The Huba Show

Jul 04 2020 19 mins

Welcome to The Huba Show! Born and raised in Schenectady, NY the broadcast capital of the world! The 'Electric City" is rich in radio (WGY) and television (WRGB) history! Schenectady is also a vibrant ham radio community. Each podcast will be full of interesting topics, interviews, liners, ideas and tangents.

Happy 4th of July!!!
Jul 04 2020 8 mins  
My 4th of July memories!

The Key West Story
May 31 2020 71 mins  
The 2020 Riots, SpaceX, Futuristic Ideas and the Key West story!

The Aston Origin Microphone
Apr 30 2020 2 mins  
Talking on the Aston Origin microphone

RODE Podmic vs Shure SM7B
Apr 27 2020 15 mins  
Audio Test - RODE Podmic vs SHURE SM7B

New Yorkers and the Coronavirus
Mar 30 2020 40 mins  
Coronavirus and other topics with special guest Paul Z from New York State

Music Vibes
Mar 13 2020 15 mins  
Listen to me talk about my YouTube music history!

A 3 Minute Podcast?
Feb 07 2020 3 mins  
How short should a podcast be?

Domain Names! Experiences, Opinions and Ideas
Jan 13 2020 40 mins  
Let me help you explore the big world of domain names!

Feeling Crisp!
Jan 10 2020 34 mins  
Shaving my head and edging my beard up while providing some of the best tips to achieve a great shave while taking about a wide range of topics!

Napkins not included
Jan 08 2020 10 mins  
The first week of 2020 is over and during that time I discovered Mukbang videos...

New Years Eve 2020 Podcast!
Jan 02 2020 15 mins  
New Year's Eve 2020 Podcast - Watching an amazing live feed from Times Square in New York City!

ASMR - The Dusty Attic
Nov 27 2019 10 mins  
Shhhhhh!'re in the dusty attic.

ASMR - The Train Ride
Nov 18 2019 3 mins  
ASMR voice with railroad sounds! A theater of the mind exclusive.

Halloween memories and shaving cream wars!
Oct 31 2019 21 mins  
Halloween memories of the past and present

Thoughts While Traveling
Sep 16 2019 12 mins  
Thoughts, ideas and memories!

Old Cartoons and Laughing Tracks
Sep 06 2019 31 mins  
Laughing tracks, your cue to laugh!

The History of Radio Station Call Letters "K" and "W"
Aug 26 2019 22 mins  
K and W call letters

The Internet, AOL, AIM and Podcasting
Aug 09 2019 40 mins  
Flashback to the early internet and how it shaped us today.

The Fortnite World Champ and Nintendo!
Aug 02 2019 33 mins  
Video games, then and now.

ASMR - Popsicle Sticks
Jul 10 2019
Popsicle Stick Theater

ASMR - Grilled Cheese
Jul 10 2019
A brief cheese sound bite!

Freeze Pops! Bomb Pops! and Ranch Flavored Pop Tarts!
Jul 05 2019 19 mins  
The yummy's and not so yummy!

Podcasting Advice from a former Broadcasters view
Jun 18 2019 24 mins  
Advice to Podcasters

The Farmers Market
Jun 05 2019 8 mins  
The Farmers Market idea and thinking of a show name. I talk a little about David Letterman and Howard Stern.

Game of Thrones - Final Episode May 19th 2019
May 06 2019 1 mins  
Building the suspense toward the last and final episode of the hit HBO series Games of Thrones

Swimming in the Florida springs, scuba gear and the new Star Wars park at Disney!
Mar 28 2019 50 mins  
My trip to Ginnie Springs in FL - Scuba diving gear challenges - young chess players and game consoles - Disney's Star Wars park

Woodstock 99 vs. Woodstock 50th
Mar 22 2019 32 mins  

The Vocabulary Alphabet
Mar 19 2019 4 mins  
You've never heard the alphabet like this before

Her voice and reverb is amazing!
Mar 17 2019
Malinda Kathleen Reese

My 1st Podcast ever! - Oui Vanilla Yogart
Mar 04 2019 6 mins  
Oui Yogurt and the little glass jar it comes in.

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