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Jul 05 2020 14 mins 2

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Fulltank 1113 The Superpower Of Expecting Nothing In Return
Jul 08 2020 7 mins  
Yes, you can make this your superpower, and you can change the world.

Fulltank 1112 Are You Lonely
Jul 07 2020 8 mins  
Loneliness is a global pandemic. Here are some steps to overcome it.

Fulltank 1111 Are You A Good Leader In Your Family
Jul 06 2020 8 mins  
Who leads your family? Let us all pray for selfless leaders.

Fulltank 1110 Do You Lack Energy In Your Life
Jul 05 2020 9 mins  
There are three kinds of energy. Learn how to replenish them.

Special Talk: Graduating From Santa
Jul 04 2020 40 mins  
We sometimes get heartbroken, discouraged, and frustrated when our prayers are unanswered. We get disappointed that God allows these trials to happen. This Special Talk teaches us about having faith during times of trials and accepting that not...

Fulltank 1107 Why Are You Not Doing What You Are Supposed To Do
Jul 02 2020 7 mins  
The problem is NOT a lack of knowledge. We have that. It’s a lack of something else. Listen on and be moved to do the right thing and change your life.

Fulltank 1106 Are You Not Moving Forward In Your Life
Jul 01 2020 6 mins  
There are many reasons for paralysis. Let me share two huge reasons and how you can get out of it.

Fulltank 1105 Is There Chaos In Your Life Right Now
Jun 30 2020 8 mins  
Sometimes we just have too many problems or responsibilities or options. Let me teach you four crucial things towards inner peace.

Fulltank 1104 Stop Fighting Your Worry
Jun 29 2020 7 mins  
I know it sounds strange that I'm telling you not to fight it. Do this instead.

Fulltank 1103 What Should You Do If Peoples Expectations About You Are Wrong
Jun 28 2020 7 mins  
Are you pressured by the expectations of the people around you? Some are right and some are wrong. Here is what you should do.

Best Preaching Ever 10: Jump Over Fences
Jun 27 2020 40 mins  
Talk 10, Jump Over Fences, teaches us that when we follow Jesus' teaching to love our enemies, the Holy Spirit transforms us and we become more like our Father.

Fulltank 1100 God Wants To Heal You
Jun 25 2020 8 mins  
I dedicate this message to all those who need healing. Praying for you.

Fulltank 1099 This Crisis Will Last Longer Than You Think
Jun 24 2020 7 mins  
This is such crucial a message that I need to shout this from the rooftops! This will spell the difference between victory and defeat. So, here's what you should do ...

Fulltank 1098 How To Discover Your Path
Jun 23 2020 6 mins  
When you don't know what to do with your life, offer to God yourself, and find your place in this world. Listen and be blessed.

Fulltank 1097 Let Some People Reject You
Jun 22 2020 6 mins  
Rejection is a must if you want success. Here's why ...

Fulltank 1096 Are You Being Judged Falsely
Jun 21 2020 8 mins  
Trust that God will vindicate you. Focus instead on what you can change. Today’s message will give you peace.

Best Preaching Ever 9: New Human
Jun 20 2020 44 mins  
Continuing with the deep study into the Book of Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount, we now go into the 6th Law of Moses, the Law against Revenge. The talk focuses on how we, as God-followers, should respond to getting hurt, being shamed, or being used....

Fulltank 1093 Are You Carrying A Heavy Burden
Jun 18 2020 6 mins  
God is telling you, “let’s exchange your heavy burden with a lighter one”. I'm praying this message will give you strength for the journey.

Fulltank 1092 Is There A Formula For Answered Prayers
Jun 17 2020 8 mins  
There is a huge difference between simple faith and simplistic faith. Listen and be blessed.

Fulltank 1091 Is Your Heart Empty
Jun 16 2020 6 mins  
So how do we cure insecurity? There are wrong ways and there are right ways. Listen on and be blessed.

Fulltank 1090 Are There People You Don't Like
Jun 15 2020 10 mins  
Are there people that don't like you? Are there people who have hurt you? Here’s what you should do to them.

Fulltank 1089 Do You Know Someone Being Abused And Do Not Know What To Do
Jun 14 2020 10 mins  
Jesus said that if someone slaps you on your right cheek, you give your left cheek. What? Really? Here's what it really means.

Best Preaching Ever 8: Spicy Rotten
Jun 13 2020 40 mins  
As we continue to learn Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, we focus on the importance of words, our speech, our promises. Talk 8 gives light on how words affect us, how our words affect our relationships and want to encourage us to use our words to build and...

Fulltank 1086 Sex Is Gods Gift
Jun 11 2020 9 mins  
It’s seen as bad, evil, and dirty, but that’s not true. Listen on.

Fulltank 1085 Do You Want To Perform Miracles Today
Jun 10 2020 7 mins  
Show kindness every day. The world is desperate for it. The greatest miracles in the world are simple acts of kindness.

Fulltank 1084 God Is Courting You
Jun 09 2020 7 mins  
This is the greatest love story, and you are in it.

Fulltank 1083 Are You Positive - That Means You Are A Carrier
Jun 08 2020 9 mins  
No, I’m not talking about the pandemic. I’m talking about something more powerful. Listen on and be empowered.

Fulltank 1082 Do You Feel Like You Are A Loser
Jun 07 2020 7 mins  
That means you are God’s VIP! I know, it doesn’t make sense. But listen to this powerful message and you’ll understand.

Best Preaching Ever 7: The Antidote
Jun 06 2020 40 mins  
We continue to go deep into the book of Matthew and study Jesus' Sermon on the Mount - specifically, about Divorce. Talk 7 wants to remind us of how, more than anything else, God values our relationships. God values our families. And as much as He...

Fulltank 1079 Do Not Be Attached To Your Roles
Jun 04 2020 7 mins  
Life is a series of “letting go”. That is why the happiest people are experts in detachment.Let go and you’ll have more inner peace.

Fulltank 1078 Why Are Some People Not Happy
Jun 03 2020 7 mins  
Some need to hear this message badly. Listen on and share with people that may need to hear this message.

Fulltank 1077 Do You Have The Wrong Dreams
Jun 02 2020 7 mins  
Use these three spiritual principles to know if you are aiming for the right goals. If you want to be guided, you must learn these truths.

Fulltank 1076 What Do You Do When Some People Don't Like You
Jun 01 2020 7 mins  
It hurts when people don't like us. When our self-worth is based on what other people say about us, it will be devastating. Here are two questions you need to ask yourself.

Fulltank 1075 Six Blessings When You Give
May 31 2020 6 mins  
I really believe that giving is the key to receiving blessings.

Best Preaching Ever 6: Kill The Virus
May 30 2020 40 mins  
Talk 6 continues going deep into Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as we delve into the 2nd of the 6 Laws of Moses, the Law against Adultery. It tackles the virus of adultery, for which there is only one course of action, to "Kill the Virus". There are...

Fulltank 1072 If You Forgive Someone Should You Trust Them Again
May 28 2020 7 mins  
This is a very sensitive question. Listen and find out what you should do.

Fulltank 1071 How To Avoid Conflicts In Your Relationships
May 27 2020 7 mins  
Note that there are some conflicts that you cannot avoid (they’re "necessary conflicts"), but there are some conflicts you can skip. Here’s how to do it.

Fulltank 1070 Do Not Be Afraid Of The Four Bullies Of Your Life
May 26 2020 6 mins  
They push you down daily. Let me tell you who they are and how to defeat them.

Fulltank 1069 How To Wait The Right Way
May 25 2020 6 mins  
From my experience, we are all waiting for something. And waiting is difficult because we don’t know how to wait. Here are some suggestions for you.

Fulltank 1068 Do You Feel Stressed
May 24 2020 6 mins  
Say these four powerful words. Plus four powerful actions you must do to change your life.

Special Talk: Two More Assignments
May 23 2020 36 mins  
Our special talk delves deep into our purpose and mission in life. It talks about how we can be so drawn into our past victories that we become complacent with what we are doing at the moment. The talk then leads us to focus on renewing our faith in God...

Fulltank 1065 The Five Possible Reasons For Pain
May 21 2020 7 mins  
I pray that this will empower you to move on. Please share with anyone who is stuck in their pain right now. You can also follow The Feast on Facebook: Instagram:

Fulltank 1064 How To Deal With A Difficult Boss
May 20 2020 7 mins  
Is he a monster? A selfish dictator? An insecure jerk? Or do you just have hangups with authority figures? Listen and find out more. You can also follow The Feast on Facebook: Instagram:

Fulltank 1063 Should You Tell All Your Secrets To Your Partner
May 19 2020 10 mins  
Husbands and wives, and boyfriends and girlfriends, ask me this question a lot.Listen to my reply. Tell me if you agree or not. You can also follow The Feast on Facebook:

Fulltank 1062 Have You Lost Something Or Someone
May 18 2020 6 mins  
Allow yourself to grieve. Tears are part of the healing process. And here are five other things you must do. The Feast is also onFacebook:

Fulltank 1061 Three Signs To Know If You Have False Guilt
May 17 2020 5 mins  
False guilt will destroy your life. So you better find out what it is and save yourself. Also, if you are Catholic, please go to confession and receive beautiful grace from the sacrament.

Special Talk: Plant A Garden
May 16 2020 52 mins  
As we face the crisis created by the pandemic, this talk gently strengthens our faith in God, declaring He is in control of every area of our life. God is telling us that in the midst of this crisis, we can prosper - not by wishing things return to what...

Fulltank 1058 Do you Celebrate The Growth Of Your Partner
May 14 2020 6 mins  
I hope so! Because happy marriages and happy relationships happen when each person is growing as an individual. Listen to help grow your relationship.

Fulltank 1057 Five Wrong Reasons To Get Into A Relationship Or Marriage
May 13 2020 6 mins  
Find out what you must avoid when you get into a relationship.

Fulltank 1056 Warning Some Of Your Favorite People Will Hurt You
May 12 2020 6 mins  
Here are two reasons why this happens, and what you must do about it.

Fulltank 1055 Receive Gods Abundance Today
May 11 2020 6 mins  
This is the last part of the 10 Affirmations plus two more powerful statements that will bless your life. Listen and get blown away by these life-changing lessons.

Fulltank 1054 Ten Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Part 5)
May 10 2020 6 mins  
I’ve met a lot of people who have asked God for forgiveness but still find it hard to forgive themselves. Listen on and find the answers here.

Special Talk: Three Life-Changing Assignments
May 09 2020 39 mins  
As we wade through the worry and fear that COVID19 has brought into our lives, this talk breathes in hope - and takes us by the hand towards a new dawn. The Feast is also on Facebook: Instagram:

Fulltank 1051 Ten Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Part 4)
May 07 2020 6 mins  
Many people don’t know their power to choose to have a great day. If you do want to have a great day, it starts with this ... And I also recommend to do a second thing. Listen on.

Fulltank 1050 Ten Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Part 3)
May 06 2020 6 mins  
When you see yourself slipping into a hole, how can you stop yourself from falling deeper into the hole? Here's something for you.

Fulltank 1049 Ten Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Part 2)
May 05 2020 6 mins  
Do you believe that greatness is in you? Do you really believe that you're a great person? Listen on and be empowered.

Fulltank 1048 Ten Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Part 1)
May 04 2020 7 mins  
The first affirmation is absolutely gold. I'm so excited to share this with you. Listen on and transform your future.

Fulltank 1047 Do You Need To Change Your Life Goals
May 03 2020 6 mins  
Some people are miserable because they’re pursuing “wrong” goals. Listen on and change your future.

Best Preaching Ever 5: The Mask Called Anger
May 02 2020 47 mins  
In Talk 5, we learn about the power of anger. Anger is powerful enough to push us to live a miserable and hurtful life. It is powerful enough to hide our innermost fears, that we sometimes become unaware of it. This talk helps to let go of anger and...

Fulltank 1044 My 10 Commandments Of Happiness (Part 3)
Apr 30 2020 6 mins  
Here’s the last installment: four more powerful and practical instructions on how to be happy. Listen on.

Fulltank 1043 My 10 Commandments Of Happiness (Part 2)
Apr 30 2020 6 mins  
Here the next three commands: don’t blame others, don’t be argumentative, and don’t compare yourself with others. Listen on and be happy again.

Fulltank 1042 My 10 Commandments Of Happiness (Part 1)
Apr 28 2020 6 mins  
Do you want to be really happy? After helping people find their own happiness for the past 40 years, I’ve listed down ten of the most important things you need to do. They are very practical and very powerful.

Fulltank 1041 When Material Things Don’t Make You Happy Anymore
Apr 27 2020 6 mins  
Do you like receiving a new shirt? Shoes? New phone? Oh wow! But at a certain point, they don’t satisfy us anymore. And this crisis is teaching us a very important lesson.

Fulltank 1040 Do You Sometimes Feel Empty
Apr 26 2020 5 mins  
Do You Sometimes Feel Empty? Meaningless? Exhausted? Anxious? Here are three reasons why people feel this way.

Best Preaching Ever 4: More Than A Makeover
Apr 26 2020 40 mins  
As we continue with the message from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Talk 4 shares with us that Jesus came to teach people to follow God and become a better person - not because of our fear nor because of strict laws - but from a desire to be closer to God....

Fulltank 1037 Three Ingredients To A Happy Relationship
Apr 23 2020 6 mins  
A happy life can only happen if your core relationships are happy. Here’s how to make that happen.

Fulltank 1036 How To Deal With Toxic People
Apr 22 2020 6 mins  
If you have toxic relationships, here are four steps you must take. Be very blessed by today’s powerful message.

Fulltank 1035 Two Ways To Destroy Yourself
Apr 21 2020 5 mins  
Instantly, we think of vices and bad habits. But there’s another way we destroy ourselves, and sadly, a lot of people don’t know they’re destroying themselves. Listen on.

Fulltank 1034 Get Rid Of Poisonous Attitudes
Apr 20 2020 6 mins  
Here is one of them: blaming others for your failures. When you blame others, you give away your power to change. You become powerless. There are four other toxic attitudes. Listen on.

Fulltank 1033 How To Reset Your Life In A Post-Covid World
Apr 19 2020 6 mins  
This Lockdown is a special gift to reset your life. How To Reset? Most often, the key to a happy life is not adding but subtracting.

Fulltank 1030 Are You Discouraged
Apr 16 2020 7 mins  
I learned this strategy from my own mother. She taught it to me. But more than that, she practiced it. It really works.

Fulltank 1029 Are You Troubled
Apr 15 2020 5 mins  
The simple story at the start has so much wisdom. But in the end, join me in praying and singing. Be encouraged by this simple but powerful message.

Fulltank 1028 This Is The Only Shortcut To Success
Apr 14 2020 6 mins  
It takes a lot of guts and a lot of humility, but this strategy really works. Listen to this lesson and be set for life.

Fulltank 1027 You Are Gods VIP
Apr 13 2020 6 mins  
If you doubt this, or you don’t like yourself (and I know many who do), you must hear this powerful message. Share this to others who need to hear it too.

Fulltank 1026 How Not To Live In the Past
Apr 12 2020 6 mins  
Here are two important steps to getting unstuck from your past failures. You can give up your method, but never give up your mission. Listen and change your future.

Best Preaching Ever 3: Saltshakers And Lampstands
Apr 11 2020 42 mins  
You and I are God-carriers. And our mission in this world is to allow God's light to shine within us, so that we can sharer His light to others.

Fulltank 1025 Easter Message - God Has The Last Say
Apr 11 2020 6 mins  
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Fulltank 1023: Good Friday - Give 100% In A Relationship
Apr 09 2020 8 mins  
I pray you to have these kinds of beautiful relationships in your life and family. Listen on and have a blessed holy week.

Fulltank 1022: Maundy Thursday - Are You Scared About Your Future
Apr 08 2020 6 mins  
There is only one antidote that can combat fear.

Fulltank 1021: Do You Need More Hope
Apr 07 2020 6 mins  
Here are three steps to increase hope for your life. Listen to this message and be very blessed.

Fulltank 1020: Have You Been Betrayed By Someone You Love
Apr 06 2020 6 mins  
If a stranger attacked you, stole from you, cheated on you, it’s painful? But what if it’s someone you love? In this message, you will know the four steps to heal deep hurt.

Fulltank 1019: How To Deepen Your Relationships During This Crisis
Apr 05 2020 6 mins  
There are three ways to express your love during this crisis. Listen to this message and bless your relationships.

Best Preaching Ever 2: The Anawim
Apr 04 2020 37 mins  
Talk 2 dwells on the message and promise of the Beatitudes that - God is with us. He has blessed us. And He has already given us everything we need.

Fulltank 1016: Do You Feel Alone In This Lockdown
Apr 02 2020 6 mins  
Here are six things to do in this lockdown, the acronym spells FAMILY. Even if you are physically separated from them, you are still one in spirit.

Fulltank 1015: In This Pandemic Never Forget Who You Are
Apr 01 2020 6 mins  
When a crisis happens, we focus on the chaos around us and we forget our real identity. Pray with me.

Fulltank 1014: In The Eyes Of This Virus We Are All All Equal
Mar 31 2020 6 mins  
We are all one. We are all the same. All our divisions are very superficial. Let's sing and pray again today.

Fulltank 1013: Are You Over-Stressed
Mar 30 2020 6 mins  
Stop the bad news. You must elevate your perspective. Let’s sing and pray together.

Fulltank 1012: Three Practical Ways To Defeat Fear
Mar 29 2020 6 mins  
Are you anxious? Are you panicking? Here are three practical solutions to overcome your fear. Listen and be empowered.

Best Preaching Ever 1: Upside Down Kingdom
Mar 28 2020 32 mins  
Talk 1 of the new series Best Preaching Ever will clarify what is the beatitudes and will change how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Fulltank 1009: Do Not Waste This Lockdown
Mar 26 2020 6 mins  
How long will this last? One month? Two? Three? We don’t know. But this quarantine period is a precious gift life is giving you. Will you take advantage of this gift?

Fulltank 1008: How Hungry Are You
Mar 25 2020 5 mins  
Are you missing out on the best because you’ve fed yourself with fake stuff? No wonder many are not spiritually hungry. Listen to this message.

Fulltank 1007: Are You In Panic Mode
Mar 24 2020 6 mins  
When fear grips you, you can’t think straight. And you make really bad decisions. You must know how to stop the fear and find your peace.

Fulltank 1006: Beware Of False Solutions To Your Problems
Mar 23 2020 5 mins  
Why do we have false solutions? Most of the time, we don’t really know the real problem we’re facing. Listen to this message and learn how to find the real solution.

Fulltank 1005: A Prayer For Health And Healing
Mar 22 2020 6 mins  
This is a special episode. I want to proclaim today that God is our Healer. Send this to anyone that needs prayer and a blessing.

Dawn Of An Era 7: God-Pushers
Mar 21 2020 40 mins  
Every one of us is created for a purpose - to be God's Face on earth. We are called to follow God, to bring people to Him, and be His Face to everyone.

Fulltank 1002: Will You Be Successful In The Future
Mar 19 2020 6 mins  
Do you want to know if you’ll be successful in 2, 5, 10 or 20 years from now? Check these two basic documents and you can predict if you’ll be successful. Listen to this message and be empowered to change your future.

Fulltank 1001: How To Overcome Your Fears
Mar 18 2020 5 mins  
So many people are messaging me, telling me they’re gripped by so many fears. And because of it, they cannot do anything. Please listen to this message. It will fill you with strength.

Fulltank 1000: How To Live A Great Life
Mar 17 2020 6 mins  
What attitude is that? It’s the attitude that differentiates successful people and mediocre people. Bless your life with this powerful message.

Fulltank 999: Has Someone Hurt You Deeply
Mar 16 2020 6 mins  
I want to help you move on. I want to help you let go. I share a very simple spiritual exercise that will transform your mindset.

Fulltank 998: Are You Still Alive
Mar 15 2020 6 mins  
Corona Virus has shaken up our complacency. We can actually die anytime. But are you still breathing now? That means you still have a purpose. Do you know what it is?

Dawn Of An Era 6: Word War III
Mar 14 2020 47 mins  
Talk 6 talks about how important it is for you to trust God. Because every time you are tempted to sin, you are actually doubting God’s love for you and your identity in Christ. Remember, you are a God-follower. Keep on trusting God and believe that He...

Fulltank 995: What You Give To Others Is What Is Inside Of You
Mar 12 2020 6 mins  
Do you give others love, joy, peace, understanding? Or do you give anger, judgment, criticism? We always give to others what overflows from our hearts.

Fulltank 994: Your Biggest Problems Are Your Attachments
Mar 11 2020 6 mins  
If we learn to let go of our attachments, we will experience freedom from our anxieties, our fears, and our anger. Here’s how to genuinely detach.

Fulltank 993: Are You Hurting
Mar 10 2020 5 mins  
Are you going through a big trial right now? Perhaps you’re asking, “Why? Why is God allowing it to happen?” Listen to this powerful message and be inspired.

Fulltank 992: Stop Pretending
Mar 09 2020 6 mins  
The world has become image-obsessed. Too image-conscious. But who are we really deep inside?

Fulltank 991: Stop Judging
Mar 08 2020 6 mins  
If people are more humble, we will have lesser conflicts, and we will have more inner and outer peace.

Dawn Of An Era 5: Stay Away From Lions
Mar 07 2020 34 mins  
Talk 5 reminds us about the ongoing eternal war between good and evil, and how every decision you make is part of this battle. It also teaches that in order to win, you need to stay alert, stand firm against evil, and stand strong in your faith. And the...

Fulltank 988: Why Should I Apologize I Have Done Nothing Wrong
Mar 05 2020 6 mins  
When two people are fighting, both of them will say, “Why should I apologize? I have done nothing wrong." Today, you will learn a new way of thinking that will radically bless your closest relationships.

Fulltank 987: Should I Keep On Praying Or Should I Just Give Up
Mar 04 2020 6 mins  
The real answer is to do both. But learn the 3 steps of praying. Do this and it will guide you whether you should continue to pray for something or simply give it up.

Fulltank 986: How Will I Know If God IS Talking To Me
Mar 03 2020 5 mins  
Here are two practical spiritual principles that will help you discern whether you’re hearing God’s voice, hearing yourself, or worse, hearing another spirit.

Fulltank 985: How To Deal With Your Anger
Mar 02 2020 5 mins  
How do you control your temper? And how do you heal deep resentments? The solution is in this message.

Fulltank 984: The Problem With Bullies
Mar 01 2020 5 mins  
All throughout human history, there are bullies. Most battles are about bully nations (who are bigger, richer, stronger, more advanced) conquer weaker nations. This happens in our personal life too.

Dawn Of An Era 4: Probinsyano
Feb 29 2020 38 mins  
There are times when we become self-righteous, especially when around people who appear far from God. Talk 4 reminds us that all of us need Jesus, and gently prods us to remain humble as we call people to repent and turn to God.

Fulltank 981: What Season Of Life Are You In
Feb 27 2020 5 mins  
If you don’t know the season you are in, you won’t be able to respond to it in the right way. And you won’t achieve real success, because life is almost always about timing.

Fulltank 980: Sometimes The Best Way To Love Is Not To Give
Feb 26 2020 5 mins  
I know. It’s confusing. When should you give? When should you not give?

Fulltank 979: Who Are You When No One Is Watching
Feb 25 2020 5 mins  
You have 3 Identities. The first is public. The second is private. But there’s a third Identity that you must protect and nurture. If you don’t, both your public and private Identity will crash.

Fulltank 978: To Talk Or To Remain Silent
Feb 24 2020 5 mins  
Have you ever experienced hurting others deeply by stuff you said and you regret saying them? Have you also experienced other situations when you don’t say anything and you end up hurting your relationship because of unclarity?

Fulltank 977: Is Your Dream Far From Your Reality
Feb 23 2020 5 mins  
When your dream is as high as a moon and your feet are still stuck on planet earth, what should you do? Do you keep building your rocket ship to reach the moon? Or do you lower your dreams?

Dawn Of An Era 3: Not Just Leaves
Feb 22 2020 32 mins  
When we realize that we are walking in the wrong direction, we need to turn around and move in the right direction. This is repentance. And in talk 3, we learn that moving in the right direction means following Jesus and moving closer to Him.

Fulltank 974: How to Elevate Yourself
Feb 20 2020 5 mins  
Fact: many of us live lives of quiet desperation. They just go through the daily routines without purpose or meaning. Inwardly, they groan, “Is this all there is to my life?” Yes, there is more. Here’s how to achieve your greatest purpose and highest...

Fulltank 973: How Authentic Are You
Feb 19 2020 5 mins  
Love is more than an emotional attachment. To be real, your words should align with your actions, because authenticity comes from repeated actions. Listen on.

Fulltank 972: Be Patient With Yourself
Feb 18 2020 5 mins  
If you want to keep on growing in every area of your life, you must be extremely patient with yourself.

Fulltank 971 Do Not Let Evil Gain A Foothold In Your Life
Feb 17 2020 5 mins  
Don’t give evil even a tiny foothold in your life. If you do, it’s game over. To avoid this from happening here’s the most important thing that you should to do.

Fulltank 970: Be Choosy
Feb 16 2020 4 mins  
Love everyone, yes, but you must choose the people you hang-out with. You must be more selective. Why? Here are 3 big reasons.

Dawn Of An Era 2: Eat Locusts
Feb 15 2020 37 mins  
In Talk 2: Eat Locusts, we learn how important it is, to be honest with ourselves as we strive to follow God every day. In doing so, we are changed by God's mercy and live inspiring lives.

Fulltank 967: Two Of The Biggest Problems In Relationships
Feb 13 2020 5 mins  
This message is for singles and married people. Note to singles: You are complete. Don’t buy the lie that you need a romantic relationship to be happy. Listen and be inspired.

Fulltank 966: How Intense Are You In Pursuing Your Dreams
Feb 12 2020 5 mins  
People come up to me and say, "Bo, you’re so lucky. You have the magic touch. Everything you touch turns to gold” My reply is, "Huh? No. Here’s the real story. (You’ll be surprised.)

Fulltank 965: Be Careful With Your Thought Patterns
Feb 11 2020 5 mins  
Here’s how this works. It’s wild when you really think about it. Be inspired to be more careful with your thoughts.

Fulltank 964: The Secret To Have More Success And Peace Is Alignment
Feb 10 2020 5 mins  
It’s not Talent. It’s not Education. Those will help, but unless there’s this beautiful thing called alignment, real success will come really slow. Remember to always examine your "why".

Fulltank 963: Are You A Star Or Are You A Black Hole
Feb 09 2020 5 mins  
There are certain people who bring wonderful light wherever they go. There are others who suck all light around them. What kind of person are you?

Dawn Of An Era 1: Tough And Gentle
Feb 08 2020 35 mins  
We sin sometimes. And we have a choice of becoming filled with pride or have the humility to ask for forgiveness. This talk encourages us to be humble, and receive God's gentle mercy.

Fulltank 960: Are You Already An Adult
Feb 06 2020 5 mins  
Physical adulting is easy. Just have more birthdays and you grow older. But emotional and spiritual maturity is not automatic. Find out what makes one person an adult or just childish.

Fulltank 959: Who Are In Your Inner Circle
Feb 05 2020 6 mins  
I’m an introvert. I get energized when I’m alone, reflecting, reading, and writing. However, I still need a small group of people who journey with me in life. Here are the 3 things you need to do to build and sustain an inner circle.

Fulltank 958: A Lesson From Kobe Bryant's Life
Feb 04 2020 6 mins  
Kobe Bryant was a great champion and we will sorely miss him. He shared a powerful story about what happened to him when he was 10 years old. I want to re-echo it to you today. Believe in God’s dream for your life.

Fulltank 957: There Are Some People In Your Life That You Need To Let Go
Feb 03 2020 6 mins  
Are there toxic people in your life? Be selective and careful with who you allow to enter into your inner circle.

Fulltank 956: Is There Anything In Your Life That Is Destroying You
Feb 02 2020 5 mins  
This is a tough message to hear, but you need to hear it. It’s difficult, I know. But please listen. I pray it wakes you up and pushes you to live your best life.

Birth Of A King 7: God Sees Your Greatness
Feb 01 2020 25 mins  
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Fulltank 953: God Is Preparing You For Better Things
Jan 30 2020 5 mins  
Everything that you are going through right now is preparation for His plan for your life. Find strength in this inspiring message.

Fulltank 952: Make This Your Principle - People Over Things
Jan 29 2020 5 mins  
Do you want to be happy? Do this. It will give you more joy, abundance, and even REAL success.

Fulltank 951: Stop Complaining
Jan 28 2020 6 mins  
Recently, I talked to a friend and travel companion of Henry Sy. He shared with me a powerful lesson that I know you need to hear.

Fulltank 950: People Are Lonely
Jan 27 2020 5 mins  
Even with so many people around us, we are getting to be are so isolated. Here’s how to be INTENTIONAL about surrounding yourself with a real family.

Fulltank 949: Be Careful Who You Criticize
Jan 26 2020 6 mins  
Stop yourself from making this horrible mistake. Learn three tough questions that will help you stop judging others.

Birth Of A King 6: Walk Out Of Your Prison
Jan 25 2020 38 mins  
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Fulltank 946: Are You A User
Jan 23 2020 5 mins  
This is a tough question to ask yourself. You see by nature, we are tool-creating, tool-using creatures. We can look at things as tools, but we should stop looking at people as tools.

Fulltank 945: Is Your Helping Really Helping
Jan 22 2020 6 mins  
I’m sure you like to help others. But are times, we hinder when we help. Here’s how to really help (and sometimes, it means “not” helping at all).

Fulltank 944: There Will Be People Who Will Not Like You Even IF You Do Good
Jan 21 2020 6 mins  
Would you believe that even Mother Theresa of Calcutta, when she was still alive, had haters? Fact: You can never please everyone.

Fulltank 943: Take Responsibility For Your Personal Growth
Jan 20 2020 6 mins  
Do you depend on others for whatever happens to you? I know this is a tough question, but I hope this will wake you up and act on it.

Fulltank 942: Do You Insult Yourself Often
Jan 19 2020 6 mins  
Your most important conversation (next to God) is your conversation with yourself. Your words shape you in a way you would never imagine.

Birth Of A King 5: God Will Have The Last Say And It Will Be Good
Jan 18 2020 43 mins  
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Birth Of A King 4: You Already Won
Jan 17 2020 38 mins  
Our losses and heartbreaks may be piling up, and we may be losing hope with each day that passes. God’s message in this talk assures us – that His overall plan for us is victory. In the end, you already won.

Fulltank 939: You Must Be More Selective With Your Confidants
Jan 16 2020 5 mins  
God wants you to love everyone. But here’s where a lot of people make a mistake; they don’t differentiate who should be in their outer circle and in their inner circle. Listen and save yourself a lot of pain.

Fulltank 938: How Many Hugs Do You Receive In A Day
Jan 15 2020 6 mins  
Together with prayers, we also need hugs to survive each day

Fulltank 937: Respect Your Limits
Jan 14 2020 6 mins  
Respect your limits or you’ll live a very stressful life and you’ll become sick. Follow this life-changing lesson.

Fulltank 936: Do You Know People Who Are Not Winning In Life
Jan 13 2020 6 mins  
It’s surprising how many fail in these two important steps

Fulltank 935: Do You Want To Receive More Blessings
Jan 12 2020 6 mins  
The secret to receiving more is not rocket science. It’s utterly simple but profoundly powerful. Listen to this message and use the secret in every area of your life.

Fulltank 932: Success Is The Enemy Of Success
Jan 12 2020 5 mins  
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Fulltank 931: What Is Your Prison
Jan 12 2020 6 mins  
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Fulltank 930: How Malnourished Is Your Spirit
Jan 12 2020 6 mins  
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Fulltank 929: When Your Own Resources Are Not Enough
Jan 12 2020 6 mins  
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Fulltank 928: Rejected Or Redirected
Jan 12 2020 5 mins  
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Fulltank 925: Do You Know People Who Are Self-Absorbed
Jan 12 2020 6 mins  
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Fulltank 924: Know Your Boundaries
Jan 12 2020 5 mins  
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Fulltank 923: Do You Feel Like You Are An Outsider
Jan 12 2020 5 mins  
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Fulltank 922: Do You Feel Alone That No One Understands You
Jan 12 2020 5 mins  
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Birth Of A King (Christmas Message): You Are Not Perfect But That Is Perfect For Jesus
Dec 25 2019 35 mins  
In this Christmas talk, discover the wonder of Jesus' birth, and welcome Him home in your heart.

Birth Of A King 3: You Are Worth It
Dec 24 2019 45 mins  
In talk 3, we are reminded that in this Christmas story, there are three main characters that sacrificed – Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Jesus didn’t only sacrifice by dying for us, He sacrificed by living for us on planet earth.

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 9
Dec 23 2019 5 mins  
DAY 9: Jesus lives in you. That is who you are. That is your identity. You can bring light, peace, and joy to the people around you, the same way Christmas does. Your primary identity will never change—you are God’s beloved. Lift up your voice and sing...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 8
Dec 22 2019 6 mins  
DAY 8: It's almost Christmas! Is your heart ready for the coming of the King? As you make room for Jesus in your heart, allow Him to just bless you, heal you, and change you. Let Him have that space in your life, not just on Christmas day, but all year...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 7
Dec 21 2019 6 mins  
DAY 7: When we are in our darkest moments, always remember Immanuel, God is with us. When you fear what's going to happen next, hold on to your faith and believe that God will never let you go until His best plans are fulfilled.Prayer: I fear the...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 6
Dec 20 2019 6 mins  
DAY 6: This Christmas, open your heart to serve others more and think less of yourself. You will notice after a while that this will make a whole lot of difference.Prayer: Lord, fill me with joy that can only come from serving You and the people around...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 5
Dec 19 2019 5 mins  
DAY 5: Mother Mary's YES fulfilled the plan of salvation. Friend, your YES matters. Every YES to God can move mountains and bring forth breakthroughs you can never imagine.Prayer: Father, increase my faith so I can increase my obedience. Mama Mary, may...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 4
Dec 18 2019 7 mins  
DAY 4: Has there ever been a time when you doubted God’s promise? Has there ever been a moment when you questioned God’s faithfulness in your life? Prayer: Father, dismiss all our anxieties and fill us with joy as we wait for the coming of Your Son. Amen.

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 3
Dec 17 2019 6 mins  
DAY 3: Do you have trouble obeying God? Discover the ways that will help you develop a more trusting heart that acts according to God's will today on our 3rd day of Christmas prayer and reflection.Prayer: Father, I am filled with worries and doubts...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 2
Dec 16 2019 6 mins  
DAY 2: Do you believe that God's mercies are new every morning? That's how our Father in heaven loves us. Friend, your past does not define your future. Your past ended last night. Today, you can begin again.Prayer: Jesus, may Your coming renew hope in...

O Come - A Simbang Gabi 2019 Devotional - Day 1
Dec 14 2019 5 mins  
DAY 1: Have you ever doubted yourself? Have you ever felt insecure because you always think you are not enough? Fill your heart with peace that this truth can give you today.Prayer: Jesus, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for calling me...

Birth Of A King 2: You're Part Of God's Story
Dec 11 2019 10 mins  
In Talk 2, we look back at Jesus’ ancestry to see that you and I are the continuation of Jesus’ story and that we are called to represent God here on Earth.

Birth Of A King 1: Follow Your Leader
Dec 10 2019 7 mins  
Talk 1 of this series focuses on pointing out our true leader. The book of Matthew traces the genealogy of Jesus – to show that Jesus is the true leader, the one we should follow.

Hustle Talk 4: Heart
Dec 02 2019 30 mins  
In talk four entitled, Heart, we are reminded that the heart of abundance is generosity. Did you notice? His purpose of blessing your life is to be a blessing to others. Follow Jesus. He is calling you to be Image-Bearers, His representatives, and His...

Hustle Talk 3: Hands
Dec 02 2019 31 mins  
In talk three entitled, Hands, we are reminded that to have work is a privilege. Our role is to work lovingly, excellently and beautifully that the people around us will get an idea of how loving, and excellent, and beautiful God is. God wants to work...

Hustle Talk 2: House
Dec 02 2019 47 mins  
In talk two entitled, House, we are reminded not to worry about things we should worry about. Stop worrying. We already have we need. God provides.

Hustle Talk 1: Head
Dec 02 2019 47 mins  
In this Hustle series, our big message is that God wants us to have abundance. But why don’t we experience abundance? It is because we have a wrong understanding of abundance and the biggest block to this understanding is in our Head.

Ways Of The Saints Talk 4: Theotokos
Oct 29 2019 25 mins  
Talk 4, Theokotos, we learn to be a God-carrier. In the Council of Ephesus, they called Mother Mary, Theotokos (meaning God-Carrier). St. Paul mentions, Christ lives in you - you carry God in your heart. When we lose our way and sin, the Word of God and...

Ways Of The Saints Talk 3: Kenosis
Oct 29 2019 21 mins  
Talk 3, Kenosis, reminds us that as a saint we are to be Kenosis (the Greek word for emptied self). Kenosis in Christian doctrine is self-emptying of Jesus’ own will and becoming entirely receptive of God’s divine will.

Ways Of The Saints Talk 2: Tselem
Oct 29 2019 35 mins  
In Hebrew, the word image is tselem, meaning statue. During ancient times, when you enter a city, you will see a tselem of a King. And instantly, you know who’s in charge. Talk 2 reminds us that God created men in His own image and likeness. We are the...

Ways Of The Saints Talk 1: Hagios
Oct 29 2019 35 mins  
Talk 1, Hagios, reminds us that we were made by God and for God. So whenever we veer away from our purpose and design, we get lost and confused. To get back on track, we need to fulfill our purpose – to follow God’s commandment “to love God with all our...

Pope Culture Talk 3: Embrace
Oct 15 2019 41 mins  
The third talk is called Embrace. Here we continue to talk about Pope Francis's message, to embrace everyone who is desperate for God's love.

Pope Culture Talk 2: Encounter
Oct 15 2019 34 mins  
Talk two of this Pope Culture series is called Encounter, and revolves around telling us the most important good news of all - that the God who created and formed us, will come up to us and say, “you are worthy of love. I love you and I will never leave...

Pope Culture Talk 1: Evangelii
Oct 15 2019 40 mins  
Are we really happy? Or we are faking our happiness? Sometimes, we have this experience when life is not easy. Life is not comfortable. Life is not convenient, and we’re going through many stuff. Talk one in this Pope Culture series is titled Evangelii,...

Creed Talk 4: Commemoration
Sep 10 2019 32 mins  
Talk 4, Commemoration, tells us that our creed is a marker of who God is and what God can do in our lives. And by this, we are reminded that our mess is a marker that will remind us of God’s mercy. Whatever you do, good or bad it is a marker that God is...

Creed Talk 3: Commission
Sep 10 2019 37 mins  
Talk 3 touches on our creed’s third gift, which is Commission. As we are one community of Christ’s beloved, it is our creed that defines how we live. And by this, we are held accountable not just to ourselves, but to our brothers and sisters as well.

Creed Talk 2: Communion
Sep 10 2019 35 mins  
Talk 2, Communion revolves around our creed becoming the compass by which we choose ~ those we bond with and commune with. It is through our creed that we find our family and where we belong.

Creed Talk 1: Conviction
Sep 10 2019 40 mins  
Our beliefs have a great impact on our behavior, which in turn has a great impact on who we are. In Talk 1, Conviction, we are encouraged to dig deep and examine ourselves to correct any wrong convictions that hinder us from living a life in Christ.

Burn Talk 4: Surrender
Aug 29 2019 29 mins  
In talk 4, Surrender, we discover that burnout is not just emotional or physical, but at heart a spiritual sickness. And the solution? To be with the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ. He is inviting us to come and be with Him, for only with Him, and in Him...

Burn Talk 3: Burn Up
Aug 29 2019 33 mins  
Talk 3, Burn Up, focuses on what drives us: our passions, our inner fire. We are reminded that we have a choice—whether we let that inner fire drive us, give us strength, and help us succeed in all aspects of our lives or we are engulfed in its flames,...

Burn Talk 2: Burn Out
Aug 29 2019 30 mins  
Talk 2, Burn Out, highlights the need to cease trying to control that which is beyond our control. We must let God, be God - to trust in His plans for us and stop struggling.

Burn Talk 1: Burn In
Aug 29 2019 24 mins  
Have you ever been so burnt out that nothing positive ever comes out of you anymore? The World Health Organization (WHO) defines burnout as a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Talk...

Stages Talk 2: Expand
Aug 06 2019 40 mins  
In talk 2, Expand, we learn that the second stage of our lives is from our 20s to our 40s. This is where we focus to grow, to enrich our lives, and to build on what we already have. But growing and expanding is not always easy. Sometimes there is...

Stages Talk 3: Exact
Aug 06 2019 32 mins  
In talk 3, Exact, it speaks about focusing on the next stage of our lives (from 40s to 60s) and continuing our mission while increasing our impact on this world. Here we are led to accept what we can and cannot do, with the assurance that no matter...

Stages Talk 1: Explore
Aug 06 2019 39 mins  
Talk 1 Explore, we learn that God’s power is always working in us and around us. His mighty Spirit can also empower us, if only we allow Him to.

Stages Talk 4: Exit
Aug 06 2019 26 mins  
In talk 4, Exit, it focuses on ages 60 and up. Here, we are being prepared for a stage wherein we are wiser and are much more detached from earthly things. It is the season and the final stage of letting go.

Acts Talk 4: Progress
Jul 09 2019 40 mins  
In talk 4, Progress we learn that God is still working today. If you have encountered God, surely your life will gradually and totally change. But to continue progress day to day, we need a Savior.

Acts Talk 3: Perspective
Jul 09 2019 28 mins  
Our view of how life is depends on the perspective we choose to take. In Acts talk 3, Perspective, we get to understand that when we experience and encounter Jesus, our whole life changes ~ and expect your perspective towards God, towards others, and...

Acts Talk 2: Problem
Jul 09 2019 26 mins  
In the time of the Apostles, they suffered persecution because of their faith. In Acts talk 2, Problem, we learn that in times of trials and of lack, God continues to work miracles in our lives. And as such, He will transform our bad situations into our...

Acts Talk 1: Power
Jul 09 2019 36 mins  
In the Acts talk series we learn that God's power is always working in us and around us. His mighty Spirit can also empower us, if only we allow Him to

Breaking Bad Talk 3: Outer Renewal
Jun 11 2019 36 mins  
Talk 3 Outer Renewal speaks on how God is recreating you. With His guidance, you will have the power to curate your friendships, your schedule, your activities, your itinerary, your values—so that everything is a set-up for victory. Give your kingdom to...

Breaking Bad Talk 2: Inner Renewal
Jun 11 2019 33 mins  
Talk 2 Inner Renewal reminds us that change comes from within. God is changing you, working within you, enabling you to better yourself, and eventually break free from the things that are breaking you.

Breaking Bad Talk 1: Bad Habits
Jun 11 2019 40 mins  
Some bad habits poison the body, but there are bad habits that poison the heart, which affect the body as well. In this series, you will learn how to overcome your bad habits and learn how to create new ones. Talk 1 helps understand the problem - how...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 30
May 29 2019 7 mins  
“Now, at the very end of the book, the apostle comes to Rome. Thus Jesus’ prophecy that his disciples would be his witnesses ‘to the ends of the earth’ is fulfilled.” Brothers and sisters, thank you for joining us in our Acts in 30 Days prayer...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 29
May 29 2019 9 mins  
Paul believed God when there was nothing else to believe. He couldn’t believe the sailors, the ship, the sails, the wind, the centurion, human ingenuity or anything else – only God. He believed God in the midst of the storm when circumstances were at...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 28
May 28 2019 7 mins  
In the Acts chapter today, Paul declared his continued trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He did not retreat from his stand one inch, despite his long imprisonment for the sake of the gospel. We're down to last few days of our Acts in 30 Days prayer...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 27
May 28 2019 7 mins  
Today's chapter shows Paul's passion and boldness about spreading the Gospel. He was willing to face anything — even death. May we catch on to this kind of passion so we can change ourselves and the world. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 26
May 25 2019 6 mins  
Paul’s belief that there will be a resurrection was connected to his specific trust in the resurrection of Jesus after his death on the cross. May the grace of the risen Christ inspire us to stand on His promises and trust on His plans for our...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 25
May 25 2019 9 mins  
Brothers and sisters, take courage. Just like Paul's story, the promise of more work to do is also a promise of continued protection. God will be with you every step of the way. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 23 2) Reflect and take down...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 24
May 24 2019 5 mins  
As we read the Word today, let us pray for a heart that is discerning of God's will and plans. Acts 22:14 encapsulates the duty of everyone before God: To know His will, to see the Just One (Jesus), and to hear the voice of His mouth (His word). For...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 23
May 22 2019 7 mins  
Paul’s insistence on going to Jerusalem despite the dangers predicted by the Holy Spirit was not a result of rebellion, but an obedient response to the command of the Holy Spirit in his heart. As we pause and reflect today, let's pray for an obedient...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 22
May 22 2019 8 mins  
What was it like for the apostle Paul to travel around the Roman Empire announcing the good news about the risen Jesus? What drove him to plant new Jesus communities in city after city; and how did people respond to his message? May we have a faith like...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 21
May 21 2019 7 mins  
We're down to our last 10 days of our prayer journey with the Book of Acts. Let's keep on doing this together as we read one chapter of Acts a day, reflect and pray the Psalms. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 19 2) Reflect and take down...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 20
May 20 2019 5 mins  
In this chapter of Acts, Paul was seen afraid, fearing that his work in Corinth would be cut short by either opposing Jews or by the highly-charged worldliness around him. The solution to Paul’s fear was for him to obey Jesus’ command to not be afraid,...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 19
May 15 2019 7 mins  
Wherever you are in your life right now, God is with you. Declare this today: God is near me. God loves me. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 17 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by praying Psalm 19

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 18
May 15 2019 13 mins  
Today, we reflect on the lives of Paul and Silas. The jailer was so impressed by Paul and Silas – by the love they showed to him, and from their ability to take joy even in misery. This is how God wants our lives to be--to reflect His love and draw...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 17
May 15 2019 8 mins  
Peter showed how the heart is purified: by faith, not by keeping of the law. Christians are not only saved by faith; they are also purified by faith. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 15 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 16
May 15 2019 6 mins  
It is no small thing to walk with the Lord. It takes a strong soul and an encouraged faith. As we reflect on the readings today, let us ask for God's grace that we may always look at pain as significant in His plan for our lives and for strength to...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 15
May 15 2019 5 mins  
Being filled with joy and being filled with the Holy Spirit go together. May this always be our outlook in our lives. May we always shine the light of God to other people. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 13:26-52 2) Reflect and take down...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 14
May 14 2019 6 mins  
As we read today's chapter, let's look at how the power of prayer is so distinctive in the life of the Church. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 13:1-25 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by praying Psalm 14

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 13
May 13 2019 5 mins  
In this chapter, we will see how the work of God continues without hindrance in spite of difficulties and persecutions. God can not be defeated. Let this same God rule over your life as you claim victory and promises fulfilled in His name. For today, we...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 12
May 10 2019 5 mins  
Peter interprets the events in the reading today by remembering the words of Jesus. In our lives, may we strive to be like Peter--always attentive to God's leading. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 11 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 11
May 10 2019 7 mins  
Meet Cornelius, a Gentile who served God. He is undoubtedly a good man, and yet He needed Jesus. No matter how good we live our lives, we will always seek Jesus. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 10 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 10
May 10 2019 8 mins  
"Lord, what do You want me to do?" This is often our question. And this is often the character of God’s direction in our lives. God patiently directs our steps instead of revealing His grand plan all at once. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 9
May 09 2019 8 mins  
In this chapter, we will learn how God can and will use pressing circumstances to guide us into His will. Read and be blessed by His message for you today. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 8 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 8
May 08 2019 6 mins  
We continue our reflection story from yesterday's readings. The death by stoning of Stephen marked a turning point in Christianity. Stephen set the stage for the spread of Christianity so Jesus will be known. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 7
May 06 2019 6 mins  
Today, we see what a full life really looks like as we read about Stephen, the first Christian martyr. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 7:1-29 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by praying Psalm 7

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 6
May 05 2019 3 mins  
Our chapter today shows the challenge of change in building a church of disciples. Let's dive in and think about what it implies to us now. For today, we encourage you to 1) Read Acts 6 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by praying Psalm 6

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 5
May 05 2019 8 mins  
We come together today to witness the growth and challenges in the Early Church and encounter both weakness and grace. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 5 2) Reflect and take down notes 3) End your reading by praying Psalm 5

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 4
May 02 2019 6 mins  
As we read today's chapter, let's open our hearts to receive the same courage and boldness that can only come from the Spirit. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 4 2) Listen to this podcast 3) Reflect and take down notes 4) End your reading by...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 3
May 02 2019 4 mins  
Let's read and remember how healing, not just physically but spiritually, can come from faith to the power of Jesus. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 3 2) Listen to this podcast 3) Reflect and take down notes 4) End your reading by praying...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 2
May 02 2019 17 mins  
DAY 02: Let's relive the first experience of the coming down of the Holy Spirit among the apostles and remember that the same power then is the same power in us now. For today, we encourage you to: 1) Read Acts 2 2) Listen to this podcast (it includes...

ACTS in 30 Days - Day 1
May 01 2019 8 mins  
Many of us may not really know why we need to be acquainted with the Holy Spirit. Why do we need to call on the Holy Spirit when we pray? Why do we need to invoke its presence in our lives? The Holy Spirit is in each one of us. Let us acknowledge that...

Nation Building Talk 1: Choose A Leader
Apr 30 2019 34 mins  
Talk 1, Choose A Leader, highlights the need for leaders who are selfless, who lead a life of sacrifice, and who are agents of change. If we want to change the country, we need to change our hearts - and this starts with family. The real wealth of...

Nation Building Talk 2: Be A Leader
Apr 30 2019 27 mins  
For Talk 2, Be A Leader, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you ask yourself this question: What moves you so strongly that you are moved to sacrifice your all? What pains you so much, that you can’t stand the idea of doing nothing? Because maybe,...

Nation Building Talk 3: Make A Leader
Apr 30 2019 27 mins  
Talk 3, Make A Leader, explains that in order to change a nation, we need to change our hearts. Friend, are you willing to go through a heart transplant? God is searching far and wide to raise up selfless leaders for this nation. For your company. For...

Embraced - Day 40 - Black Saturday
Apr 17 2019 3 mins  
DAY 40 - Black Saturday: Today is about waiting. But it is a meaningful one. Today we are reminded of the dark tomb that seemed to have nothing, but brought about the greatest miracle in history. Bro. Bo Sanchez closes our 40 Days of Lenten pause.Thank...

Embraced - Day 39 - Good Friday
Apr 17 2019 3 mins  
DAY 39: Today is the day that Jesus went beyond our prayers. Yes, Jesus did. For all of us. Bro Arun Gogna shares about the good in Good Friday. Trust and have faith, your Easter is coming!

Embraced - Day 38 - Holy Thursday
Apr 17 2019 3 mins  
DAY 38: This is the commandment of Jesus: Love one another as I have loved you. Learn more about the message of Holy Thursday as Bro. Alvin Barcelona shares the Word to us today.

Embraced - Day 37 - Mary
Apr 17 2019 2 mins  
DAY 37: Today, we turn our hearts to Mary. Let her love and prayers intercede for us as we wait with expectant faith for the resurrection of our Savior. Mother Mary, we pray for a faith like yours. Amen. Be blessed as Rissa Singson-Kawpeng shares the...

Embraced - Day 36 - Spiritual Mentors
Apr 16 2019 2 mins  
DAY 36: We need mentors. Even if they can sometimes commit mistakes, their authority doesn't come from their perfection but from the Lord.

Embraced - Day 35 - Temple Fire
Apr 15 2019 1 mins  
DAY 35: If there is no burnt sacrifice, then fire is absent. Let us not distance ourselves from the spiritual fire necessary to consume our life offering.

Embraced - Day 34 - Worship The Unsafe God
Apr 13 2019 5 mins  
DAY 34: "All of us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as from the Lord who is the Spirit." 2 Corinthians 3:18 Tomorrow, we enter to Palm Sunday--the final Sunday of Lent,...

Embraced - Day 33 - Spiritual Paralysis
Apr 11 2019 3 mins  
DAY 33: Are you paralyzed by problems, anxieties, fears? Our loving heavenly Father provides the perfect prescriptions to alleviate spiritual depression. Bro. Didoy Lubaton went through it all. And just like him, you too will overcome. Be healed by His...

Embraced - Day 32 - Messy Church
Apr 10 2019 1 mins  
DAY 32: Let us know this truth - God created us not to fill churches, but to fertilize society.

Embraced - Day 31 - Purifying Commitment
Apr 08 2019 3 mins  
DAY 31: We should outgrow our communities. If we never reach this point, then our communities have failed. Because to substantially internalize its culture within our souls so that God can send us to new territories is the best compliment we can give...

Embraced - Day 30 - Love With Freedom
Apr 08 2019 4 mins  
DAY 30: See how God's love is a trusting love. Let this trusting love get into your heart and soul today as you feel God serenading you, asking you to let Him love you. We're down on our 30th day of Lenten devotions. Thank you for praying with us daily....

Embraced - Day 29 - Embrace The Broken
Apr 03 2019 3 mins  
DAY 29: Real community isn't about structures, activities, rules or programs, but persons embracing other persons in their hearts. This is who we are at The Feast--broken and blessed, a family for all. Lala, a Feast servant, shares about how this loving...

Embraced - Day 28 - Praying Your Best
Apr 03 2019 1 mins  
DAY 28: Even if you do not find joy in your prayer life, persevere, for you know that the purpose of prayer is not to give you pleasure but to give God the pleasure of your presence. Indeed, it so good to be loved by You, Father. Thank You.

Embraced - Day 27 - Broken Bread
Apr 03 2019 4 mins  
DAY 27: At Eucharist, we do not only offer our struggles, our hopes, or our prayers. At Eucharist, we offer Jesus to the Father. Because when we present ourselves at Mass, He supernaturally transforms our fragile life to become His glorious sacrifice on...

Embraced - Day 26 - Admiration Or Ambition
Apr 03 2019 1 mins  
DAY 26: As we pray today, call on to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and peace. May our prayers reach not only You, but our innermost being so we can become more like You. May our prayers overflow to a life of holiness and love.

Embraced - Day 24 - Our Heavenly Audience
Apr 01 2019 1 mins  
DAY 24: Our true character is exposed when no one is watching us. How will we know that we are spiritually progressing?

Embraced - Day 25 - Sowing Peace
Apr 01 2019 4 mins  
DAY 25: Jesus, You are peace to a restless soul. Thank You for being our peace.

Embraced - Day 23 - Be True
Mar 29 2019 3 mins  
DAY 23: We are not only to tell of our victories in battle, but to share our sins and failures as well--that friends will be heartened that they are not alone in their losses. Bro. Bo Sanchez leads us further in the beauty of unmasking our souls.

Embraced - Day 22 - Heaven's Desire
Mar 29 2019 3 mins  
DAY 22: While here on earth, we need to pray without ceasing. We need to constantly increase our intimate knowledge of Him. Be inspired by the journey of Eis Hidalgo in her simple efforts of knowing God more. You too can do it. You too, in your humble...

Embraced - Day 21 - Saint Maker
Mar 27 2019 1 mins  
DAY 21: How many friends have you helped become closer to God? Every time you pray, spiritually carry your loved ones beside you. Every time you intercede for others in prayer, you let love grow not just in their hearts, but in yours as well.

Embraced - Day 20 - Daily Martyrdom
Mar 26 2019 4 mins  
DAY 20: "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends." - John 15:13 We're on our 20th day, halfway through Lent. Praise be to God for this season of prayer and sacrifice! As we pause today, may you be reminded of God's...

Embraced - Day 19 - The Sin Of Self-Protection
Mar 26 2019 5 mins  
DAY 19: Do you have deep relationships? True friends welcome you for who you are. True friends desire your well-being in body, soul, and spirit. May the joy of friends Lulu, Vitna, Gel, and Abi remind us to cherish our own friendships and community.

Embraced - Day 18 - Ultimate Authority
Mar 24 2019 3 mins  
DAY 18: Make God your God. There are times that we have made our desires as our gods, or because of fear, we make other people as the idols of our lives. May this Lent serve as a reminder for us to submit to the Lord, and only to Him.

Embraced - Day 17 - Perfected By The Imperfect
Mar 24 2019 1 mins  
DAY 17: What can you boast of before God today? If God sees simple acts of kindness from us, no matter how tiny, God shall jubilantly parade them before His angels with colorful banners and blowing trumpets. In the end, the greatest gifts He has given...

Embraced - Day 16 - Designed For Love
Mar 22 2019 1 mins  
DAY 16: We were born to love. The happiest, most peaceful man alive is he who loves the most. Remember: Genuine love for self overflows to a genuine love for the other.

Embraced - Day 15 - Deepest Satisfaction
Mar 21 2019 3 mins  
DAY 15: Where do you seek your deepest satisfaction? Many turn to good things, and there is nothing wrong with investing in our careers, in our homes, in our friends, in our family, but they can never satisfy us at the deepest level. Veia Lim-Vinas...

Embraced - Day 14 - All Ministries Will Fail
Mar 19 2019 2 mins  
DAY 14: God says to you today, "You concern yourself with numbers, goals and successes, while I concern Myself with the growing love I see in your heart." Listen as Jan Silan shares how giving his best to God led him to unburden himself from constant...

Embraced - Day 13 - The Encounter
Mar 19 2019 1 mins  
DAY 13 - The Encounter: Fall in love with Christ Himself, not just with the Christian life. As you pause in prayer today, be honest with the Lord about everything in your heart. Meet your Savior again.

Embraced - Day 12 - Enter The Storm
Mar 18 2019 1 mins  
DAY 12: Earth trains a soul for heaven. Let us take every growth opportunity that the Spirit brings before us. Let us take every day as our investment to heaven.

Embraced - Day 11 - Deep Anchor
Mar 16 2019 2 mins  
DAY 11: Are you in the middle of a storm? Bro. Bo Sanchez reminds us today that all things shall work together for the good of those who love God. May you carry this truth in your heart as you start a brand new week.

Embraced - Day 10 - Do Not Converse With The Accuser
Mar 15 2019 1 mins  
DAY 10: Let this be our prayer, “Father, in the midst of the enemy hurling false charges against us, condemning us as weak, and breaking our spirits, help us focus on Your love and mercy. Amen.”

Embraced - Day 9 - False Religious Gods
Mar 13 2019 4 mins  
DAY 9: Feelings of discontent will come and go unless we let only God to fill our love tanks. Lord, fill ours. Fill us only with Your love and mercy.

Embraced - Day 8 - Amnesia Of The Soul
Mar 13 2019 1 mins  
DAY 8: Are you experiencing spiritual amnesia? Do you sometimes forget who you really are in the eyes of God? Re-learn the truth that you are a child of God today. Share to your family and friends and make them realize the same.

Embraced - Day 7 - Others Are Mirrors
Mar 12 2019 3 mins  
DAY 7 - Others Are Mirrors: Criticism and fault-finding flows from severe hunger to be loved. Let this song lead us to prayer today as we encourage ourselves to start forgiveness and love from within.

Embraced - Day 6 - Original Beauty
Mar 11 2019 3 mins  
DAY 6 - Original Beauty: Loving ourselves is not selfishness, but enjoying and celebrating who we are in God's eyes. Let yourself be pampered by divine love today. Share to your family and friends and make them experience the same.

Embraced - Day 5 - True Conversion For True Community
Mar 08 2019 3 mins  
DAY 5: There are many who join Christian communities because of happy friendships, engaging activities, roles that increase esteem and more. But these cannot be our primary reason for being part of a spiritual family. What should it be then?

Embraced - Day 4 - Embracing Your Wounds
Mar 08 2019 2 mins  
DAY 4: Impressing people so that they will like us comes from inner wounds of the past that need to be healed. Let us stop pretending. Let us give up hiding behind masks. Realize today that only God can heal the inner wounds of our past.

Embraced - Day 3 - Non-Negotiable
Mar 07 2019 4 mins  
DAY 3: Today, make it a prayer in your heart to aim for Jesus. Let Him be our single goal, our one ambition, our only dream.

Embraced - Day 2 - Valleys And Hilltops
Mar 06 2019 4 mins  
DAY 2: When the responses to our prayers are slow, we are to look beyond our circumstances and witness God's hands working in our inner selves. Keep hoping. Keep believing.

Embraced - Day 1 - Fierce Lover
Mar 05 2019 3 mins  
DAY 1: Welcome to Embraced! On this day, Ash Wednesday, we start the season of Lent. Lent is not a dry, dragging, and depressing season. Lent is a portal of healing power between heaven and earth. Bro. Bo Sanchez starts our 40-day personal journey with...

Looking For Mr and Ms Right 1: Disordered Perception
Mar 03 2019 33 mins  
Talk 1, Disordered Perception delves on the reasons why we go into relationships with the wrong people. The talk also aims to change how we see ourselves the way God sees us.

Looking For Mr and Ms Right 2: Disordered Priorities
Mar 03 2019 27 mins  
For talk 2, Disordered Priorities, you can discover that the happiness you are seeking by finding out areas in your life that need focus.; and remember that your blessing is coming.

Looking For Mr and Ms Right 3: Disordered Purity
Mar 03 2019 28 mins  
Talk 3, Disordered Purity, discussed truths on how to avoid committing mistakes that damage relationships. It also helps us to differentiate between what we perceive to be pure, as opposed to how God defines it.

Looking For Mr and Ms Right 4: Disordered Acceptance
Mar 03 2019 25 mins  
Talk 4, Disordered Acceptance, speaks on how to accept and enjoy being single; and that God is enough in any situation you are in.

Courage 2: Courageous Faith
Feb 03 2019 33 mins  
Talk 2, Courageous Faith is about how God is setting us free. All that is needed to find perfect peace is for us to be brave enough to walk in faith with Him.

Courage 3: Courageous Love
Feb 03 2019 24 mins  
Talk 3, Courageous Love’s key message speaks of God’s unconditional love for us. It also encourages us to leave our fears behind and to be able to love Him and others without condition.

Courage 4: Courageous Living
Feb 03 2019 24 mins  
Talk 4, Courageous Living explain on two things you must do to have more courage in your life: (1) celebrate your wins, and (2) celebrate your greatest win

Courage 1: Courageous Obedience
Jan 28 2019 24 mins  
The first step to being brave is to obey — to obey whatever it is God wants you to do.

G: Winning The Game Of Money talk 2: Goal
Jan 08 2019 26 mins  
In this talk, Goal it presents the ultimate purpose of wealth - to love others. And the key message is to keep dreaming, keep doing.

G: Winning The Game Of Money talk 1: Gift
Jan 08 2019 33 mins  
The Bible dedicates 2,800 verses about money, and 11 out of the 39 parables of Jesus are about money. Why? Money can become a monster. It can destroy your life. In this talk, Gift, it presents very practical ways to develop your gift so that you profit...

G: Winning The Game Of Money talk 3: Grit
Jan 08 2019 38 mins  
In this talk, Grit, it talks about the ability to complete something to the end. The key message here is to continuously do things one step at a time.

Developing Your God Time
Nov 27 2018 39 mins  
This special talk will revolved around John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” And how prayer will be the one to connect us to this living water.

iBelieve talk 1: Created
Nov 27 2018 34 mins  
For this I Believe series we will dive into these statements of the Apostles Creed: “I believe in God the Father…”; “I believe in Jesus Christ…”; and “I believe in the Holy Spirit…” And for this talk titled Created because when God created you, He gave...

iBelieve talk 2: Redeemed
Nov 27 2018 33 mins  
Talk 2 is titled Redeemed as the message focused on Jesus and the grace of redemption or salvation we receive through His sacrifice on the cross. Pope Francis said, The Christian Cross is not something to hang in the house... or an ornament to wear,...

iBelieve talk 3: Empowered
Nov 27 2018 28 mins  
Here in talk 3, we learn how to cherish our creed, making it the very foundation of our faith. We also discover how the Holy Spirit can guide you, empower you, and fill your life with fire and purpose. Set Him free. Let Him heal what needs to be healed.

Bleedership 1: Light
Oct 11 2018 24 mins  
Bleedership is leadership with sacrifice. In talk 1, Light, it discusses one of the most important roles of leadership - vision casting. It is bringing people from Point A to Point B. If your people clearly know what Point B is, then they will make it...

Bleedership 2: Lose
Oct 11 2018 28 mins  
Bleedership talk 2 titled Lose shares an important lesson - that great leaders must be ready to lose their pride. For whoever humble themselves will be made great.

Bleedership 3: Limp
Oct 11 2018 27 mins  
Bleedership talk 3, Limp focuses on how to embrace your limp (a personal weakness or problem) so that you can become the great leader that God wants you to be.

Bleedership 4: Link
Oct 11 2018 34 mins  
Bleedership talk 4 is titled Link because no matter how big you think you are, you are a part of something bigger. We are all connected, linked to one another. Each one of us is part of God's great plan for salvation.

Breaking News 5: John
Sep 17 2018 25 mins  
Breaking News talk 5 is about the Gospel of John ~ knowing God isn’t about comprehension but connection; not about intelligence but intimacy. God wants to know you more. He makes the first move and waits for a response. Without your response, there can...

Breaking News 4: Luke
Sep 17 2018 28 mins  
Breaking News talk 4 is about the Gospel of Luke. It’s possible that Luke was the only Gentile writer in the entire New Testament. The message is that you are qualified. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you come from, God can use...

Breaking News 1: Gospel
Sep 17 2018 31 mins  
Breaking News talk 1 is about the Gospel. What is THE Gospel? In Greek, the word for Gospel is Euangelion, and it literally means “Good Tidings” or “Good News”. It comes from the root word Angelos, which means messenger. Euangelion isn’t just any...

Breaking News 2: Mark
Sep 17 2018 26 mins  
Breaking News talk 2 focuses on Mark, the first Gospel ever written, which emphasizes that Jesus has a bigger plan than what the apostles thought His purpose was in coming to Earth.

Breaking News 3: Matthew
Sep 17 2018 30 mins  
Breaking News talk 3 is about the Gospel of Matthew. Like most abusive tax collectors, Matthew was hated by the Jews. But Jesus called Matthew, loved him, and made him his Apostle. The former outcast became a Gospel writer. If you are you being...

Unleashed 1: Freeing God
Sep 17 2018 23 mins  
What if we’re angry not just at human beings but at God Himself? For not answering our prayer. For not healing our loved ones. For not being true to His promise. For not blessing us. .

Newsfeed 1: No Filter
Sep 10 2018 24 mins  
Newsfeed talk 1: No Filter discusses on how to ride this digital tsunami, how to deal with its burdens that cause loneliness and even thoughts of suicide, and how to particularly filter newsfeed one receives from the Internet.

Newsfeed 3: God Post
Sep 10 2018 35 mins  
Newsfeed talk 3 is titled GodPost because if you want to fulfill your purpose, amid all the posts on social media, you need to choose the only voice the matters. This talk discusses how you should be able to choose the only Voice that matters.

Superpower 1: Friend
Sep 09 2018 23 mins  
Superpower talk 1, Friend. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is your Friend. You can chat with this Friend, not for just 30 seconds, because God has given you an UNLI plan. You can talk to Him for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Superpower 2: Fire
Sep 09 2018 22 mins  
Superpower talk 2 is titled Fire because fire is the means by which the Holy Spirit manifested Himself. If you want the Fire of God, you need to learn to get out of the way. Your life shouldn’t be about you.

Superpower 3: Fruit
Sep 09 2018 16 mins  
Superpower talk 3 is titled Fruit because it is about the result of the Holy Spirit’s work in you. The talk discusses what happens after you receive the Spirit. What is the sign that you have the Holy Spirit in you?

WorkaHOLYc 1: Success
Sep 09 2018 23 mins  
WorkaHOLYc talk 1 is titled Success because it presents the real, true way to succeed, to feel good about working. Success in your job means making your work your worship to God.

WorkaHOLYc 2: Significance
Sep 09 2018 28 mins  
WorkaHOLYc talk 2 is titled Significance because it discusses how to make your work meaningful— by making your sacred and secular life aligned. All work is holy. What makes the work holy is not the work but the worker. You are holy. You’re an Imago Dei...

WorkaHOLYc 3: Spirituality
Sep 09 2018 22 mins  
WorkaHOLYc talk 3 is titled Spirituality because it discusses that before you repair anything broken in your life - marriage, career, finances, health or any other thing, you must first repair your altar. Put God first and everything else will follow.

Unleashed 2: Freeing Self
Sep 06 2018 24 mins  
Unleashed talk 2 is about how to be free from being angry with ourself. We sometimes get angry at ourself for mistakes we had done in the past. Sometimes decades ago. We can’t forgive ourself. And our heart is filled with self-loathing.

Unleashed 3: Freeing Others
Sep 06 2018 26 mins  
Unleashed talk 3, we learn about how to deal with our anger towards others.

OFW 1: Homesick
Sep 06 2018 22 mins  
OFW talk 1, Homesick, teaches how to overcome loneliness when one is alone and far away from family, and sometimes, far away from God. The talk also presents ways to prevent “relationship drift” among family members.

OFW 2: Homework
Sep 06 2018 23 mins  
OFW talk 2, Homework, centers on the message "Prepare To Prosper". “Prosper” does not refer to just money. Prosper also means to thrive in every area of our life, and money is our smallest concern.

OFW 3: Homecoming
Sep 06 2018 30 mins  
OFW talk 3, Homecoming, refers to home being more than a geographical place. Home is where love happens. If there is no love among family members then they don’t have a home. But God is the great transformer. He transforms problems into purpose,...

LOUD 3: Expansion
Sep 03 2018 31 mins  
Talk 3, Expansion because it presents the way our faith community, the Light of Jesus Family, undergoes continuous change to be totally committed to the youth today and to the next generation to attract them to Jesus.

LOUD 2: Expression
Sep 03 2018 23 mins  
Talk 2 is titled Expression because it teaches how we can express or show our love to young people to help them mature emotionally. What is emotional maturity? How do we get it? If parents aren’t emotionally mature, how can children attain it?

LOUD 1: Evolution
Aug 06 2018 24 mins  
Communication through a generation gap

Fullness 1: Goals and Gratitude
Jul 26 2018 32 mins  
Talk 1, Goals and Gratitude is about harmonizing two opposites: our desire to have more in life and the attitude of simply being thankful and contented with what we already have.

Fullness 2: Self-Love and Selflessness
Jul 26 2018 26 mins  
Talk 2, Selfishness and Selflessness are polar opposites. Some people think Self-Love is equal to Selfishness, so they think Self-Love is the enemy of Selflessness. But Self-Love is essential to Selflessness. You can’t be Selfless without Self-Love.

Fullness 3: Sacred and Secular
Jul 26 2018 24 mins  
Talk 3, Sacred and Secular explains the most common mistake we Christians make ~ separating the sacred from the secular. The truth is: everything is sacred. God is everywhere.

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