Wander Woman

Jun 26 2020 50 mins 31

The Wander Woman Podcast frequently charts in 'Travel and Places' in over 13 countries around the world and, on all of Apple Podcasts, has been ranked #1,345 out of 500,000+. It is the first travel podcast to take on a magazine style - rather than the format of an interview – and has been listened to and downloaded in more than 72 countries from the UK to Australia and beyond, by tens of thousands of people. It has been selected as “Best of” travel podcasts by The Telegraph, The Guardian and The i newspaper, Globetrender and Tech Times - to name a few. Every episode, award-winning broadcaster, travel writer, author and photographer Phoebe Smith offers a behind the scenes journey to a different destination which features interviews with locals, audio clips and vivid descriptions to make the listener feel like they are there too - without having to leave home. The main ‘destination’ story weaves together her passion for finding off-the-beaten track places, undertaking quirky and unusual activities, discovering wild spaces in unlikely mass market destinations, watching wildlife and meeting the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts. Additionally the Wander Woman Podcast’s regular features are: * Wander Woman talks to… a celebrity interview (past guests include Bill Bryson, Cerys Matthews, Ed Byrne and Levison Wood); * Best Travel Gear for a life on the road - a review of a key piece of kit; *Travel Hack of the Month - the hard-won advice to help you get more from your travels; *Top 10 in Travel - a round-up of the best walks, destinations or activities to inspire your wanderlust; *Hidden Hero - an interview with an unsung travel pioneer; *Wander Woman of the Month - the traveller whose name is lost in the history books. Wherever you find yourself - come wander with her…

Episode 9 - Waymaking
Jun 26 2020 50 mins  
Join Phoebe Smith as this month she sends her Wander Woman correspondent (and podcast producer) Daniel Neilson to the wild and remote Torngat Mountains - he went for polar bears and icebergs but found so much more.... (in association with Destination...

Quirk and Circumstance
May 13 2020 57 mins  
Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as this month she takes the wheel and hits the road to follow Mexico’s Route 1 on a mission to prove that the Baja peninsula is the perfect place for a solo road trip. Get clued up with our Travel Hack of the Month to help...

In Search of Silence
Apr 24 2020 54 mins  
Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as this month she heads to north Iceland, to a small town called Husavik, which was the former whale hunting hub and is now the country’s capital for whale watching. There she trials a trip with innovative company North...

Notes from a Small Island
Jan 26 2020 51 mins  
Jumping in a kayak to discover Britain's waterways, 10 Best British Escapes and have a home grown adventure PLUS travel author Bill Bryson's top tips for writing

Beyond the end of the road
Nov 17 2019 42 mins  
Taking a cargo boat to discover remotest Quebec, World's mythical creatures, artist Bruce Munro, saving Brazil's jaguars

Walk the walk, Talk the talk...
Oct 20 2019 53 mins  
Walking with the Tasmanian ancestors, learning about sex... on the Reef and talking mountain with Cerys Matthews and

Have you ever been enchanted?
Jul 31 2019 51 mins  
Bog hiking and beer bathing in Estonia, pack like a pro, mingle with mantas, top 10 hikes, Robert Macfarlane and more...

Off The Rails
Jun 13 2019 41 mins  
Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as she travels by any means across South Africa, meets the first female scuba dive instructor in Jordan, shares her tips for beating jet lag, chats to Benedict Allen and more...

Wild Waters Run Deep
May 03 2019 50 mins  
Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as she searches for megladon teeth and manatees in Florida, meets an ex-political prisoner in South Africa, shares her tips for sleeping on planes, chats to Levison Wood and more...

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