impossible. Her wellness journey has taken her to more than 20 countries. Her expertise lies in preparing, mobilizing, and strengthening mind – body connections to preserve and enhance health as you age.Meet Haya! Holds a PHD in strength and smarts!Dr. Dinkha is a professor and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has lived and studied in the United States. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at international conferences. Dr. Dinkha’s research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to human behavior and cognitive restructuring. This includes such factors as identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation, and satisfaction with students, laborers and domestic workers.

MARK BUNN: What is Ayurvedic medicine, elite-performance tactics, How does Ayurveda/Eastern medicine view things like intermittent fasting, ice-baths, veganism, modern fads? and the game changing herb for everyone!
Jul 16 2020 53 mins  
Mark Bunn is a former professional AFL footballer , a natural-health coach specialising in Ayurvedic medicine and the author of 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health'. Mark’s unique blend of both Eastern and Western health-science helps people simplify the shift to health, happiness, higher awareness and high performance through a fascinating blend of ANCIENT EASTERN WISDOM and MODERN WESTERN SCIENCE. Combining the latest, cutting-edge research, age-old insights of Ayurvedic medicine (Maharishi Ayurveda) and the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people and highest performing business people, Mark reminds people of the simple, forgotten wisdoms of health and introduces them to a whole new world of future wellness possibilities. FACT: The healthiest, happiest people to ever live have never heard of good fats, bad fats, sleep apps or optimal heart rates... they’ve simply understood the timeless ‘wisdoms’ of health, happiness and high performance. As one of the world’s leading experts on health and personal performance, Mark has been invited to speak in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, South Africa, the Caribbean and the USA, and his clients include Deloitte, CBA, Westpac, NAB, Telstra, Duke Corporate Education (USA), YPO Asia- Pac, Hong Kong COC plus almost 100 schools/educational groups. Mark is also a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation of Australia—a charity that raises money to teach TM to the most traumatised individuals—domestic violence sufferers, disadvantaged youth, war veterans with PTSD etc. Having experienced the loss of his wife to breast cancer he is extremely compassionate to the various challenges people face today. With Mark, you won’t hear anything about counting goddamn calories or analysing fats! You will however learn why things like happiness , human connection, having a higher purpose and developing higher states of consciousness are far more life-changing than having a six-pack, drinking green smoothies or activating your bloody almonds! “Mark will change the way you think about wellness and quite possibly your life.” Robert Conlee - CEO Neways International Mark Bunn wants to create a SHIFT in our thinking about health, happiness, high- performance and higher consciousness.

#1 Fitness Podcast Co-Host Adam Schafer of MindPump: Discusses, The Fitness Industry, Creating a Scalable Business Model, Social Influencers ROI or Bust , Kuwait Mecca of Bodybuilding,“the next big thing”, Group Training, Crossfit and Orange Theory
Jun 23 2019 73 mins  
Summary: Our guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Adam Schafer, co-founder of MindPump Media. He joined us to talk about the fitness industry, the business side of MindPump, his experience in the steroid culture, and so much more. Adam started out in the fitness industry and dabbled in a few business ventures before crossing paths with Justin, Sal, and Doug when they found out they had mutual interests in improving the fitness industry. They started the MindPump podcast and allowed it to grow organically without any investment in marketing or creating products for sale until they realized they had enough demand to need to get into selling programs and promoting their brand. Through the years, the MindPump team has stayed true to their core values and operated with authenticity and integrity on the podcast, in social media posting and interactions, and in their videos. They see the pitfalls of the way people are using social media as well as certain fitness trends and believe that they will continue to grow as other people come to realize the stability of their methods over other, more flashy companies. They are committed to providing real value to their followers and will continue to do so as long as people need to hear it.

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